Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Gratitude for the little things

Have you ever had a day that if you kept a gratitude journal, the day would overflow? That was yesterday! So many GOOD things happened. 

There has been one thing about mySewnet software that has niggled at me since I started to use it. Could I figure it out on my own? Well, sort of, but I just couldn't get the function to work properly. After watching a YouTube video --I got it! Watch me roll now!! 

I figured out the daily puzzle on the Advent Calendar. While DH was home, he was busy, so I attempted it on my own. I had one small thing that tripped me up, but I soon conquered that, and I had the problem solved. When he came to dinner, I made him solve it, and he also solved it. He wasn't going to do it --- AH no -- You need the practice!

I'm unsure if it's the best way, but someone suggested creating PLAYLISTS on YouTube to watch all the videos I wanted. I'll see how that works. It would be so nice to put them in a list (OK -- a Playlist) and then check them off! Maybe that's how it works. OK -- I Just checked it out -- and yes -- I think once I watch a video - if I want to keep it on my Playlist, I can. If I don't, then I can remove it from my list. Gosh -- I am becoming so SMART!!!

Pat left me a comment on my blog about where to find the FROZEN chocolate croissants, so I'm off to check that out later today!

I finished an audiobook, a debut novel (The Break by Katherena Vernette), and it was excellent, even though it was hard to read. Not hard to read, in the language, but the subject matter. It's a fictional story about life, women (and being Indigenous), and the bond between mothers and daughters. Boy -- does this bring back some memories. 

Let's see -- what else? OH -- I got some sewing done FOR ME!

I started sewing my 365-Block Challenge quilt. I'm way behind and want to start focusing on that quilt. OH MY GOSH -- look at the size of those trimmed half-square triangles. They are TRIMMED to 1". 

Ridiculous size half-square triangles! 

And I almost got one block complete. Yes -- some of the contrast isn't there, but I'm good with that. Let's just get the blocks together. If I remember from cutting these out, the first couple of days in this group are tiny pieces, and then the blocks get a little less complicated. Let's hope! I was using this block as an ender and leader for something else, and this is all I accomplished. 

The block is ALMOST complete

But I worked on making flying geese for another project. Half of them were complete, and it didn't take long. I use the projection system on my sewing machine instead of drawing lines. I used to be wobbly using the projection line, but I've got it down pat now, and I trim even less than when I was drawing the line. So, I'm getting better and saving time -- I'm all about that! 

Some flying geese are assembled

Not one to focus on one thing, I also had a bunch of brown scraps on the ironing board that I was sorting. I had to sort them because some were for my current project, and the rest were going back in the scrap box. I almost have that sorted, and everything is neatly pressed. My brown scraps are ALMOST under control!

The last of the brown scraps to sort

I didn't take a picture of the neatly pressed scrap bins, but I'm making progress. Very little happened in the sorting and decluttering. Nothing got quilted on the long arm, and no embroidery happened, but YET - it was a great day!

Wait -- when I took my afternoon break, I sat down and did THREE jigsaw puzzles from the Advent Calendar. They don't take long and are super cute to do. It's so easy even without the picture, and I'm trying different methods - picking the border first or starting with the same colors/textures. 

Puzzle number one

Puzzle number two

Puzzle number three

And now, TEN of them are done. I'm a little behind, but that's OK. I can easily get caught up!

Ten Advent puzzles are complete!

The movie tickets are purchased for Christmas Day. Jason -- here we come. Some people freak out about certain actors, but I couldn't care less. I could probably sit beside Jason Momoa on a plane and not even recognize him. No big deal. 

I had my last embroidery software class in 2023, and it was amazing. There was so much show and tell and questions; the project I wanted to show them worked like a charm! So exciting when they are enthusiastic and willing to experiment! That's how to learn -- you can't learn by watching a video! Well -- I should clarify that. Watch the video, but THEN go to the computer and figure it out! That's what I do! 

Wait -- something bad did happen yesterday, but I've already gotten over it. I went for a massage. That is NEVER a good thing, and I swear, as she was torturing me, I wanted to be at the dentist! That's how bad it was! And I need to SMARTEN up and do something about it before I become the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I know - I know! One of my shoulders was so tight that I flinched on the table, and I never do that. 

I must get to the gym to do more strength training. It's funny because I'm hearing that from my doctor. Your knees aren't weak -- it's the leg muscles that are weak. Yes -- I get that. Your shoulders are rounding because your back/shoulder muscles are weak! Yes - I get that as well. So now I must get my butt in gear and do something about it. I want to remain an active senior! And it would be nice to get a massage one day that wasn't torture. 

Yes -- I know I could ask her to ease off, but what's the point? Massages are NOT meant to be glossed over. I go for therapeutic massages with the intent to loosen my shoulders, not to be coddled. 

And there's our Murphy! What a girl -- happy with a big stick! 

Big dog - big stick!

Paperwork awaits me today, and then I hope to get back to some more sewing in the afternoon. I really need to get to the long arm as well. So much to do and so little time! I don't know how people can die of boredom -- I could never die of boredom at this house. There is too much to learn, too many things to sew, quilt, or embroider, and just puttering around the house with the decluttering. Yep -- I could use a few extra days in the week! 

On that happy note - I'm out of here and ready for spin class!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Same shoulder issues here. For decades I got a massage every 2 weeks. When I retired, we did every week for 6 weeks, every 2 weeks for 6 times and since then I've been on monthly. Here and there massage is painful, keep it regular and that will help. And at home, in the morning/evening, lay on the floor. With straight arms, reach over your head working to get those arms on the floor so you're a straight line. Hold for 2-3 minutes. It really is amazing at getting everything to know where it belongs. (a simple 10m yoga routine morning/evening can help too. Plenty of freebies online).

    Cheers to AMAZING days!!!!

    1. YES --- I need a yoga routine, but that simple little stretch you mention SHOULD be part of my daily routine! Thanks for that!

  2. Ah. I see Murphy is the branch manager! (I'll just creep back over the border, sorry) 😄

    1. Yes -- the branch manager - LOVE it!!! And no need to creep -- you're welcome any time!

  3. I hope you find your chocolate croissants 🥐! Murphy does look so sweet and happy 😊

    1. Yep -- Murphy is happy! Too happy! And I WILL find those chocolate croissants - it's something to look for on my walks!