Thursday, July 14, 2022

How to make a concrete driveway

Seriously? Fireworks because of a full moon? At 11 PM? I would have run to the park and yelled at them if I was decent. No one needs to have fireworks on a full moon. Although, based on history, I guess fireworks are pretty tame for a full moon evening. Actually, I think it was a super moon, so of course, that justifies the fireworks. Thankfully, it was only for a minute, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was woken up. 

WAIT -- I sleep with the windows open rather than rely on the air conditioner. Maybe I was the only one to be awoken. The air is so cool and beautiful in the morning; I sure hope you get a chance to enjoy it. 

I awoke yesterday fired up and ready to meet the day head-on. I went to spin class and pumped out my 30 KM like it was nothing. OK -- it wasn't that easy, but much better than my pitiful results on Monday. But that's OK. 

Then home to get work done, only to find THIS in my driveway. WHAT? They were NOT supposed to be here until later in the week. 

The driveway has arrived

That is a load of concrete, in case you can't see the massive truck! But better to be early than delay the process. Yikes! I was not ready for this, and neither was the landscape team. 

The driveway company is pretty darn efficient. They come with a crew, and I mean a crew. Of course, they have to as concrete - well, it tends to firm up if you're not fast. 

Smoothing the concrete in the driveway

Those guys had big rubber boots and were up to their knees in concrete. All the stonework and the sidewalk were protected by sheets of plastic. 

I did NOT take the girls for a walk as there wasn't really a good place to get out of the house, and I wanted to watch. HEY -- I paid a LOT of money for that driveway; I wanted to see how it was done. 

Then they started the smoothing process before the rest of the concrete was poured. I tell you -- they were very efficient. I think there were 6 or maybe 7 of them. 

Smoothing out the concrete

Yikes -- then the second truck of concrete arrived as one was not enough. No wonder it costs so much money. 

Two concrete trucks!

And then, they arrived at the corner where the shut-off valve was located. Ooops - the valve disappeared as it was too short, even though the Region apparently had run a string and a level over it to ensure it was the same height as the sidewalk. Not so. They had to pick-ax the concrete away from the area and then make it higher; at last, they could do that remaining part. 

Working around the shut-off valve

They had not placed the rebar in the lower part of the driveway, and I was thinking, "why is that?" Then when half the concrete was poured, they threw in the rebar. OH -- did I mention that the second concrete truck was driven by a woman, which makes perfect sense because it is quite the process to clean out the truck when it's empty. I always wondered how that was done, and now I know. It's a pretty slick system, and they carry their own water tank on the truck and a tank for the dirty water. 

At the height of that process, that truck was rocking and rolling in the street from the power, and well, it was nice when they were gone as it was very noisy. I'm sure the neighborhood was happy. OH -- I think the neighborhood will be glad when this is over. When I arrived and got out of my car, a couple I frequently see walking the street asked me if "this was it?" Well, almost! 

They spent an enormous time smoothing out the concrete, especially along the edges. And then, the crew split up as the first crew was off to pour another driveway likely, and three guys stayed behind to finish my job. 

Smoothing the edges of the concrete

And look at the shade of my new tree!!! I love it already, and it will shade the front of the house in the late afternoon. 

Then the driveway got sprayed with a chemical (you'll see why tomorrow), and they covered it with big sheets of plastic and left it to cure! They must have started at 7:30 or even earlier and were gone by 10:30. It's taped off so no one can walk on it. 

The driveway is under wraps to cure
This is what it looks like from the front. A total mess, but hopefully, by the end of today, it will look normal. We can't drive on the driveway for two weeks, so another two weeks of car shuffling, although I might now get a permit to park on the street and not worry about moving the cars since the landscape people are almost done. The parking people don't come unless someone complains, and no one has complained -- thankfully, we have intelligent neighbors. We still have the porta-potty and a Bobcat in the street, so parking is a hassle right in front of the house, but we can park in front of the driveway. 

The front of the house

And through it all, the landscapers continued to plant. All the plants got planted, and it's looking really nice, although it'll take about two years for things to take hold, and we can have some privacy on that front patio. But I don't care. 

The plantings are almost done

Then I received some excellent news! Remember my Patagonia jacket that they repaired for FREE. I thought I would have to go downtown to pick it up. They mailed it to the house, so I knew it was coming, and it arrived yesterday. 

My Patagonia jacket is back!

It now has a new zipper, and they fixed the elbows on the inside where the fabric had worn thin and added a bit more down. Yippeee!!!! I HIGHLY recommend Patagonia for ANY hiking or outdoor gear. They have this crazy guarantee and are very conscious of our carbon footprint. 

I need to buy some new stuff next month, and I'll make a trip downtown to buy from them. 

Let's just say that their clothing is worth every penny! This jacket is old -- about 10 years, but I should be able to get another five or more years from it. I love it, and well, it's my favorite winter jacket. Not only for winter, but it's excellent for camping -- lightweight, super warm, and compacts into nothing! 

The envelope it came in can also be used as a return envelope. Does anyone have a Patagonia garment that they no longer wear? If so, use my envelope to return it to them, and they will give you credit!!!

The send envelope is also a return envelope

Wouldn't it be great if all companies were this responsible? By the time that jacket is done, it will have cost me pennies a day (if that) to own it! That suits my minimalistic mindset perfectly! 

Patagonia ROCKS!!!

I got three more quilt tops from Diane -- I've lost count, but I need to start a tally as I finish the quilts as it would be fun to know that number. I think I have given away three that she made, so I need to get my butt in gear and work on more, which I'll be doing starting next week. 

Three community project quilts from Diane

I also got another customer quilt done. I was going to do another one today, but I've decided I have too much other stuff to do, so that will have to wait until next week. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I'll give you all a heads up -- if anyone wants a quilt done for Christmas, book it NOW. I have a hectic fall, and while I'll have time to quilt, I'm not sure how many I'll be able to do, so book it now - even if the top isn't done! 

That Lexi - she loves this mat. She loves to sit on it, but she'll even lay on it, even though it's not nearly big enough! Silly girl! I wish the mat was twice the size, and she would be in doggy glory!

Lexi and her mat

Maybe she likes the texture of the mat on her body? 

And then there's Murphy. I decided to join Murphy in her dog bed in front of the window. I know -- I'm totally a big kid at heart. 

MOM -- this is MY bed - there's no room for two!

I think she was trying to tell me that I took up too much space and that looking out the window was much more fun than being scrunched beside me! Oh, Murphy! 

MOM -- look out the window with me!

I took the two of them out for a walk after dinner, and Murphy was a total lunatic, and there I was on a busy street, yelling my head off at her to get her to calm down. Nope --- it wasn't until we had seen at least three dogs that she managed to get herself under control. Sigh.........

There is one thing I learned about myself yesterday. Actually, I knew it before. I do NOT function well when a lot is going on. The driveway crew, the landscape crew, and the cleaning lady were here, and I was waiting for two people to pick stuff up. That was just too much toing and froing for me, so I did;t get much done. Although I did some tidying up in Studio U, which I did between spying on the work crews. But I didn't get much else accomplished. 

So today is the day -- there is a lot to do, and ONLY the driveway crew will be here for a bit this morning. I expect the rest of the day to be quiet, which is good because I'm now extremely tight on time to finish everything by tonight as I'm off again for the weekend. 

On that note, I'm off to get the day started. 

Have a super day!!!


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