Monday, April 18, 2022

Show and Tell -- Boho Heart

 I had a relaxing afternoon where I got a lot of work done -- nothing that I can share yet. Gosh -- my entire life seems to be about secrets or secret sewing or just plain old sewing with a deadline that the group or organization that the sewing is for should get first dibs on seeing the project! 

I got more quilting done on the Cherrywood Challenge, but I'm going to run out of thread! Yikes -- so that means a trip (a short one) to get more. This is good because I'm also looking for one more embellishment or component to make one of the embellishments, and that trip was on my agenda this week. It will have to be today, so I can get more thread. I've got the plan for the embellishments laid out, and I hope to make some of them today. So far, so good. 

I've looked at the schedule for this week, and surprisingly it's pretty empty, with little preparations for this coming weekend. Feast or famine! But I'll be using the time wisely this week, so I don't run into a time crunch again. Lots to do!

One more customer quilt is done. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I hope to make this a daily occurrence over the next week -- there is a wee bit of a queue, and I need to get the quilts done and out of the house!

Today, I thought we'd look at my Boho Heart quilt. This is the second Jen Kingwell quilt we're working on, and I'm not sure which one is more work -- Wanderer's Wife or Boho Heart. Both involve strips, and my problem was I thought the two of them were SO SIMILIAR that we could do them in the same class. What was I thinking? There are similarities, but it's been a lot of work to prep them for the same class. 

Jen co-wrote the book with someone else, and while the instructions are still pretty sketchy, they are better than the Wanderer's Wife. Both require meticulous labeling, or those strips will not be lined up!

Boho Heart

My sections are neatly stored in plastic bags, well-labeled, and I can't wait to get them together. 

I now have two sections together, and I used black-on-white fabrics for the background, which I love. And I've used pinks, oranges, a wee bit of purple, and a smidgen of yellow for the blocks. 

Two sections of Boho Heart

And this is one half of the quilt together. I'm happy with it, and well --- we still have several blocks to make for it, but all the strips are cut and labeled. 

One half of Boho Heart

I still have blocks from two months ago that need to be finished. 

Blocks that still need to be finished

And I think there are still two blocks from this month that need to be finished. 

One more block to finish

It's Monday sewing today, and I have so much to choose from that I'm not sure what I'll work on today. It would be nice to get some of these trays of quilt blocks off the tables in the studio, so I'll see what tweaks my fancy when it comes time to sew. 

I popped over to the Facebook group for Boho Heart and pulled pictures of Group Three. I'm sure they are all madly sewing the second group so they can have half a heart!

A lot of people have used a light background. It's interesting to look at the colors they used for the blocks. Some super colorways!!!  I don't have time to comment on all the pictures, but you'll notice that several of them have moved the blocks around, which is perfectly fine -- I did a LOT of that in my quilt. And the values of some of the blocks -- you think they have used a different block, but the values that were used totally change the blocks!!!

This person has used Oh Canada fabric! How cool is that!

You can see the detailed labeling required for this quilt. That's all the pink bits on the white strips! If you label the strips, you'll have no issues, and if you don't label - well -- that's an issue!

Fun colors with pink, red and black. 

I think these are Tula Pink fabrics with busier prints for the background. 

And here's a hot quilt --- yellow's and oranges but on a dark background. Hmmm --- I like that version as well! 

So that's pretty exciting to see those come together, and I bet they are madly sewing that second half together. And soon, the entire quilt will be together! I can't wait for the show and tell. Because our time is limited to one hour each month, they haven't really had time to chat about their fabrics, so that will be fun to hear all these stories on the last day!

A couple of important dates for you to remember --- The Virtual Retreat is April 30 (6 PM -- 9 PM) and all day Sunday, May 1. 

And the Hamilton Quilt Show -- June 3 and 4. 

OH my   -- I've run out of time!!!  Off to spin class. 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. There are some really gorgeous quilts-in-progress there (a lot of them remind me of flower gardens with their bright and cheerful colours), but that Oh Canada one? Stunning!