Monday, April 11, 2022

Green Tea and Sweet Beans Show and Tell

Where did the weekend go? It's back to work -- OH -- I forgot, work never stops for me! Although most days, it's hard to call what I do work, especially since I have so much fun doing it! 

I'm packed and ready to go to an in-person guild talk today. I actually had to find quilts to talk about, which wasn't difficult as it's the Scrap Quilt lecture, and there are loads of those in the house. I'm a little out of practice packing, or I'm taking more than usual --- two large suitcases and two bags. Oops! I'll have to talk fast! 

Instead of dealing with paperwork yesterday, which I desperately need to do, I did some sewing as it's going to be tight to get all the homework prepped for the weekend. Yes -- it's Easter weekend, but I couldn't switch the classes around. Not enough free weekends! 

I need someone in the car with me today who can brainstorm all that needs to be done and write me a list! 

I'm going to post the homework from our Green Tea and Sweet Beans class. These ladies are so creative, and these blocks are NOT easy to do. I have some in the group who LOVE applique and are in their glory -- some are doing needle turn, some are doing fusible  - and some are appliqueing the tough bits, a couple hand-pieced some of the blocks. But all of these quilts are going to look amazing!!

The pattern is by Jen Kingwell, and I suspect it's one of her earlier ones. The instructions are less than exciting -- you really need to think long and hard before starting most of the blocks. 








More blocks by Kathy

Kathi (that's a different Kathi!) 

More blocks by Kathi

Kathi's blocks

More blocks by Kathi





Mary Jane





I love how each person created blocks to suit their skill level. Notice in the orange peel block that some used the same color for all four petals, while others made each petal a different color. And one person used the same color family in the block, but different fabrics for each! The same thing for the garden path block --- so super creative in using colors and fabrics and notice those low-volume prints being used for the backgrounds. If people didn't like the block, they switched it up and made a different one. No one will know the difference once the quilts are together!

The show and tell is always exciting to see, and I'm glad we have a chance to share it with you. 

And the best part of this class? Almost everyone has something for show and tell! I'm probably the one that is most behind, and I'm not that far behind, but if any quilt will slip, it's this one. Why? This quilt is scheduled to continue until the end of the year, so there is time to catch up! Five of the other quilts finish in June or July, so there is NOT much time to catch up should I slip behind! 

And I'm doing pretty good so far. But that Cherrywood Challenge is calling my name, and I need to work on that later today. And let's not say anything about the UFOs that are due on Sunday, and well, I am NOT coughing up $10 (twice!), so I see a late night or two ahead of me!

WOW -- I see a SOLD sign on my neighbor's house. That only took several days, and I think they were accepting bids today  --- I'm not sure how the process works, but they must have got the price they wanted ( many $K's over the asking price), so they decided to accept that offer and close early. I'm not even remotely tempted to sell as where would I go, and I would miss my house and location so much. I'm definitely not ready to move! 

And that Murphy and her ball. I spent most of the day downstairs, so she brought the ball down for me. 

Murphy and her ball

And when I wouldn't play with her, she found a way to amuse herself with it. 

Let's play ball

I'm off to spin class this morning, then back to load up the car and hit the road! 

Have a super day!!!


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