Friday, May 10, 2024

Travel Day

There seem to be many travel days in my life, but this was a pretty uneventful one and I'm thankful for that. 

Off to the airport nice and early and as I lugged a large suitcase out the door as the Uber was close by, Miss Murphy decides that she NEEDS to come with me. Ah -- NO Murphy, no dogs allowed. I thought I was going to have trouble getting her back in the house, but she's a good girl and reluctantly came back inside. 

I practically skipped through the security line. That NEXUS card (priority through the security line) is a very valuable thing to have. The line at Tim's was a different story, but not so bad. 

OK -- so I get it that people do not travel lots and there may be SNAFUs along the way, but remember that there are other people waiting! I brought my small suitcase inside a larger suitcase in case there are a few things I want to bring home. So I had to print a bag tag and drop the bag at the automated drop-off. A gaggle of people in front of me were holding up the line to drop off their bags. 

OH -- they had giant bags that were TOO HEAVY and the machine wouldn't accept them. So they just stood there. HELLO!!!! No one is going anywhere until you remove those bags. Thankfully they finally realized and took them off. 

However, something NEW happened at the airport and I was a bit surprised. As I was skipping through the security line, I got a notification on my phone. I can now track my bag though the bar code. WHAT?????  

My luggage travels

Yep -- there's the history of where my bag was scanned and as I sat down in my seat, I got a notification that it had been loaded on the plane. That's pretty cool and a great sense of comfort if you need it. I try never to travel with checked luggage, but it happens from time to time. Now you have proof of the time it takes for them to get your bag off the plane and to the carousel! It took 20 minutes in Saskatoon which is a long time!!!

The crazy thing about the airport is when they load the planes from the gates in the far end of the corridor. There are three gates on each corner. Can you tell me why they schedule THREE flights to board at the same time, in the SAME corner? The congestion is crazy. One to Saskatoon, one to Vancouver, and one to Calgary! You had to be on your toes or you would be in the wrong lineup.

Chaos at three gates boarding at the same time

This also happens on the International side where I'e seen two flights board from corner gates and those planes are much larger, so the lineups are HUGE. 

I got my car, which was a Toyota and had no issues connecting the phone. I don't think I have the Auto Car Play completely hooked up, but that's OK. 

Set up is easy!!!

I had a few stops in Saskatoon before I headed out. I was off to the bookstore (Robinson McNally) to check out the books and magazines. Like everywhere, the magazine section is looking pretty sparse these days. 

The quilt magazines at Robinson McNally

I also had lunch at the restaurant connected to the bookstore. The food is excellent and nicer to sit down and have a nice soup than something fast food. 


Then off to the thrift store to see if I could find any treasures. I found a couple - more on those another day. And then I was off. Notice - I did NOT stop at the quilt store. I do NOT need anything from there and I'm not even interested in what's new. GASP! I love quilting, but I'm OK to not visit the shops. OH - I did stop at the Husqvarna Viking dealer, but the manager wasn't there. 

The drive was uneventful and I love watching the sky. People say driving in the prairies is boring, but you can't beat the uninterrupted view of the wide open sky! 

Met up with my younger brother (Glen) for dinner with Mom and Dad. I'm not sure if I'll see my older brother. Wait -- I will today - more on that in a moment. 

But Glen was telling us about his new car. 

My brother's new car

Which is hilarious, because this is our new car. OK -- so he has a nicer setting for his backdrop than I do! 

My car

Now his is a Mazda and mine is a Toyota. But the same color and they look the same! I got a chuckle out of that. But I have always had a red car, so he copied me!

The lack of communication had me not knowing what I was needed to do when here and I had some plans of my own. I won't go into details, but it appears to be all hands on deck as there are a few things of Dad's still on the farm and there is a timeline to get them moved. I offered to help. Hmm - I may regret that after today. 

There is a small outbuilding that is filled with a bunch of electronic stuff. The raccoons have invaded the place, so there is quite a mess in the building. My job today is to clean it out. And I won't go into details about my thoughts on that - at least not yet! 

So, this is going to be my outfit of the day.  

My outfit for today

It's going to be a dirty, dusty and icky job, but I offered to do anything to speed up the process and an extra pair of hands -- well, is an extra pair of hands!! I can hardly wait! LOL!!! 

We have to get an early start as it's going to be a long day, so there'll be no walk today, but I'll definitely get my exercise in as I trudge back and forth emptying the contents. 

Well, there's lots more to say, but I don't have time as I have a few emails to respond to. I also have a list of people to contact today in order to get stuff done while I'm here. I'm OK with that if it helps move things along. 

Have a great day!!!!!


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  1. I love to travel. I checked a bag last week for the first time in decades! I was visiting a friend on the other side of the USA. We did a shop hop and oh my did we BUY BUY BUY! Many fabrics were only $4/yard and others were $7 or $8. Brace yourself: I bought 174 yards which she vacuum suctioned into a medium size suitcase someone left at her house (46 pounds) AND another bag into my carry-on which also required vacuuming my clothes AND the remainder suctioned into my backpack so that my laptop and purse could fit.

    I've not a moment's concern about this. I have already stitched up 122 yards and before May is over I will be at 225 yards. I don't count it used until the quilt is complete!!! My friend bought more and that girl sewed up 758 yards last year! Holy molly she's a sewing fiend.

    All that to say, I also discovered checked bag tracking. :-)

    Raccoons: oh my you have the right stuff. We had a mama give birth in a sheltered corner of the garden. It stank to high heaven. Your accomplishments will be soooo worth it by quitting time. Bless you for flying out and doing it now.

    Happy Friday everyone!