Friday, January 6, 2012

Can't STOP!!!!!!

This organizing thing is TAKING OVER MY LIFE!!!!!    The house is pretty much in order, but there are still areas that need some work - mostly those storage areas and I have a few ideas for other areas. We were a tad behind in taking down the Christmas tree, but managed to get it down with a LOT of GRUMBLINGS from a certain teen. Then they expect that you take them out for dinner because they have done five minutes of work!!!

I am happy to report that almost all the decorations are sorted into the appropriate bucket and back in the storage room. Just the tree ornaments left and I may not get time today to finish that off. I remember last year - I think those decoration boxes sat in the studio until June!!!!    NO - we must NOT clutter up the studio!!!!  

Then began the issue of tables - I have one of my sewing machines set up just to put bindings on - oh yes - high hopes!!!  I have so many to hand stitch right now I don't need more!!!!   Anyway to make life easier I had a fold up table situated on the left of that machine to hold the quilt while I put the binding on. Since my organizing is hitting the entire house, I remembered I had a small white table upstairs that wasn't being used, so it came down (more grumbling from the teen) and it fits perfect in this spot. Even better than the fold up table.

The little white table fits PERFECTLY under the swing top of the old sewing machine cabinet with the "binding" machine in it

If the quilt is big - I can extend the table for more room - PERFECT

Now to tackle the paperwork table. 

In a matter of minutes that table is clear and moved backed to the "quilt work" section of the studio - YEAH!!!!!    And it opens up the studio - I am MUCH happier with this arrangement. And that white unit is on wheels, so will be easy to whisk away if I need more room. Right now it sits along that blank wall behind the table. 

I had NO CHOICE - I moved myself back downstairs for hand sewing. Here is my command station!!!!   iPad  in the docking station on the left (for the radio and to play Scrabble) and the CD player on the left for the audiobooks. Do you know I found THREE of those boom box things in the house. One on EACH floor. I got rid of one and may get rid of this one and just keep the nice white one. Haven't figured that out yet. 

The GOOD news is that I did get the binding on this table runner - YEAH!!!!!    Just need to put a label on it. Fixed a small hole in a pair of shorts (they were gym shorts - can't have my bare butt hanging out at the gym!) and got a lot more done on the binding for the Mystery quilt that I just quilted. 

So yes - PROGRESS is being made even though I STILL DO NOT HAVE A COMPLETED PROJECT to put in my book. But I might have TWO by the end of today.

If you want to see that storage room I am going to tackle in the next couple of days - here it is. I mean it is not bad as far as storage rooms go, but it is NOT easy to access things because they are all sitting on top of each other. And it will be hard to put shelves in because of the support posts - that is supporting my laundry room above!!!!!   Part of this ceiling is different heights which will also hamper putting in shelves. But I have PLANS.

Storage room - part of the Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree are missing from this photo

Oh yeah - that is EASY to get to stuff in here - NOT!!!!!!

Anyone want a BAG - there are LOTS. I've got a plan for them though!!!!!

I substituted one of my quilts for a customer. It is done and I must trim it this morning as she is coming to pick it up today. Then it is going to whisk it way to Egypt!!!!

First customer quilt of the year!!!!!!    And I am right on SCHEDULE - HA!!!!!!

The day before, I got a text from my cell phone service provider. The NEW HTC phone is out and I am eligible to upgrade my phone. Hmmmmmm - nothing wrong with my phone, but let's go in and check it out. Well - the offer was too good to refuse. A BRAND new phone for FREE (OK - so I had to sign up for another three year contract - but I would have anyways!!!!!) and I did NOT get the newly released phone because it uses the LTE network which you can only get downtown? That what she said, but that sounds CRAZY!

Old phone on the left - new phone on the right

Although they are pretty much the same size, the new one is much thinner and weighs NOTHING. It is absolutely amazing and I seem to get better cell reception in the basement - YEAH!!!!!!

Even though I got the data transferred over, I still need to do a lot to set it up. Something to amuse me over the next couple of days!!!!!!

The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw is hosting a Block of the Month. While I can't participate, I did ask them to send me a copy of the book they are using. I got the book yesterday and I LOVE IT. I want to make everything in the book!!!!!

Some Kind of Wonderful book by Anni Downs

I mean check out her web site - Hatched and Patched.    She is from Australia so nothing is cheap, but I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!!  

Now in case you are wondering - NO - I have NOT started any new projects that are NOT on that shelf. I am being very disciplined because when I looked through this book - I could have dropped everything and started something new. That is what the OLD ME would have done - the NEW ME is much more rational and said NO - you must wait!!!!!!

I think I mentioned that I joined the NEW gym that is being built close to my house - Lifetime Athletics. It is supposed to open in March and there is big speculation (at least on my part) whether that will happen or not. In the meantime, I am working out at the old gym. Well - yesterday I go there and find everything changed. Premier Fitness has been bought out by PhysioMed. Not that any of that means anything to most of you. But yikes - people are gone (Alwin is still there for the moment!) and fees might increase. Well - it is going to be interesting to see what happens - I may not find the price difference between gyms to be so big after all. Stay tuned for that one.

HEY - I have an idea. I bet each and everyone of you have at least one UFO (except Robin and she doesn't read this blog). Well - I have my TWELVE for TWELVE project this year. Each month I am taking one UFO (yes - they are all on the shelf) and going to complete it, right down to the label. I think you should all play along with me.

Here is my January UFO

Open the box and this is what I find

The pattern

The blocks ALMOST complete - except for the top left one which has all the pieces cut and ready to put down, but why aren't they down?????   Who knows. I am going to finish the edges most likely with a small button hole stitch. I HATE raw edges. 

Binding, borders and backing AND a cool tassel for the bottom. 

And a piece of steam a seam!

And why did this project get put on hold????   Who knows, but I am going to get it finished if it kills me this month.

So here is the deal - go through your projects after you read this. Find one that you could complete this month - sorry for the late start - pick something small. Send me a picture of what it looks like now. I'll post the picture and then we will check up with you at the end of the month and post the COMPLETED project. I know you can do it!!!!!!

I promise to tell you about our play date tomorrow - I have TWO people coming over today and a bit more tidying to do before they come. Oh yes - having people come to the house and this blog have been AMAZING incentives to get things tidied up. DH had been on my case for years to tidy up and I just couldn't get myself motivated and NOW - well - he isn't as neat as I am!!!!!!

Oh yes - I had to laugh as yesterday I was searching the internet. I typed into Google - Things to make with crochet cotton and my blog came up as the SECOND link. HA HA - now I really have to find something creative to do with it.

Have a GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!    Go out for a walk - it is GORGEOUS outside - like spring and I must refill the bird feeders!



  1. Hi Elaine - I've been reading your blog for awhile - really enjoy it. I'm also a new member of the Brampton Quilters Guild. I want to participate in your 12 for 12 - how doe I send in my photo?

  2. Elaine, about your list for 2012, there may not be any completed items BUT you are staying up-to-date right, so really you should realize that the year is still on track, Judy