Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Virtual walking

That title is a bit weird when you think about it. Is there such a thing as virtual walking? Not really. The challenges are VIRTUAL only in the area where we map our walks. For instance, would it be realistic for me to walk the Pacific Crest Trail? I could, but it would take months, and I don't have the time and probably not the inclination to actually walk that trail. But every step I take to complete those virtual walks is a real step, and I then get to map my steps onto the trail. 

So it's virtual, and it's not! Here's what happened on Sunday. I completed the 4000 KM for the Pacific Crest Trail and beat my estimated time frame. 

The virtual walk for the Pacific Crest Trail is DONE

I gave myself 365 days to complete the walk with a daily average of just under 11 KM. In fact, I finished it in 326 days with a daily average of a little over 12 KM. Seriously??? Several years ago, I would never have believed I could do that when I thought walking to Tim's (1 KM) away was a long walk!  

39 extra days!

I'm pretty excited about my new lifestyle and my achievements. I've walked the three longest trails in the Conquerer series in three years. Route 66 (3,669 KM), The Appalachian Trail (3,167 KM), and the Pacific Crest Trail (4,000 KM). 

My next goal is to walk part of The Great Wall of China (3,513 KM), but I'll be taking a break for a while so my Fitbit friends can breathe easy! I won't be passing them. Concurrently to those challenges, I set a yearly goal for walking/cycling. This year my goal was for cardio KM, and it's aggressive, and I'm behind, so instead of the afternoon walk, I need to get out on my bike and use that time wisely to get more KM. At least until I can catch up. I won't start the new challenge until late in the fall. 

Some people have set up to do multiple challenges simultaneously, and I ask myself why? Just pick one and complete it, then pick another one. When it gets complicated in what activity you are doing to mark the KM, that's too much work. This is supposed to be FUN and easy. 

There were no issues on the flight back home yesterday morning. Although if you carry MANY spools of thread in your carry-on, your luggage will likely get flagged. I had more sewing stuff (no scissors) in my carry-on than I had clothes. The flight was on time, and we had to wait 10 minutes for the ground crew when we arrived, but I don't call that an issue. I snapped this picture as I walked through the luggage hall. While there is still a lot of luggage, it was nowhere near the mess I saw a couple of weeks ago. 

The luggage hall still has abandoned luggage

But it's scary to realize that all that luggage is just sitting there. Anyone could grab a case and go; who would be the wiser? 

I'm a solid UBER convert now. I know exactly where to meet the drivers, and I request a ride on my way to the pickup spot, wait a few minutes, and you're good to go. I love that I don't have to tell them where to take me -- it's already in the app, and I don't have to deal with money and tips - - it's all automatic, but I get to choose. Yep --- it works for me! 

Let's just say that Murphy was beyond herself when I arrived. You would think I was gone for weeks, and she just can't help herself. Lexi is pretty aloof. "Oh - you're home -- about time, and don't ever leave again." 

I got home just in time to get on the Zoom call for Monday sewing, and I did accomplish stuff, but not much. 

I took this picture at Michelle's house. If you're looking for a great sewing table, this is amazing, and I want one (or two). Her heavy Husqvarna Viking EPIC 2 is on the table with the embroidery unit. That's a long piece of equipment that fits perfectly on this table. The legs are metal to provide good support, even when doing embroidery. There are two drawers in front to get rid of the crap on your table, and behind is a concealed tray to hold the excess cords. 

A great sewing table

It's the Alex table from IKEA and comes in two lengths. I love it, and if I didn't have a lot of work, I'd have been down to IKEA yesterday to get one. 

I also love the fact that the area under the table is completely clear (no angled support brackets), so you would be able to put a small bank of drawers under the table to hold supplies. There are several options for drawer units, but I would love for the cabinet to have wheels, and with the wheels on, they are just a smidgen too high! So a bit more investigation for that. But what an awesome table, and I'm dreaming of having my accessory feet in those drawers and other necessary tools, as I like a clean desktop around my embroidery machines. 

I spent the afternoon writing. One assignment is gone, and there are a few more to do. I need to be less prolific, but I can't help myself as I love to write, and I want to tell everyone about my experience. Wait for it -- that's coming next week. 

I have many windows open in my browser with links I wanted to share with you, and I keep forgetting, so here's one. If you are into quilted clothing, this blog post is interesting as the writer compares the sewing time she took to make a jacket that the contestants on the Great British Sewing Bee had to sew and is it realistic for them to make the jacket in the time allowed. 

It's an interesting read and provides the general public with a very unrealistic expectation of how long it takes to make things! I never thought about that! 

And if you are into quilted jackets (I'm way behind on my jackets!), there's an article about jackets in McCall's quilting (September/October issue)

I think quilted jackets are back with us, but we're a bit more knowledgeable about styling and have better products for the filler, so that quilted jackets will stay!

Well, it's time to get the dogs out for their walk, and then I'll be glued to the computer all day, except for a couple of errands I have to do by car! 

Have a super day!!!


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