Thursday, November 17, 2022

Classes and Clubs for 2023


I had better get some information to you as so many have asked, and there just doesn't seem to be the right day to make it happen!

I will NOT be personally hosting any new projects in 2023. There will be a new one starting at Thimbles and Things in January, so watch their newsletter for that. We all have so many projects on our plates that we don't need another brand-new one! 

However, I have several clubs and groups that I'll be hosting. These are primarily about learning tools or software we have purchased, which has sat on the shelf! 


Ongoing clubs with LIMITED or NO space

Machine Embroidery Club -- this club will continue in 2023. However, it is FULL.  

UFO Club -- this club (two sessions) will continue in 2023, and there is ONE spot if anyone is interested. It's at 9:15 on a Sunday morning, once a month. There is a $25 fee for the class, and you have to have a $100 kitty (that you send to me), so if you miss a deadline, $10 (per missed deadline) goes to charity at the end of the year. 

 Out of the box - This is a confidence booster to build creativity! I provide a topic each month, and it's your job to create something related to that topic or theme. The topic might be red and white, and you can make a quilt block, a sculpture, or a machine embroidery -- the choice is yours. The projects are meant to be small and do not have to be finished, nor do they need to be made from fabric. The gist of this class is to learn to make mistakes and focus on the art of doing, not creating perfect results. 

There are TWO or THREE spots available for this. 

If you are interested in the UFO Club or the Out of the Box, send me an e-mail. Please put UFO or BOX in the subject so I can find it.


Clubs with no dates (Further discussion is required to identify needs)

The following three clubs are BRAND NEW for 2023. I have not set a specific time for these, and depending on how they are set up, there will likely be a small fee. Because there are various brands of digital cutters or different skill levels of EQ8 or the embroidery software, I would LOVE to have a discussion with anyone interested in those topics (one discussion per topic) to hear what people want to learn. Do they want instruction or just want to share. I'll set up a Zoom meeting in December for each topic. Then we can see who is interested and what they want to learn/share, and we can set up dates for 2023. The specific time of that one-hour Zoom is below the class description. If that doesn't work for you, send me an e-mail outlining what you would like to learn. 

Digital Cutters - This is a new area for many of us, and many people have recently acquired or want to dust off their cutters. It doesn't matter which brand you have; we're going to test them out and offer support to each other. This is NOT a teaching club but rather a sharing of best practices, so the more you do and share, the more we all teach each other. Being an active participant is HIGHLY recommended! 

Sunday, December 4 at 10 AM -- sign up, and I'll forward the Zoom link for the one-hour discussion. 

EQ8 -- Electric Quilt 8 software is a design program for designing your own quilts. We will be using version 8, and if you don't have 8 but would like to participate, this is an excellent time to update your software (there are probably Black Friday sales!). The class level will be based on the demands of the students, and it may necessitate two classes -- one for beginners and one for intermediates.  

 Sunday, December 4 at 11:15 AM -- sign up, and I'll forward the Zoom link for the one-hour discussion. 

mySewnet Embroidery Software (or OTHER brands of software) - this is embroidery software (SVP Worldwide) for creating and modifying embroidery designs. Most software is compatible with all brands of embroidery machines and can be used with Windows or MAC operating systems. Again -- There are Black Friday sales on software if anyone is interested. To keep the cost low, the mySewnet software is available through a one-year subscription for a few hundred dollars. It's an excellent chance to try the embroidery software. If you're not interested, you have not spent thousands of dollars trying it. E-mail me if you want more information on where and how to buy this. DO NOT buy it online if you want the deal! 

Sunday, December 4 at 1:00 PM - sign up, and I'll forward the Zoom link for the one-hour discussion.


NEW clubs

Jen Kingwell make-up class - This is NOT a teaching class but is more of a motivation session with DEADLINES for those who have not finished the Jen Kingwell quilts I've taught in the last couple of years. We'll cover Long Time Gone, BOHO Heart, Wanderer's Wife, and Green Tea and Sweet Beans. If you have NOT been in one of my classes and want to follow along, I'll make my notes available to you, and you'll have the monthly deadlines to work towards! Stay in the club all year or until you get your quilt finished. 

Sunday morning (once a month) at 9:15 AM (The first class is on January 8 at 9:15)

Cost $15 for those who took the class with me 

$25 for those that were working on their own

To sign up -- send an e-mail with Kingwell in the subject.

The MANY block project motivation session - I don't know what to call this. A few of us have started big quilts that have become UFOs. I'm talking about a quilt with MANY blocks -- like the 365 Day Quilt (from Australia), the Town and Country (from New Zealand), Dear Jane, Farmer's Wife, etc. This club will work similarly to the UFO Club but will focus ONLY on these very intense quilts. Note -- you have to prove that you are somewhere along your journey with your particular quilt -- you cannot start it during the class. The idea is to clear up a UFO, not create one! So you must be committed to actually working on it. We will each set a monthly goal and keep each other on track for this. Some of these quilts will take years to finish!  

Date and time to be determined

Cost $25 per person for the year

To sign up -- send a picture of your work in progress and include MANY in the subject.


Please note that almost all of the clubs/classes require ACTIVE participation. I know we sometimes have life hiccups, but the more active you are in the club, the more you will get back. And if everyone just sat back, we would get nothing from each other. I'm keeping the numbers low, so we have time to share our trials and tribulations. This makes it more fun and allows us to learn, not only from our mistakes, but the mistakes (I mean -- challenges) of each other!! And if all you do is make mistakes, you will be the BEST student in the class! That is how we all learn -- so bring on those design challenges and teach us all!!

That will keep most of us busy for MANY hours each month. You can see why I'm not adding another project. It's all about learning our tools and completing UFOs. If you want a brand new project -- well, there are lots of them out there!!!

If you have any questions, let me know. I would prefer a separate e-mail for each class/club you want to join, as this allows me to sort them into folders. If you put all your class requests in one e-mail, I may get you in one class and forget to put you in another. 

If you are already in one of the clubs, there is NO NEED to send me a note to continue. I'll keep you on the list. 

And on that note, I'm out of here!!!  Be sure to read the next post (two posts today) about the dogs!!!

Have a super day!!!


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