Thursday, November 17, 2022

The world has gone to the dogs!

Have you noticed that if you type dog backward that it spells god? Yes -- sometimes, I think that is their attitude! At least at my house. 

I saw a host of funny dog pictures yesterday as the dogs got out in the snow, and for some of them, it was their first time! Hilarious! 

My girls? They've seen snow before, but they have fun on the first day. 

I swear these girls hate having their picture taken. I plop them in the snow and ask them to look at me; this is what I get! They can't even look at each other! 

Mom -- take the picture and let's get going! 


If I had a cart or a sleigh - I'd have been whizzing through the snow faster than Santa can fly! 

My sled team

That is until they need to sniff something! The sleigh would quickly be overturned, and I'd be out! 

Great sniffs in the forest

And the moment we exited the forest, Murphy plunker herself down in the snow to cool off. 

Mom -- WAIT -- I'm boiling! 

I swear she's menopausal all day long and so excited that she gets overheated and then needs to cool down. She comes home from a walk, panting like she has run for miles. Just because she gets herself so worked up! If I were to draw a line of how we walk, my line would be straight. Lexi would be a narrow zigzag, and Murphy would be the widest zigzag possible! She's just busy!!!

And look at this lone maple leaf in the snow. How Canadian is that? 

So this is short, so I can do a second post about classes. 

Have a super day!!!



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