Wednesday, May 8, 2024

The Great Outdoors

I feel like I'm back in a marathon—there is so much to do, so many time limits and things take longer than planned! 

However, I got a few more things done, but not as much as I would have liked. I'm afraid that today is going to be eaten up with computer work, as I have a lot of emails that need to be sent and that need to be done today. 

I've mentioned missing things from time to time. One thing has been missing for years. It's an embroidery file I purchased many years ago, and it's an alphabet that comes in 26 different files. I want it for several reasons, but I've had no luck. When I was walking Lexi yesterday, a thought came to me. 

Maybe it's still in the project box, so I dug that UFO out when I got home. OH GOSH—that was like opening Pandora's box. This is what I found. 

Here's the book. I taught this as a block of the month at Cock-a-doodle Quilts, which has been defunct for 10 years (or more?), and the owner (RIP Joanne) is no longer with us. 

Candy Cane Lane

This is what I found in the pretty decent-sized box. 

The box is overflowing with stuff

Here is one of the embroidery letters I'm trying to find! They are so cute -- it's a Christmas font with elves. I'd even repurchase the design if I could find it online. 

The embroidered Christmas font

I found lots of embellishments, thread, tools, and other patterns. 

Supplies set aside for ONE QUILT

More supplies for the SAME quilt

Stencil brushes, thread, buttons - still for the same quilt

And then there was a whole pile of fabric. No wonder I don't have that color blue in my stash basket! 

Fabric for the Christmas quilt

But wait -- there's more. This tin is also filled with Christmas embellishments for this quilt. 

More embellishments

This basket also contains more embellishments, fabric, and the blocks I've made. 

The blocks for this quilt and more embellishments

That's a sad state of affairs. How did I let myself get so far behind on that project? Oh, I know --- I did that to many of the BOMs I taught. In the last ten years, I did NOT let that happen, but before? Oh yes -- I was terrible. This will be my next UFO, even though it's not on any list. But I want to finish it. However, I still have a lot of work to finish the one I'm currently working on, and I'm NOT switching projects. 

I am a pretty productive person, but I'm amazed at how much of my time is eaten up doing what? Well, everything takes longer than planned—we know that. But still, you would think I would see some progress, but no! 

I chuckled yesterday when I ran into Diane -- a neighbor who I often spot walking her dogs. I spotted her without the dogs, and I had no dogs, so we chatted a bit. It turns out she goes to the same gym I do and has been a member for as long as I have. I've never seen her there. So she's trying to convince me to go to some of the classes she does, and I think that's a good thing. But she said, "Oh, you're still working?" And I thought -- yes, I am! But I don't have to be still working! 

Well, it was such a beautiful day when I finished my Zoom class in the morning that I had to be outside. But I was productive while I was out there. And even the girls came to help—sort of. 
I decided that if I was outside enjoying the weather, I could do some weeding. 

I call this area of the backyard the secret garden. It's along the side of the house, and no one gets to see it, but I can see it from the gazebo. It was a bit of a mess with weeds, and the dirt was covering the stepping stones. Can you spot Lexi trying to move the dirt off the stones? 

Lexi inspecting the worksite

On the other hand, Murphy appeared to be hiding - from what? 

Mom -- taking a break in the shade!

So here is the before, which looks alright but still a mess. 


And here's the after, which I think looks pretty spiffy. Our backyard has no grass, and I'd like to bring in more mulch, but there's no time right now.  


It's incredible how a little effort produced some fantastic results. It didn't take long to make that area look much better with a hoe and a brush. And, of course, Murphy appears to be trying to take complete credit for the work! 

Then I rewarded myself and sat in the gazebo, but not to nap. No - I was on a call with the landline, lodging a service request for my cell phone. The phone itself is fine; it's the service in my area which sucks. I've neglected it for a long time (years), and I'm finally fed up. So I politely explained my situation again and asked for compensation for the lack of service. AH -- they can only do that once I get the phone service fixed. 

Making calls in the gazebo

I'm going to make this a priority. I'm going to call ONCE A WEEK until they get it fixed. I might have to put that on my calendar, but enough is enough! I had a chuckle because when I returned to put the tools away, I spotted this in the gazebo. Good grief—I left the phone on the chair and didn't even realize it!

The landline handset was abandoned!

This is Lexi, who reminds me of Houdini. Did she contort her head to avoid looking directly into the sun? I've no idea, but she's a wiry little thing. I'm making a valiant attempt to get that winter coat off her. She's looking better, but I suspect we've got many more hours of brushing to get anywhere. 

Mom -- just hanging out!

Poor Lexi -- she had something she wanted to save, so she buried it in the backyard. Within an hour, I spotted Murphy with dirt on her nose, so whatever Lexi saved was gone! Lexi doesn't get it even after all her years with Murphy!

MOM -- just burying a treasure

The two of them are thoroughly enjoying the backyard, and it looks beautiful. But you know what they say—the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, and the entertainment there is better than in the yard. 

MOM -- someone is on the path in the forest!

And I spotted this on my walk home from the library. Actually, I didn't spot them as much as I smelt them. They are gorgeous. I have one bush in the backyard beside the gazebo, and it's not in bloom yet. I hope I don't miss it. 

The lilacs are in bloom

I ended the day by finishing that customer quilt, so I'll need to trim that. I will just have to go with what samples I have made and call it a day. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I had been doing some embroidery on that Singer SE9180, which is Wi-Fi enabled, and all the notifications for thread changes went to my iPad! You have to love technology! I had the iPad out so I could read some manuals. I know—what a boring life that is — that for "entertainment" I read software manuals! However, I was too tired to focus, so I was off to bed! 

Thread change notifications on my iPad

Well, I'm off to spin class. I will NOT change my spin classes, but Diane attends classes daily at around 8 a.m. That time doesn't work for me, but I'm glad we chatted—perhaps this is the incentive I need!

I heard rain this morning, so it might be an indoor day, which is good because I have lots of computer work. 

Have a super day!!


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