Monday, December 4, 2023

The last seam

Oh my -- how quickly time flies! You get up to do one errand, hoping you can do one more, and then time runs out. So, I'll make a list and do it later this afternoon. It's going to be a busy day!!!

I persevered with my paper piecing. I haven't done paper piecing in a while, and it seemed I made more mistakes than necessary! But I did get the hang of it - I just found the process long and tedious. The old me would have abandoned it and moved to something easier. The new me - said - "stick it out," you'll be done soon! 

After dinner, I was on the LAST seam for these sections. 

The last seam

And here are my 16 sections - eight of each, and I love them!!!! We are making the Tequila Lime quilt from Quiltworx. I have so MANY more of their patterns! 

My paper pieced sections

Phew -- so that homework is done, and now to look forward to this weekend, where I have homework for THREE classes that I must do. Thankfully, there is no paper piecing or applique, so it should all go quickly. HA -- that's what I always say, and it takes forever! FOCUS!!!!

Last night at dinner, we worked on the EXIT Game Advent Calendar. It sits on the table, so easy to access. DH was NOT going to touch it as he saw me fiddling with a giant cardboard button and a cord - sewing! Not for him. 

And then I got stuck. So, what number does this look like to you? 

What number is that? 

If you guessed four, you would be correct, and that was easy. 

But what about this one? 

What number is this?

I guess, now, when looking at it, I know my (logic) vision was flawed, but I struggled and could see only a certain number. So DH finally got intrigued and immediately "shouted out" a different answer than I had said. DAMN him!!!

Then, to get the final number, he just went "poof," and there it was. DAMN him again! Because he was right! Then he proceeded to "dance" around the kitchen, saying he was smarter than me. DAMN him!! But he was right! Sigh.......................

That's my problem - I get the initial logic, and then I can't take it to the final step! The third number may have come to me if I had left it and returned later, but I walked away knowing that we had used our collective brainpower to solve the riddle, and I didn't care that he was right! 

I did my jigsaw puzzles in the afternoon -- they are EASY and have no logic (well, mostly no logic required). They are easy enough to do them row by row - only 50 pieces. 

Mini jigsaw done row by row

Finished jigsaw

And here's the one from the day before. 

Another mini jigsaw puzzle

About the EXIT game -- I don't care if he gets more of the logic than I do. I'm just happy that we are solving the puzzles. Last year, I had abandoned the puzzle by day three, so this is super exciting!!!

After finishing the paper piecing, I took a break. Well, I was done for the day! And there was Murphy - trying to contain her excitement. I'm not sure what her problem was yesterday, but there were MANY barking incidents along the walk. I swear she barked the entire way -- greeting other dogs, talking to the squirrels, and barking just because. If the neighborhood wasn't awake when we left, they were when we returned! 

But she was wired yesterday and reminded me of a child who had eaten a TON of candy on Christmas morning. 

MOM -- I can be quiet! 

By the end of the day, almost all her toys were out of the box, which doesn't happen too often. Perhaps I should have taken her to the dog park and let her run! 

MOM -- I got this - the nose has to come off! 

She was insistent there was a ball under the furniture, so I got down on my hands and knees to find it. OUCH!!!! What the heck is the matter with my knee? I know it's a bit delicate (since my meniscus surgery eight years ago), but it's been pretty good for the last couple of years, and I can put my weight on it. 

Well, imagine my surprise when I looked to see a LITTLE bump. I've been having more trouble with another meniscus tear (my diagnosis), and I swear that it is better. This almost looks like something has moved under my skin. Did the end of the meniscus tear off entirely and move? I doubt that is possible. It's tiny, but right on the front part of my knee, so any pressure in that area HURTS. 

I'd better call the doctor as I have one other thing to ask, and then I should get the results of all those tests I did months ago! 

So, I'm listening to my audiobook, which needs to be returned tomorrow. I had about 7 minutes left when my headphones died. Seriously?? That is like running out of bobbin thread when you're almost at the end of a long arm seam. So, I charged them overnight and will finish the book today. It reminds me of the movie True Lies! Remember that? 

Seven minutes left, and the battery dies!

The book is 24 hours long, with the story set in Ethiopia, but it's very interesting and sad, although I didn't cry. It's just how the choices we make in life can affect us or other people! Be careful of your choices, and ZERO regrets.

Well, it's time for me to get my butt in gear and get to the gym! I haven't been to spin class in a long time, and Joseph probably thinks I've died. I just reserved my favorite bike, so I'm good to go. 

Have a super day!!!!


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