Sunday, November 13, 2022

There's snow in the forecast!

I'm excited to hear I wasn't the only one that loved the York Heritage Quilt Show. Sadly -- it's over, but there's so much in the quilt world to keep us entertained! The organizers should be very pleased as the show was well organized and had lots of entertainment. 

I'm back home. I finished up at Thimble Quilts and Sewing Company (Windsor) around 4 PM and headed home. In the SNOW!!! What's that all about? I heard it was supposed to snow yesterday EVENING, not in the morning. Around 11 AM, I went out to get my sample suitcase, and it was snowing. Thankfully, nothing stayed on the ground, and I made it home quickly. 


A few snacks, my gruesome audiobook, a long phone call, and an in-person drop-off/pickup stop, and I was home! So with all that time in the car, can you tell me why I still have FOUR hours left to finish that audiobook? Maybe today, but I doubt it, as I have lots of writing scheduled for this afternoon. 

I made a few purchases which I'll share with you later this week. All within the guidelines, I set for myself -- nothing was JUST BECAUSE! OK -- maybe one thing, but it was for inspiration! 

Before I went to the store, I had to find a couple of geocaches. One I found in the middle of a big spruce tree, and the second one, I could not find. So then I was off to Sandwich (a part of town right near the water) and took a quick walking tour where I read many historical plaques. That was an Adventure Lab which is part of geocaching. A VERY history-rich area. 

Geocache in a pine tree

There's the Ambassador Bridge, which is the bridge to the US. Lots of traffic on it despite the icky weather! 

The Ambassador Bridge

Those geese are NOT fast, reminding me of the teens near the high school. Just sauntering along like they own the road! 

Slow down, lady -- this is OUR street!!

We've been talking a lot about Advent Calendars for quilters. While not an advent calendar per see, it's a great idea. I took this picture at Thimble Quilts and Sewing Company. By the way, the owner, Heather, is a wonderful person, and we had the most fantastic day chatting with customers and each other. Her very talented daughter was at the store as well, and some friends. I'm not sure who learned the most -- the customers, the store staff, or me!!!! 

An advent calendar! 

If you are looking for a quick advent calendar, here is one you can get. All the items are wrapped inside! What's inside?? 

BTW -- speaking of advent calendars, did anyone sign up for the one at Stitch by Stitch in Kingston?? If so, can you e-mail me??, I have a favor to ask of you! It's not painful and won't take long. 
Advent calendar!

Here's a Merry Christmas banner that is quick and easy to make. It's on a panel, so all you have to do is cut the triangles, put a backing on it and attach it to the hanging cord!!! You could get that done in time for Christmas!! Yes -- it's at Thimble Quilts and Sewing Company. 

Merry Christmas banner

And I was working on some embroidery with the Designer Embellishment Attachment for the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2. So much fun. I'll share with you what I made, but only after the embroidery club sees it this morning!

Working with the Designer Embellishment Attachment

I have to unpack and pack for ONE more date! 

November 15, I'll be at Pins & Needles in Listowel, where I'll be hosting two seminars on quilting, so if you live close by, be sure to get signed up for that!

And as if that isn't enough, I'm running a four-part ZOOM session on mySewnet (hosted by Stitch by Sitch in Kingston), which includes the software, Wi-FI connectivity in the embroidery/sewing world and explaining what it's all about as it can be very confusing. I had to have it explained to me at least three times before I totally grasped the concept. The first session is on Monday, November 14. Even if you are not in the market for embroidery or (GASP) own a different brand of machine, this is going to be loads of fun to discover how the industry has changed! 

Next week, watch for the list of clubs I will host in 2023. I know what they are; I just need to schedule dates in my calendar, and I hope to do that this weekend! You can refer to this blog post if you can't remember what they are. Scroll down to the end --- in reality, there are only four new ones --- EQ8, Digital Cutters, the Jen Kingwell remedial class, and the Many Blocks project. Others, like the UFO Club, embroidery club, and Out of the Box, will continue, and at this point, there are NO or minimal spots open for 2023. You'll get the info next week. 

Wow --- what a whirlwind time! And I have a few classes or lectures that I want to sign up for, and I'm putting together a list of classes that I'll teach at Thimbles and Things starting in January --- OH --- so much fun!! I can't wait to share those with you! 

And just so you don't think I've gone off my rocker, I have NOT submitted any quilts to the US quilt publications for months. I think I'm over that, so that's a lot of pressure off my plate, but I still have A Needle Pulling Thread, QUILTsocial, my education job, and teaching/running clubs. So I think I might be done with one part of my "career" so I can focus on these other things. It's not that I didn't like designing the quilts; I can still do that, but now there is a little less pressure, and I'm not waiting for an editor to say "yeah" or "nay!"    

Don't worry --- I have plenty of time booked off for 2023, so don't think I'm pushing myself. My vacation stuff is already on my calendar, and my freelance stuff will have to work around that! And who do you know who takes about FOUR months off each year? Oh yes --- my time is important to me!!! Those four months are not altogether, of course! 

On that happy note, I'm out of here! The girls are waiting, and since they missed their walk yesterday, they are anxiously waiting!

Have a super day!!!


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