Saturday, December 2, 2023

It's all about the logic

I had a headache yesterday, which is extremely RARE for me - thank goodness. I hear stories from people who have migraines and headaches every day - I'd go mad! Thankfully, it wasn't a terrible headache, so I could still "function." Or so I thought. 

I was attempting to prepare for my paper-piecing class this morning and listening to an audiobook. As I said - it was a mild headache. Well, I think I made every paper-piecing mistake in the book! I stitched on the wrong lines, placed the fabrics incorrectly, and sewed the wrong fabric in place - so, needless to say, I did a LOT of ripping. 

I went for a walk, and I felt better. When I returned, I managed to get into the groove. I had taken many pictures, most of which I didn't use. While a picture can tell a story, sometimes too many pictures can muddy the story. I hope they can understand where my logic is with this paper-piecing technique! 

The presentations are ready to go this morning! I put a lot of work into those presentations, and I hope everyone appreciates them (I'm pretty sure they do), but I enjoy the process. How can you take many pictures and put them together logically to tell a story? 

I'm reading a book on Artificial Intelligence, and did you know that is one thing computers CANNOT do. Oh - they can SORT of recognize what's in a picture, but to actually "see" what's in a picture and tell a story about it - they can't do that. 

Later in the day - actually, while I was having dinner, I got my EXIT Advent Calendar out. I didn't think my head could cope with it earlier. And I confess that I was a bit apprehensive. I had one last year, and I failed miserably. I couldn't understand ANY of the logic in the game, and I abandoned it after two days or something like that. That's not true - I did get some of the reasoning, but I couldn't take it to the final step! 

Let's hope this year will be different. 

My new Advent Calendar

So I read the instructions - same as last year. 

Checking out the instructions

Then, I read the storybook and opened the little box for Day One. 

What's in the box for Day One?

And then I played. Each day is a logic puzzle, so you must be on your toes. You must look at the storybook, you must look at the clues or items that come in the box for each day, and sometimes, you will need to go back and use items you found on a previous day. Then, you try to interpret that logic. You are attempting to find a three-digit code each day. 

I had a few false starts - sometimes, you think it's too easy, and it is. But look at EVERYTHING, and the logic falls into place. Sometimes, even the COLOR of something is there for a reason. Yep --- I figured it out without looking at any clues. OK -- this is a two-star out of five-star difficulty rating. Let's hope today will be as easy. 

I also put some stuff away, as I needed the cutting table. Recently, I purchased some threads that will work as skin tones. 

Skin tone thread colors

Imagine my surprise when I opened the box of browns to find this. Great. It looks like I already have those colors or something close to them. Oh well -- I have many skin tones, and that's OK. 

Looks like skin tones already in the brown box

I also played with my second Advent Calendar - a jigsaw puzzle. 

Inside the Jigsaw Advent Calendar

It's great because each day is a small puzzle, and they are in a resealable little plastic bag, so it is easy to restore and use next year or pass along to someone else. 

A resealable bag of jigsaw pieces

One must always do the outside first? Isn't that logical? It is to me, but not to everyone. 

Do the frame first! 

And there it is -- the first of 24 little puzzles - done. 

The little jigsaw puzzle

Yesterday, we had snow, and it was WET. My jacket and feet got wet, and I had to change my socks when I returned from the afternoon walk. 

The first snow of the season

Here's how the girls handled the snow yesterday. Murphy went outside briefly, came in, and jumped into her bed. I covered her with a blanket, and she chewed her "sandwich."

MOM - I'm cold and hungry!

Lexi stayed outside and lay on the deck in the snow! 

MOM - my kind of weather!

Here's my Longo's Laminated Jute bag. I had to get something for dinner since I was on my own. This costs $4.99, but I LOVE this style of bag. 

Laminated jute bag

I checked, and it's slightly larger than my Stonehenge bag. The size is PERFECT. 

Slightly larger than my Stonehenge bag

There are soft handles, so it's easy to carry if the load is heavy. It's big enough for a shopping trip but not so big that you'll load it down and make it difficult to carry, and the whole thing is short enough that it doesn't drag on the ground! 

Of course, I was tired last night and went to bed, but then I couldn't sleep as I had visions of sorting the remainder of the photos for the paper-piecing class. So I got up. That means I got up late, which is fine since everything was done before going to sleep. Let's hope I'm back in the swing of things by tomorrow - I know I'll need a nap later today, and I'm good with that. Any day with a  nap is a good day.

I'm off to walk the girls and get ready for class!

Have a super day!!


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