Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The warm weather is back!

I'm pretty excited as I accomplished a lot yesterday, although there were times when I seemed to be going backward rather than forward. I can't share anything with you, but those darn blocks mixed up last month caused me much angst yesterday. But no worries, all is resolved. 

Then I put a block together and wasn't happy with the color. I contemplated ripping it out and decided it was best to simply make another one. 

And the best news of all is that I'm quilting my Cherrywood Challenge. It's going to take days to quilt that thing, and it's only 20" square, but there's a lot of quilting on it. Then I need to finish up the embellishments, and I should be good to have it done BEFORE May 1. 

OH -- and I started to work on my UFOs due on Sunday. I'm usually ahead of the game on that one, but it didn't happen. So LOADS is getting done; I just can't share it with you yet. 

And despite all the work there was to do, I had to sit outside in the afternoon for a bit. Actually, I went for a walk in my T-shirt with no sweater or jacket, which was glorious! When I got home to have my snack, I sat outside and then decided to stay out there and watch the girls who were desperately trying to keep me out there by amusing me with their antics. 

Chilling in the gazebo

NO -- I did not have a nap.

For those of you looking for quilting pictures today, there are none, but here's a "few" of the girls and their attempts to keep me amused. 

What can I say, but Murphy likes her new bed. I caught her in this pose as Lexi, and I returned from our walk. What a goof. She loves to watch the neighborhood from her new perch. 

MOM -- I can lay down and still look out the window!

And last night, I caught the two of them in the living room. So Lexi won't have anything to do with the bed. Murphy looks like she is playing queen of the castle, and Lexi is trying to encourage Murphy to get off the bed and play with her. It's hilarious to watch them. 

Hey Lexi -- come get me!

Murphy also likes to play in the backyard and find cool spots to lie down. She is right by the pond and couldn't be happier. OH -- if she was IN the pond, she would be happier. 

Mom -- the ground is very cool, right by the water

Here she is sitting in the same spot. Notice there is almost always a ball beside her. 

Mom -- this is a good spot to sit -- in the dirt!

Well, it's not enough to sit on the edge; why not get as close as she can? She loves to play on the rocks and has never fallen in. But she is tempting fate. There is NO ball in the pond; she just likes to sit there. 

Mom -- look at me on the rocks!

Or she likes to lie in the cool dirt beside the house. 

Mom -- can you see me? I'm hiding behind the post!

Yes, she is carrying that darn ball with her everywhere. 

Mom -- can you see me now?

And then the inevitable happened. The ball "accidentally" went into the pond, and I swear she did it on purpose. And at first, she stood there and gently barked, asking me to get up and get it. 

Mom -- the ball is in the pond. I need help!

Seriously, that dog thinks I exist to play ball with her.

And since I wasn't getting up to get it, she attempted to get it herself. 

Mom -- don't get up -- I'll get it

Mom -- it's too far away. I need to go in!

The little monkey managed to get it out every time without going in. Let's just say that she is persistent. Patience is a virtue, and Murphy is learning that. 

Mom -- look at me reaching, but I'm not in the pond! 

And where was Lexi when all this was going on? She's a lazy girl and likes to soak up the sun in peace and quiet, and I swear her head swivels 360 degrees. 

Lexi quietly soaked up the sun

Or she is trying to get some attention by hanging out in the gazebo with me. 

Hey Mom -- pet me! I'm loveable

Then I decided to attempt doing something and fished several netfuls of leaves from the pond, and some of the goopy water dripped on the stones, so Lexi figures that is something to investigate. 

OH - a goopy stick to investigate

And let's chew on this tiny stick because. 
Mom -- thanks for the goopy stick to chew

Of course, Murphy cannot leave things alone, including sleeping dogs. So she has to disturb Lexi. 

Hey Lexi, come play with me!

No -- can you see I'm sleeping!

Let's show Mom how entertaining we are! 

Look - Mom is laughing. I told you she loves us!

Thanks, Lexi- Now, I need to find my ball

Thank goodness, she is gone!

I find them so entertaining that I could watch them for hours. And I chat with them, and I get off the chair to play with them sometimes! What makes me sad is when I see a person pushing a baby stroller, and the baby is awake, and the adult is yakking on their cell phone. How can the person on the other end of the phone be more important than their baby? Imagine chatting with the child -- yes, they can't talk back, but the adult could point out different things in the neighborhood. Tell them stories or whatever.  

Sadly, our lives have come to a point where the only important thing is how many likes we get or using our phones in some way that detracts from what is really important. Yes, you could say that I used my phone to take pictures, but I spent a lot of time just watching with my eyes, not through the camera's lens. 

There was an article in the local paper saying that those speed cameras had caught thousands of people last year, and apparently, there are supposed to be 22 cameras in total. And yes --- people are still speeding down that street -- you want to jump out and say --- can you not read the sign that says MAXIMUM 30? But I noticed yesterday that the camera is gone, and I wonder why? I had seen a service truck there twice in the weeks before, so maybe something was wrong with it. 

The traffic has definitely slowed down, meaning that people did get tickets and don't want a second one, but some still don't get it and continue to speed through the school zone. 

I'm off to spin class this morning, and I must remember to cough into the towel. Gosh, I felt bad, but we've all been so isolated in the class that a simple throat-clearing didn't even cross my mind! Especially with all the heavy breathing going on!

I had a dream that I was on a roller-coaster for some reason. Hmm - I wonder why that happened? I'm not even going to go there. What will I do with my time when these darn quilts are done in June??

And then I'm back to the computer after class -- I did accomplish a major piece of paperwork yesterday, so that was great. I have more to accomplish this morning, and then it'll be back to the sewing machine. I have the homework completed for two of the three quilts for the classes this weekend. Then there's a demo to prepare and the UFO homework. It will be a busy couple of days. 

Have a super day!!!!


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