Tuesday, April 26, 2022


 Well, it's a new day, and I'm in a different city!

Speaking of those flight paths over my house, I was on a plane, and we flew over my house, but there was too much cloud cover, so I couldn't see a thing!

Parts of the runways are blocked off, and it's difficult to see what is being done. The flight was short, and this is where I landed!


Air travel always amazes me. A few hours (more or less) and you're in a completely different part of the country or the world. You have to love it. Getting to the airport was super slick. DH usually drives me, but he couldn't, so I had my first experience with Uber! Yep -- an Uber newbie. I love it -- I hate to admit that, but it takes away all the things I didn't like about taxis -- dealing with money and tip in the car. 

So after we did show and tell with the Monday sewing group, I called for an Uber, and the darn guy was there in 2 minutes. I barely had time to say goodbye to the girls, who were not happy as they were now going to be home alone!

Pre-checking in, having no checked luggage makes life much easier, and having a NEXUS card to bypass the long security lines is well worth the money. I was through that process almost as fast as just walking! 

I met up with my boss on the same flight, but she was at the front of the plane -- I was near the back. We collected all her luggage -- she doesn't travel light! I would typically have to travel with lots of samples and supplies. I got lucky on this trip!

Then we rented a vehicle big enough to put it all in. Oh my -- that was an experience. Neither of us is used to a vehicle with all the bells and whistles, and it took a "few" minutes to figure out how to move the seats. Let's just say we had a few laughs over that! 

Then we were off -- I was the navigator. I thought she was very courageous to drive, but we had a few stops to make, so it was more efficient than Uber. 

OH MY --- I need to come back here when I have more time. One of our customers has a "shop" inside the Club Tissus - The Fabric Club in English. This is an incredible place with a sewing machine dealer inside; someone sells notions, another store sells quilting fabric, home dec, and ready-made stuff. It's a place you could get lost in. 

Club Tissus

It was already getting late in the day, and we hadn't really eaten anything, so we only took a quick tour around. 

Inside Club Tissus

I snapped a few pictures of stuff and saw lots of inspiration. Yep -- a trip to Montreal is in order. 

Inside Club Tissus

And then I saw this mat! How fitting for me!!!  But I didn't buy it. I'm traveling light, and I want to stay that way. 

A mat made for me!

I haven't been to Montreal for a few years, where I have stayed mainly in Centre-Ville. This time we are on the South Shore and got to drive across the "new" Pont (bridge) Champlain. Gosh -- it's so huge compared to the old one. I tried to snap a photo, but well, I was navigating, and my phone wasn't cooperating. So fun to see how things have changed. It's totally crazy, but what do you expect after 30 years!!!

Yes -- I lived in Montreal for 12 years -- way back when!! I LOVE this city and would still live here if my silly jobs didn't keep getting transferred to Toronto. 

Then we arrived at the hotel, and we got everything set up for today. There's a plane in the lobby of the hotel!

A plane in the lobby

I was so tired last night, as I got to bed late after reviewing the presentation for today. I'll be doing a good part of the presentation in French. OH --- what have I got myself into? But I'm sure it will be fine. The audience is small, and they are tolerant! Merci beaucoup!!!

When my alarm went off this morning, I totally ignored it. So there is no time for a walk this morning as I want to review some more brush up on a few words; and it was raining, but I don't think it is now, but it's very cloudy. I'll wander down and have breakfast and plan to go for a walk late this afternoon. 

My goddaughter lives near this hotel, so I hope we can meet up. If not, I'm sure I'll be back!

I have to say I had a great sleep - sometimes in a new place, it doesn't always happen. I slept like a log, even with all the patterns in this room - triangles, circles, and houndstooth everywhere. It's all nicely coordinated -- I think. Lots of inspiration. I'll share another day. I have to get myself organized for the day. It's going to be LONG. And we have to wear masks everywhere. It's still mandated in Quebec until the middle of May. 

Have a super day!!!


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