Sunday, April 24, 2022

The show MUST go on!

It's a good thing I don't flap easily! I was all set up for my free-motion class in Studio B. I noticed an UNSTABLE INTERNET notice a couple of times, and I ignored it until someone said that I was hard to hear and so it was time to move. I had to disconnect everything and run upstairs to the kitchen table, which seemed to help. But now my other cameras were downstairs. 

Things were fine until DH came home and wanted to watch TV in the family room right beside the kitchen, so I trundled off to the living room. Thank goodness for laptops with a working battery. 

Then I went downstairs to finish the call with the extra cameras, and all worked just fine. That was a bit weird, to say the least, and it took a second or two to rewire the brain and get back to the topic at hand! Hopefully, the class wasn't too disjointed with all my moving, but the show MUST go on!

The embellishments for the Cherrywood Challenge are all done. Well, not exactly; there are two small ones to make today, which hopefully won't take long. Then I need to get them stitched to the top. Hopefully, all that will remain by the end of the day is to put the binding on. I still need to trim it, and it's looking a bit "sloppy" because of that. I really like it, and it looks like what I planned, so that's important!

I talked about the gas price yesterday, and Elle posted a comment that we don't go for joy rides anymore! I agree -- there are so many other things to do that don't require gas and are just as fun. Besides the cost of gas, who can afford to rent a car (if you can get one)? The prices have soared through the roof. It's crazy!! 

I'm trying not to use my car, although I have used it a bit more this year than last; however, each trip had a purpose. Those trips will be fewer going forward, I don't have too much stuff that can't be done at home, or that isn't within walking distance. 

But look at the cars in this driveway. I've shown this house before, but seriously --- it's a cheery sight to see these cars. They used to have a gold car, now it's red. Or maybe the gold car was missing that day. And note that they are all small cars!! This is a sensible house. 

Jelly bean cars! 

Can you tell me why someone would need a HUGE SUV for urban driving? Even if you go to the cottage, you learn to pack well and take a smaller car. I once drove to PEI for a month-long vacation. I took two dogs in the back of the car, a sewing table and sewing machine, tons of projects, and my cycling stuff. I drove a Toyota Matrix! No need for big -- just a need to be smart! It would be a tad challenging to do the same with Murphy and Lexi, but we would figure out how to make it happen!

I often see people who are way over-committed to their quilting. Yes -- guilty as charged, but quilting is my day job, so I'm allowed to be in over my head. But people are so overwhelmed that they are no longer enjoying it. I am always telling people that quilting is YOUR HOBBY -- it's supposed to be fun. The moment it becomes a chore, it is no longer a hobby!!

Then I found this book in my bookcase when I was searching for something else. Quilting AS A HOBBY!!! How appropriate. 

Quilting as a hobby

Oh my   --- I wonder what year this book was published. Oh  --- do you remember how to decipher Roman Numerals???? 

Roman Numerals

Translated -- the copyright is 1963! This would be one of the very few quilting books that existed around that time. They were very scarce, with the book by Marie D. Webster (published in 1915) being the first. I have a reprint of that book, not the original. 

When you read the back cover,  you get excited -- quilting is in a current revival! It's a centuries-old craft, and it's a UNIQUE form of needlework for the young woman of TODAY!! 

How cool is that? I'll be reading it this week and sharing some of the fantastic things you can do with quilting! 

I had to go to the mall to get something. I was going to go to Micheal's, but I would have needed the car, and then I wouldn't get my walk in, so I walked to the mall and bought what I needed. It's not the perfect choice, but I'm learning to make due! It's all about choices! 

The construction on the exterior is mostly done, although what are they going to do with that wall?? Apparently, the new entrance is open. The next time I go, I must check it out. 

Construction is mainly done at the mall

And look what has happened at our house. Murphy likes to "fight" with Lexi (OK -- so they both antagonize each other equally), DH would be sitting on the couch, and Lexi would jump up on the sofa to get away from Murphy. DH did NOT discipline Lexi, and now she thinks it's her domain! Whenever DH is on the couch watching TV, Lexi is right up there. He is now lamely trying to get her off, but I know he enjoys her there! What the heck --- it's their couch -- live on it, make a mess (Lexi already has), and who cares!!! 

The dogs know their places!

Murphy is NOT allowed on the couch or the chairs. She has issues with her bladder, and I don't want her on the couch. Nuff said! 

Today is our Out of the Box class, and I can't believe what they came up with for projects. Totally blows my mind with the creativity! What's hilarious is that many of them wanted to be in that session because they didn't think of themselves as creative. Well, guess what? They are super creative! And each month, they are getting wilder and wilder! I love it and will share some of it later this week. 

I even managed to get something done for Out of the Box. I finished it this morning and am pretty pleased with the final result. It still needs the binding put on, but that won't take long later today. I love having the time to do these little experiments and learn new things. 

Now to quickly think up the new assignment for next month. Hmmm --- I've got several ideas, but it probably won't be until the very moment that I decide what it'll be! OH --- I went back to my master list, and I think I know what it will be!!!

On that note, I'm out of here!! 


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