Monday, December 11, 2023

Decluttering continues

Hmmm --- where was the lightbulb moment last night? We opened the door to Day 10 on the EXIT Game Advent Calendar and figured out what to do with all the pieces (or so we think!). Now, how do we interpret those pieces? We left it - I was going to go back before bed but didn't, so I'll try again today. We may need to look at the clues, but I think we will need all three before this is solved! Some days, the puzzles are tricky, and some are not! 

I stopped at the library the other day to pick up a book for DH and attempt to renew his library card. It's now mandatory that the cards be renewed IN PERSON at least every two years. A "few" people have since moved away and are getting a free ride at our library through the Libby App. I have zero issues with in-person renewal - it should have been mandatory long ago!

I had his identification with me (same address), and they know me, so I could renew his card. While there, I noticed a plan for the new community space outside the library. I'm not sure where those three or four big sitting stones will go, but I didn't look too close. 

The plan for the new community space at the library

While at the library, I asked one of the librarians to help me link the libraries to my Libby app. I could connect to my library and usually one other, but we have access to SIX, and I could never get them to link. Well, I could in the past, but not recently. It took about 15 minutes and TWO librarians to make that happen. 

The app has changed a little bit, and the linking process has changed. I have to log in to each library - I don't remember doing that before. So, one librarian logged into three, and then I sat alone in the corner and managed to log into the other three. More importantly, I now KNOW how to do it. Before, it was random that I made it happen. 

Then I picked up a book from the lightening loan, which means I have 14 days to read it. I'm not getting much reading done at the rate I'm going. And then I had a few other books to pick up as well. 

My haul from the library

I'm feeling generous with my "free" time and thinking I will have loads of time to read when I need to start my research for a big project next year. And yep -- I walked home with all those books. I had my trusty shopping bag with me as I had stopped at the grocery store, but I managed to squeeze a couple of books in the bag and carry the rest in my arms. 

Yesterday, I carried two more storage tubs from the mall. There's no need for a car - you just plan accordingly. 

Here is my Barn Star Sampler quilt. It's sideways on the design wall, but I'm happy to report that the top was together in time for the show and tell. Except that, I forgot to include it in the show and tell! 

Barn Star Sampler

I have to get it off the wall quickly as someone thinks it's a great spot to sleep, and she transfers dirt to things on the wall! I need to make the binding and get some backing together, and then it's done. And that class is a wrap!

MOM - is that for me to mess up?

I'm tackling all the pens and pencils in our house. I have a box full that we don't need/want. Some might not work, but we'll let some enterprising grade school kid figure that out. So now the pencil holder above my cutting table is neat, and I have only what I need, with a couple of extras. 

The pencil holder is neatly organized

I did the same to the pencil holder on my computer desk. It was jammed with stuff, and it's still full (I kept my favorite pens), but the things I won't use are gone. Then I realized that I have TWO trays of writing instruments in the drawer on the other desk, so those are out, and I hope to finish going through them today. Let's say we should never have to purchase a writing instrument for the remainder of our lives!

When cleaning out the stuff on the desk, I found a bulk pack of needles, which meant I needed to clean out the tin where I keep my packs of needles. Many of the elastics had disintegrated, so I got new elastics and bundled them up. 

Sorting packs of needles

And now everything is neat and tidy in there. This will make it easy to find a new needle when needed. 

Tin of sewing machine needles is sorted and tidy

I had to find two presser feet for my EPIC 2 that left the house last week. It was a mystery why they were not with the machine, but then I realized I had pulled them for a demo, and they were with all my presser feet in their separate drawer. So, the drawer's contents are scattered on the table and must be sorted through. I found the two missing feet! 

My Husqvarna Viking presser feet and other small accessories

I laugh every time I see this - there is the HUGE Santa Claus, and look at how big Mrs. Claus is -- she's half his height. Is that intentional? You know what they say -- there's a good woman behind every good man! Or is it - -good things come in small packages? 

Mr and Mrs Claus

OH MY GOSH --- I do not need another pair of mittens, but these ones are stinking cute! I stole the picture from Stitch by Stitch in Kingston. They had an instructor who taught these mittens last week, and I don't usually check their class schedule as they are several hours away, but these mittens are so cute - I might consider driving there to make them. Any takers? If we had enough interest, they would schedule a class for us. I haven't asked, but I'm sure they would. 

Felted mittens (partially completed)

I believe you felt the snowmen or fox, and then you assembled the mittens. So darn cute!!!!

Someone recently talked about new equipment and how we always need more space for our sewing rooms. I had a dream last night that we bought (how -- no memory of buying it) a LARGE house with a very bizarre basement that had lots of industrial-type space in the basement. I HATED the house - where did that dream come from? 

Here's part of my research for my big 2024 project: applique using a digital cutter. This part is becoming second nature, but getting there takes time. It took me almost four hours to get this. Not because I didn't know how, but because I was trying different things each time, I had to learn something new. 

The results of my digital cutting exercise

I am going to conquer this feat (along with the group's participation), and we will learn software, our digital cutters, and our embroidery machine software if we have that available. It's going to be a fun year!

Someone suggested that I post some pictures from the Out of the Box class, and I will do that tomorrow. 

Instead, I'll post a picture of something I embroidered a few months ago. It's all free-standing lace, meaning it was made entirely from thread on the embroidery machine. 

Free-standing lace table runner

Here's a close-up of it. It is not perfect by a long shot - there was a steep learning curve to making this, and I'd like to finish the ends off with the same scallop that's along the sides. So that is in the pile of samples to finish. 

Detail of the stitching on the free-standing lace table runner

I'd like to remake it when there's no pressure to finish it and see if I can't perfect my multi-hooping technique. 

I'm off to spin class this morning, and I had better get moving! 

Have a super day!!!


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