Tuesday, November 29, 2022

On the move!

You guys have the best suggestions!!! I never thought about using the pockets on my new sewing machine cover to put things like the cord and the foot pedal! Yes!! 

I got zero sewing done yesterday as I had some e-mail to send out and things to finish before I left in the afternoon. All my machines were nicely shut down and the tables neat and tidy so it was good. 

That darn e-mail is a challenge to keep on top of! But I'm trying, however I have no idea what has happened to my phone now that I'm in a different country. Even though I have a US/Canada plan and I'm roaming and now connected to the hotel Wi-Fi, it doesn't like to download or send e-mail. HEY -- that's actually a good thing. I can still get e-mail on my computer at night and that's just fine with me! But the geocaching app will bring up the maps, but NO geocaches. Something is wrong. And I tried to make a phone call and that didn't work either.  

I did have time to do some moving in Studio B. I'm determined to get that table set up and get that machine going. But I had to laugh as I kept looking at the table and thinking that the floor was super crooked. When I moved it to the new spot -- same thing. Then I realized that one side of the legs was NOT in the same spot as the other! Oh silly me!!!

So my intend was to move the shelf that was in the main sewing space into the storage room. I was going to find a home for all this, swing the shelf around that is right beside it and add the new one. 

Stuff to move to make room for a shelf

However, when I started to pull the unit into the room, it became apparent that it's too tall!!  It fit in the door, but there's a drop ceiling in there (it's just below that multi-level laundry room of mine) and with some heating vents as well, this shelf is NOT destined to fit in that room. 

Oh shoot -- the ceiling is too short for this shelf

Now a smart person would have measured before, but I didn't feel like sewing so I forged ahead! And see what a mess that shelf unit is? It's a diasater. It's the last area that has not been sorted and I'm sure there's a lot of stuff on that shelf that could be pulled apart or sorted better or whatever. 

So it's currently sitting in the middle of the floor. I'll deal with it when I get back. I've often said that I'd like to move it out of that space. 

The other option and I think it's doable, is the stash room. I have two shelves and a bookcase in the middle of the room. I could bring that shelf in and add it to that island and still have room to walk around. The height will work as well, but that's going to involve a wee bit more moving and sorting. Do I want to go there? Well, I think I should. It might be time to go through the two shelving units in the stash room and deal with stuff there as well. 

Oh boy -- a can of worms just got opened, but since this is the last space, why not forge ahead and get it done!!!!

Where that shelf used to be

That big shelf sat in front of this other shelf which I access from the other side. That one holds some of my scrapbooking stuff. OK -- let's not even go there. It's a secret and I'm not ready to talk about it. But this is the perfect spot for that table and it won't stick out in the room.

A home for the quilting table

I think the legs are still cockeyed in this picture. Good grief --- why didn't I see that when I was setting it up? Then there is room to the left to put a small cabinet that I'm going to purchase on my way home. More on that as it's going to be a super place to store thread! Thanks to my friend Margaret for that tip. And I'm going to hang a quilt behind the table to get hide the back of the shelving unit. 

Oh yes --- Studio B is an evolving space, but hey -- if I want to get maximum functionality from it -- one must be constantly on the lookout to make that happen. Since the floor is clear and not carpeted, and many of my furniture is on wheels or can be folded down and moved, it's a snap to move things around. Once this last bit is done, I'll have to concede that the space is at 100% capacity and nothing more can be added unless something gets removed! 

The girls are hilarious as usual. I went to the door because Murphy was doing her little "please, let me in bark" going on. Yes -- she know not to bark like an idiot to be let in. Only to find one dog out and one dog in. It appears she wanted me to let Lexi out so they could play. Seriously??? Yep -- Lexi went out and they played together. Smart girls! But Lexi is such a princess that she can't ask -- she'll just sit there and wait? 
Mom -- Lexi wants to come out and play

So I got in the car and made sure I had clothes (always the last thing to pack), snacks (popcorn), passport, money and I was off. I'm in Rochester, NY which DH tells me is the HQ of Kodak. Remember them? What do they do now? Anyway -- I'm actually on the east side of Rochester in some small town. I'll be attending a sewing machine event today and tomorrow. Sort of as a helper, but mostly to observe and learn. I think a whole lot of learning is going on as the teacher is one of our BEST educators. She's so knowledgeable, it blows my mind!! 

If you have ever watched Karen on the PFAFF or Husqvarna Viking Facebook Lives -- that's who I get to spend two days with. I love watching her videos. If you haven't watched them you should. Her level of energy and creativity puts mine to shame and I'm pretty high up on both areas. 

And you have to love Zoom as I did my Zoom class last night from the hotel. So have a computer and Wi-Fi and you can do anything from anywhere! I LOVE it!!!

On that note, I'm off to have breakfast. I'm not sure I can do any geocaching here as my phone doesn't seem to work for everything.. Now why is that? 

No Grammarly today -- hopefully not too many errors! Sorry1

Have a super day!!


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  1. Interesting about not being able to make phone calls in the US, hubby has had the same problem with 2 different phones and providers the last 2 times he's been in the US and it's so frustrating!