Saturday, December 16, 2023


It's "comforting" to know I'm not the only one hiding junk in boxes and bags! Good luck to everyone who is sorting and decluttering. It's TIME to open those boxes and bags and deal with them!

I will put that statement here again: The things you value are only valuable while you are alive. When you are gone, no one will give the same value to the items. So - if the item is valuable to you while you are alive, you should be USING it! 

If the item is no longer of value to you, perhaps someone else can use it, and why not let them use it now! And it's so irresponsible to let it sit for someone else to clean up! That irks me - mainly because that's what my Mom did, and now she expects us to deal with her mess because she physically cannot. I'm not bitter - I'm being realistic!

I don't want to call this a regret, but if I could do one thing differently. I'd have shown M (daughter) how to differentiate between want and need. How to declutter when new stuff comes in, give things away, and not become addicted to owning things. Of course, I couldn't have done it at that time because my mindset wasn't there. But boy oh boy -- if I had kids today -- we'd be having a weekly declutter session. They would hate me, but I'm OK with that! 

While walking (my best place for getting ideas), I thought about those empty drawers in Studio B. What could I do with them? Then I thought about all the stuff on the tables, etc., and knew exactly what to do. 

I have two plastic drawer units, and they are in the way! I don't think I can eliminate them - I'll have to check, but I can move the stuff to the more solid cabinets. 

Two plastic drawer units - FULL

I've pretty much emptied the smaller one. I forgot to take pictures this morning, so I'll share them tomorrow, and hopefully, I'll have figured out what to do with the small bits and pieces still in the drawers. The big issue will be going to those new drawers for stuff when needed. And yes -- there are excess quantities of things - an ENTIRE drawer for sewing machine needles, but some of it is for work, so don't yell at me! 

Then I thought of the accessories for the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic 3. The hoops can only be used on that machine, and there are a few bits and pieces, and I want them off the work table. Guess what? Everything fits in one of those larger flat drawers, including the specialty hoops, the User's Guide, and everything else. EVEN the largest hoop fit. It's technically NOT in the drawer, but I was able to put it on top, and the drawer closed. Yeah!!!!

Accessories for the Designer EPIC 3

Now I have a tub of supplies for my Scan and Cut, and perhaps those will fit in the plastic drawer unit? It's like one giant puzzle - how to make everything fit so the room is neat and tidy! I'm trying and I know the quantity of stuff in Studio B is excessive - I know that. So I'm trying my best to get everything together, and from time to time, I'll grab a section and see what can be done. 

Supplies for the Scan and Cut

I dropped off two boxes of office supplies at the local school. They were happy! And two boxes went to the thrift store. I am really trying to get a handle on the stuff in the house, and I dream of the day when the movers come and see all the drawers and closets and groan about all the crap they will have to move, and everything will be empty or almost! What a weird thing to dream of! If you can visualize it - it can happen! 

Before tackling anything else on the desktop, I must deal with a few things sitting on the floor and the kitchen table. It's not much - I've diligently tackled a few things every day. And LOOK -- that desktop does actually look cleaner! Those two cardboard boxes are empty and waiting to be filled with something. Any progress is progress, and I am finally seeing a difference. OK -- that's not true -- I saw a difference a long time ago when I finally cleared everything off the floor. 

I can see the top of the desk!

It would be interesting to go back and see the "before" photos to see how far I've come. And for what it's worth - the office has become the dumping ground. Whatever we need to sort or put away or don't know what to do with - it goes in the office. So I wonder if it'll ever be "clean," but I'm making a huge effort that it will be someday. 

I spent a couple of hours doing errands with the car. I can put more than three rolls in the new car. I might even be able to squeeze five rolls in there. But now I've got batting as I was almost out. I was able to make a run to the pet store to get dog food and still had loads of room in the car. I never minded my small car -- it was WAY more fuel-efficient. I guess I'll get over the fact that I HATE cars that use lots of gas. For example, I could get 700 KM on a tank of gas with my previous car, and this one is only 500 KM. But since we don't drive much, I guess I can handle that. 

Lots of room in the car

There'll be a story about the car(s), but not yet. And you'll see why when the story gets posted. 

On my way to get batting, the car swerved into the parking lot of the puzzle store. NO!!!!!!!!!!

I can't imagine working on these HUGE puzzles. Where would you work on them? And how long would it take? 

That's one big puzzle

Another giant puzzle

I didn't even make it past the front room before I hit my limit. But look what I found! This is a MICRO puzzle. It doesn't take up much space. There are 150 pieces; I imagine I will need reading glasses and maybe tweezers to assemble it. 

That's a MICRO puzzle

I have four presentations today, and all of them are ready to go. I've got some of the pictures ready for the two presentations tomorrow. I suspect some of the club sessions will be short --- many people are busy this weekend with family. And that's OK. I've actually had time to sew some of my personal stuff, but no long arming got done, so I have to attempt that this afternoon. You'll see the results of my sewing later this week. 

I need to focus on clearing up some of those projects that are almost done but still need a border or the backing or binding. That would make huge leaps and bounds into clearing some space in Studio B. 

Here's one difference between Murphy and Lexi. I bought them a Christmas cookie at the pet store. Murphy gets it as she sits patiently and waits for the command to eat her cookie. When I asked Lexi to sit - she gave me a look - "You're kidding, right?" Then she wiggled her butt and tried to sit, then she wiggled her butt some more. Looked at me again - "Seriously?" And then, finally, reluctantly, she sat down. Then, when I put the cookie on the floor, she got up and stood there. Sigh.................. That dog knows ZERO commands, even when food is offered. Murphy, on the other hand, has quite a little vocabulary. 

MOM -- just say TAKE

They have been playing with each other a lot lately - mainly to entertain me! Such silly girls, and once, when I came up from the basement, I found Lexi on her "throne" while her servant (Murphy) slept at her feet. Murphy doesn't care! She's just happy! 

MOM -- I'm just happy!

Man -- their personalities are so different!!! 

I'm reading a page-turner by Ruth Ware (I LOVE her books) called Zero Days. OH -- what's going to happen? Who is the murderer? I have my suspicions, but I'm always wrong. But they talk a lot about the location features on your phone. Do you get a monthly e-mail from Google showing where you have been? I do! Gosh -- I even get HIGHLIGHTS of the buildings I've been to. Yep -- when you have that location button on, nothing is secret!! 

My November travels

But now you can see why November was so silly. I was all over the place! Thankfully, December is quieter! There is still lots to do - it's just quieter. 

Well, I'm off to get the day started. Good luck to anyone who is sorting and decluttering. And if you're not -- take a SERIOUS look around your house. What is hidden in those closets of yours? What about books on the bookshelf that you will NEVER read. It's time to get cracking! While you can leave it for your kids, do you hate your kids that much? Trust me --- cleaning up someone else's CRAP is not a fun job! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I did go through my half shelf of quilt books this week. 17 books shipped off to an online quilty friend who lives a bare bones budget life and joyfully sews up every scrap she can find. Yea me and she's having a ball reading! I think I'm down to 21 books now and I was over 100 at some point. I become more ruthless on my 'revisiting stuff' trips through our home. Empty spaces are so delightful.

    Happy Saturday!

    1. I know - I know!!! I have way too many books and one day I need to start going through them. Today is not that day! But I can agree that revisiting stuff, you get more ruthless because you realize that you'll never touch it. I'm not quite there yet -- but I will be soon!

  2. I am so happy because I slept well (not usually the case) and got up and started on the bags in the closet. I now have a huge Goodwill bag ready to donate, have located the pj pants that are Christmas presents, and put a lot of fabric in the crates where they belong. I also unearthed the box of gift bags that we reuse for Christmas gifts. I also just turned down a trip to a Ben Franklin that I love to fabric shop in, because I have no place to put any more fabric. Baby steps, but I am trying. Thank you. You have helped me get to this point.

    1. So glad you got a good sleep. I wish we would all get a guaranteed good sleep. We'd all feel better in the morning! And doesn't it feel good to make some progress? It's all baby steps because it's OVERWHELMING. Even throwing one or two things out or at least finding a new home is better than doing nothing. Trust me - it gets easier the more you do!!! Have a great day!

  3. I also got 3 pairs of pj pants cut out for my 6 year old grandson. I am excited to get those made for him. After Christmas, I will go through the flannel stash and give away the smaller pieces that are too small for his pants. Baby steps.

    1. You got that right -- baby steps! And you know what they say -- one step starts a journey! Never give up! You got this!

  4. The comment at 3:42 is mine, Torry