Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Let's play ball!

Thanks for your patience and understanding with my blog posts over the last couple of days. As Linda noted in the comments, signing up for classes because of FOMO (Fear of missing out) results in UFOs. Plain and simple -- you get a ton of UFOs. And because you are working on a class that your friend wanted to take or that you feel you absolutely must take NOW, you don't get to work on projects of your own choosing! 

And the only thing that happens is the generation of UFOs and GUILT. All I can say is to use your time wisely!

But enough of that -- today, it's all about Murphy! I did a terrible thing the other day - I gave her a new ball, and this is how yesterday went. 

MOM -- my ball is stuck under the deck

MOM -- play ball with me

MOM -- the ball is in the water -- I'll get it!

MOM -- come out and play ball with me

MOM -- throw the ball for me - please!!!

MOM -- oops, the ball is in the pond again. 

She is quite the card, and when I was having lunch, she came to the door and threw the ball at the door, trying to get my attention. She wanted nothing but for me to come out and throw the ball. And she is so funny that you can't help but go out and throw it. I toss it into this bush across from the pond, and sometimes, it's easy to find, and others not so much. 

Now, where is Murphy? 

OH -- I see a tail

There's her head


She is such a goof but a great source of entertainment and love. How can you say NO to that face? I know she would have jumped in the pond to retrieve the ball, and she wouldn't care, but Mom says NO. 

Murphy in all her glory

Yesterday was perfect gazebo weather, but I had work to do. And I decided to get this light problem fixed in Studio B. It is getting a little bit dark in there with 7 of 18 light bulbs gone. So I dug out my box of light bulbs -- yes, I buy them by the box, not individually. 

My box of replacement bulbs for Studio B

I had two left, and I tried them in that light over the cutting table - the one that went poof a couple of weeks ago. As I guessed, the light fixture is toast. So I need an electrician to replace that -- I do NOT do electrical. And I suspect they will all laugh at me for such a small job -- now I have to think of other things they can do. I have some plugs that need updating and a couple more lights that I'd like to have replaced. Time to start a list to make the job large enough for them to come. 

I left the house with two bags of Oh Canada fabric to drop at Diane's house and came home with this big box of lights. Yes-- I walked it home -- it's not heavy, nor was it awkward, and I bet people think I don't have a car! 

My new box of lights

I bought LED lights. Ouch! The box of regular lights with 10 tubes costs $39 or something like that. The LEDs cost $150!!! They better last longer! I used the two tubes in the old box but haven't had a chance to insert the LEDs. I'll try to do that today. 

And while I was there, I spotted this chair. While it looks cozy and would look great in the gazebo, it's not my style. My knees don't bend anymore to make that comfortable to curl up in. I did see the zero gravity chairs similar to the one I have. I was tempted, but do I really need a new one? No! And I'm not sure I would have carried that home -- at least not with the box of lights! 

An egg chair

So did you wonder what Lexi was doing while Murphy and I were playing ball? Lexi is a princess, and she's too good to play ball. Nope -- there she is, soaking up the sun. 

Princess Lexi

And here she is in her favorite spot. 


I did a lot of tidying up in Studio B. I think I can actually start working in there now! Yes -- it was that bad. I peeked at my Master TO DO list for March because I need to make one for April, and OH MY -- there are many things that didn't get done last month. I'm in trouble, but we're not going to worry about that. We're going to plod along and do what needs to get done. Slow and steady and knowing that all this will go away or most of it in June. 

I got a customer quilt done. Yeah!!! Yes -- this is another Long Time Gone quilt! 

Customer quilt - DONE

I don't think I posted this before. This is Helen's quilt in the Cherrywood Challenge book for Princess Diana. It's beautiful and HAND APPLIQUED!!! What I love about it is that it wasn't another portrait of Princess Diana. And did you see how tiny those lines are? Great job, Helen!!!

Helen's Cherrywood Challenge for Princess Diana

Speaking of Cherrywood, the deadline for the next challenge is May 1. OUCH!!! I need to drop everything and get to work. I sat down last night and sketched out the plan. Then I had trouble sleeping as I worked out each of the components, and OH MY -- I have accessories that will do some of the things I want to add to the piece. The only thing now is to NOT disappoint me by not getting it done, so every spare minute will go into that. We all know what happens -- some components will take longer than planned, or you run into an issue that needs to be fixed! There is NO time to waste. 

And it's another chock-a-block busy day. I have to make the long arm my priority this week -- there are a "few" quilts in the queue, and they all need to be done and gone! 

Oh --- I should mention that the latest issue of QUILTsocial is available for FREE for download. This is a compilation of articles from the last couple of months, and I have a couple of articles, including choosing stabilizers for various projects, including knits, fixing a sweater with machine embroidery (or hand embroidery), and sewing on a button with the sewing machine. 

I download the issues but never print them. Put them on your tablet to read. There's also quite a bit on free motion quilting and art quilting in this issue. Be sure to download it!!

I really need to push these things on social media as it helps promote the work that I do. But who has time to be on Facebook or Instagram? If I'm lucky, I get a few minutes each day. Last night I sat down to watch an episode of The Great British Baking show (before 8 PM), and I fell asleep. So off to bed I went! Be very mindful of the timewasters online! They will really suck you in, and before you know it, you've lost HOURS. That drives me crazy, and I try never to do that. 

My neighbor has her house up for sale, and yesterday was the first day. Oh boy -- selling homes is a whole different game these days. There's usually a sign for a week advertising that it's coming. Then the FOR SALE sign goes up. They have scheduled appointments for five days -- NO open houses or very few. There were about 4 or 5  appointments yesterday. Then they entertain bids. 

What is crazy is the price. A house sold for a LOT of money last week one street over, and it sold for $300K over the already ridiculous asking price. My neighbor wants MORE, and her house is NOT nearly as nice, but her location is much better -- a dead-end street, and while technically, she doesn't back onto the forest, she has a forest view and a small gate accessing the woods -- it's the angle of her lot that allows that. 

I remember the house that we lived in before this. The neighbor put his home up for sale, and I was shocked at the price, so we decided to sell. It was time to move from that busy street. But we have ZERO intention of selling this house -- I don't care how much we would be offered. Although not that long ago, we used to joke that we would sell if someone offered us $1 million. That threshold has long since passed. It's totally insane!!!

Don't forget that if you want a paper piecing class in person, check out the class at K&A. Remember, if you already know how to paper piece, you do NOT need to come. It's this Friday. 

And I'll be speaking in person at the Goderich Quilters' Guild on Monday -- IN PERSON, so if you are in the area, be sure to check that out. 

And I'll be speaking on Zoom to the Hamilton Quilter's Guild on Wednesday (next week). 

I'm off to spin class -- yet again! If only we could freeze our fitness levels and forget about exercise! But I enjoy it, and it gets me out of the house. Plus, it's fun to see all the regulars, but I don't talk to anyone -- I'm there for one thing only. Do my 30K and get out of there. I'm focused! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. Ugh. My March list froze the end of February. I was going to do a quilting marathon with some online pals. I broke the bobbin hook...well, I continue to await it's arrival in town. So I pieced, cut, sewed, pieced, cut, sewed....and now? I have 13 flimsies in the cue.....6 of those made in March alone! And did I mention I offered to quilt a bunch for a friend who is unable to use her LA consistently d/t health issues? 21 quilts hopefully soon.

    Happy Wednesday :-)