Saturday, December 23, 2023

Home Sweet Home

You know what they say -- there's no place like home for the holidays!" and I'm home. We had a few more errands to do in the morning, and then I hopped in the "truck" and headed to the airport. 

It was a whirlwind week, but I accomplished lots, and if I were shallow, I would say that my priority goal of getting my 35K status with the airline was accomplished! The remaining 91 points will show up in a day or two once the return flight is registered. This was the status before I got on the plane yesterday. 

Almost at 35 KM

All kidding aside, it was a great week - lots of good visiting (a few hiccups), but it's so much better than it was. And lots of niggling little things got accomplished, like washing teapots! 

The drive to the airport was uneventful. In other words, NO flashing lights stopped me, but others got stopped for speeding. It really doesn't make sense. The divided highway between Saskatoon and North Battleford is open and flat. This is a MAJOR highway in Saskatchewan, but there are no overpasses if you need to get on or off. 

There are several small towns where the highway runs right through the village. That's not entirely true because the highway runs beside the town, and something (gas station or elevator) is on the opposite side. So we are talking little traffic between the two sides. 

For all my life, I remember that one town had a speed reduction from 110 to 90 for ONE KM through this town, which also has a service road beside the highway. Now, there are THREE locations like this, and one of them is just a significant intersection -- there is no town, and the speed reduction is to 80. The speed limit used to be 100. 

The truckers along this road must just cringe when they drive this stretch. What they SHOULD be doing is creating a turn lane on both sides of the highway --- there are NO turn lanes, so you could be in the left lane and want to turn left, you are in the LIVE (what we call the fast lane) and then you turn left. So I get the problem, but then add a turn lane, and the problem is solved. Sigh --- they need SMART people in the transportation department. 

The best part? The third section was under construction last year. NO turn lanes were created - just reduce the speed limit. Maybe they created turn lanes, but there should be NO NEED to slow down that much. WAIT -- perhaps they created a speed trap to earn enough money to make an overpass?

Well, it's not my province, not my problem. But the cops are sitting there, and it's a big money grab, to be sure. Someone goofed up big time! 

Anyway -- the car was filled with gas and returned. The bags got checked, and I got through security. It took LONGER in Saskatoon than it did in Toronto. But that's OK as I had time to spare. Even the line through Tim's took much longer than in Toronto. But I had a good book (a physical one), and I was good to go. 

At least the plane was a normal-sized plane! The airline staff are getting really picky about the luggage. They keep saying - the flight is full and we need to be mindful of the luggage, and yet there were a few empty seats on the plane, so I'm wondering where all this is coming from. 

The plane home

Zero turbulence on the flight --- this is getting kind of scary. Why did we have so much before and now nothing? 

I had a bit of a wait for luggage in Toronto - remember, I went with an empty suitcase to bring a few things home. More on that another day. 

My "taxi" was waiting for me when I exited the airport, and the girls were beyond themselves with joy when I came in the front door! Mom's HOME!!!

As I sat in my chair relaxing after a quick bite, I checked my phone's notifications. Oh boy --- the Google location tools are quite informative! Look at this map of one of my days in North Battleford. 

My journey one day

I could say that I've been everywhere! There was a list of all the places I went and how long I drove, and it's pretty insane to see all that. So just remember, if you want to do something under the radar -- turn off the notifications on your phone! 

It's back home and back to work. I will finish my book today, but I also want to load a giant quilt on the machine and work on the few left. I need to get them done ASAP, and then I want to play a little bit on the machine -- some experimenting for me and some fun and perhaps get some of the community project quilts done as well. There is a HUGE stack, and it would be nice to get ten done? I'll see how it goes. 

I made some priority lists while I was away, and now I have to schedule my time to make that happen. I'll continue to declutter as that is a constant thing to deal with. I'm debating whether to continue in the office or should I take a peek at the kitchen? I think I should continue with the office and at least get it looking like a normal room, and then I can dive deeper into any area of the house without making too much of a mess. 

It's all fun and games. Speaking of FUN, remember that we have a Virtual Retreat tonight. 

Saturday, December 23 - starts at 6 PM

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 892 5423 3911 Passcode: 982797

Sunday, December 24 - Starts at Noon (not sure how late we'll go)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 861 1959 8156
Passcode: 053861

On that note, I'm out of here. The girls are patiently waiting for their walk. I'm not looking forward to it, but I barely walked while I was away, and I swear I walked in the entire week, the same amount I would walk in one day here! Ouch! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Glad you are home safe. Hugs to those precious girls and Merry Christmas 🎄!

    1. Thanks Pamela. They got big hugs and were quite happy! Merry Christmas to you!!!! And thanks for being part of my crazy life!