Friday, December 1, 2023

Advent calendar season

In the words of John Denver, "It's good to be back home again!" 

Thankfully, business travel is over for the year. I have one more trip arranged, but I need to change the dates. A task for later today. 

Everything went smoothly on the flight. It's always "fun" to ensure everything is packed - did I leave anything in the room? Then you'd drop off the car? Did I leave anything in the car? Then I checked my two suitcases, but only after I put my winter coat in one of the suitcases. I was off to security, where they don't have as sophisticated equipment as in Toronto, so laptops have to come out. 

However, I got a chuckle when I went through the X-ray thing. I beeped! OH -- it's probably that hairband which is made of metal. It sometimes beeps and sometimes not. Once we got that organized, I was good to go. 

I hadn't had breakfast yet, and I was hungry. I must confess that I looked around the airport for Tim's, but it was probably at the other end where the other airline gates were. So I stopped at Freshii. WOW -- that was a pleasant surprise. I got a breakfast burrito, and it was EXCELLENT. Hmm -- I MUST look for that again. They didn't have tea, only coffee, so I passed on that and settled for OJ. 

The temperature in Winnipeg was -1, which was enough to send us through the de-icing station. It didn't take long - there was only frost on the wings, no ice. Going through de-icing at night is bizarre because those lights on that boom look like a giant bug attacking the plane. 


The flight was boring, which is fine by me. Except the map showed we were flying from Vancouver, not Winnipeg. Not to worry, I was tired and slept most of the way. Oh god -- did I drool or snort and snore? I think so. No one will ever remember me, so I don't care. 

Flying from Vancouver?

I had planned to read my book, but I lost the book once I turned the Wi-Fi off. Seriously?? I read the same book on the way out -- so I know it was downloaded to my phone, and I could read OTHER e-books. No worries, I finished it last night. 

And then we were in Toronto. It was a WARM and SUNNY day, so we could see our shadow. 

There's our shadow

Then, there was a long walk to the luggage carousel. It seemed to take forever, and just because the carousel started up, that didn't mean the luggage was about to pop out! Anyway - both bags came through with no problem, and I was ready to find my Uber. 

Where is the luggage?

The driver must have been new because I got a text saying he was at the curb, but I couldn't see him. OH -- he bypassed the Uber line and went up about 100 feet. Well, I can't see you from there! He was about to get booted out by security (after he got a lesson on where he was supposed to stop), and I told him I had an orange jacket - thank god for orange jackets. We connected, and all was good. 

There was traffic on the way home, and I swear that from the moment I got off the plane until I got home, it took almost as long as the flight! 

Two sleepy girls weren't watching in the window for me! WHAT??? After I opened the door, it took them a minute to realize that Mom was home. Too lazy! But soon, they started showing love, and we had some good cuddles in the afternoon. 

Thank gosh -- MOM's home - we're saved! 

The only thought that crossed their mind was MOM's HOME, and we're going for a walk! That's all they wanted! So when I went for my afternoon walk, I had to bring them along. But it was OK. 

Later, when I popped into Longo's to get some groceries, I spotted a lady carrying a laminated jute bag with Longo's on it. WAIT --- that's just like my Stonehenge bag. I WANT one. 

I spotted them near the checkout AFTER I had paid for my groceries, so I'll pick up one next time. I KNOW -- I do NOT need one, but these are a perfect size (slightly larger than my Stonehenge bag), but they last FOREVER, and they have a nice handle perfect for carrying and not too large. YES -- I NEED one. Maybe someone spotted my Stonehenge bag - OK -- who am I kidding! 

NEW laminated jute bags at Longo's

It feels a bit weird not having a "pressure" deadline. Yes - I have four classes/clubs this weekend, but I have "lots" of time to prepare. One is an application session, and I pity the participants as I will assault them with LOADS of information. But they wanted to learn - so learn they will! The presentation is almost complete. A few more slides to move around, and I want to retake a couple of pictures. 

I have all day to prepare for the paper-pieced one. So it should be a calm, relaxing day. 

WAIT -- it's December 1, and you know what that means? It's ADVENT CALENDAR day. I have two. 

This first one will be super easy. Just open a box and assemble the puzzle. 

My puzzle advent calendar

The other one? Well, it will be hard - WAIT -- it will be easy. I must take that attitude - I CAN DO THIS!!!

EXIT game (escape room) advent calendar

Have fun opening your advent calendar if you have one, and if you don't - well, that's OK -- have a cup of tea and enjoy a quiet moment. 

And that's a wrap for today. 

Have a super day!!!


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