Monday, July 11, 2022

Packing up!


What a difference a night makes. I had a perfect sleep the night before and last night? I couldn't sleep. Now, why is that? Not to worry -- I'll be having a nap later today. 

The last morning at the retreat is always weird. The norm is to eat all the leftovers for lunch, and then everyone leaves. This time, everyone but Dede and I (who carpooled) left before lunch. Cleaning all the food out of the fridge has always been a big issue. In the past, there would be a ton of food left by others, and I was responsible for throwing it out or bringing it home. 

I remember on one occasion where Ronda and I ate a carton of ice cream (well, it wasn't full) before we left because it would not survive the trip home. 

Let's just say that there was a "bit" of food left in the fridge this time - we had someone new on the trip, and there was just odd stuff left. So this happened for lunch. We nibbled on a whole lot of bits! Until we couldn't eat any more!


It was an odd mix of a lot of things! And we managed to get all the leftovers packed in our cooler bags, so it wasn't as bad as I initially thought. It's all a learning experience for new people to the retreat. 

We survived, so that was OK. And we even managed to pack the car with the addition of my huge box of quilts that Michelle brought me (from Quilt Canada), a 2-4 of beer, and plenty of room to pick up a sewing machine (a small one on the way home). I thought I had a picture of the back of the car, but ALAS, that picture didn't get taken. 

Let's say that we have learned how to pack for the retreat, and only take what we need. Dede and I figured that we each had enough stuff to last about two more days so that was excellent packing on our part.  

It took us three hours to drive home with only one slow down in the traffic and our stop to pick up the sewing machine. So we made good time and I made it home in plenty of time for someone to pick up their quilts! 

I always take a group picture when we are at the retreat, and I do a test. Here's me at the test!  

The group shot minus the group!

We thoroughly enjoyed the peace and quiet, and each evening before dinner, we sat on the deck and had a drink. Now that is what friendship is all about. Sharing good times, sharing a drink, and just being together. 

The before dinner drink

I love Zoom, but it's not the same as being in person. But I wouldn't want to be in person all the time!

It was almost 12 o'clock (our pack up time) and I think the quilt gods were telling us to quit. I was almost out of thread, and Dede ran out of bobbin thread! 

Almost out of thread

And LOOK --- I decided I was on a roll with those darn tumbling blocks and that I should just get them done. I had ONE left of the white pieces left, meaning I would have to cut more white diamonds as I still had more of the other colors. Sadly, not much goes to waste at my house, and I'm OK with that. 

One white diamond left

But I was cheered on whenever I came across a diamond that wasn't a diamond. I had cut the diamonds from strips, and these wonky ones were the ends of the strips. Each wonky shape meant ONE less tumbling block to sew. 

Diamonds that are not really diamonds

I finished the white, and then, since we did have a bit more time before it was time to pack up, I cut a few more white and marked the intersections to make it easier to sew the Y seams. 

The white is all gone!

A very inexperienced person (ME!) cut those diamonds, and some of them were very wonky, so I had to trim some of them before sewing. The one on the left wasn't too bad, but some needed a bit of trimming on all four sides. That happened because I was new when I cut those diamonds, and I had heard that you can cut EIGHT layers of fabric at the same time with a rotary cutter. What did I know way back then? 

Some wonky diamonds

So I got a whole bunch of tumbling blocks sewn! I was thrilled to bits to make that headway. 

Lots of tumbling blocks sewn

I might just keep on sewing and get all the blocks together. I need to figure out how large of a piece I can make and then see how many blocks I'm missing in order to make a square or a rectangle. I may have to cut a few more pieces, which won't be a problem, because YES -- I still have that fabric in my stash after 20+ years! 

I have more pictures to share but there is no time this morning as I'm off to spin class and then it's goingto be a silly busy day. I have Monday sewing, DH is leaving (yes -- we are like ships in the night), I have to unpack my bags which I didn't do as I finished a book and we chatted for the rest of the evening and the girls needed some attention. I'm also on driving duty for MIL's physio and we have to deal with decisions on the landscaping and I may need to get out and buy some new lights. All in a day's work!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Must be in the air (even out here in the NW USA). I quilted a lap quilt yesterday. I emptied 3 bobbins and 2 spools. Yippee! I'm a glass half full girl and almost empties make me a bit crazy. That's normal right? LOL

    Happy Monday!

    1. Oh Elle -- just going back through some comments. Yep -- we are glass half full kind of girls. I can't imagine being any other way!!! How sad for some that their brains work in the half empty mode. Have a super day!!