Thursday, January 5, 2012

Elm Creek Progress

I am slowly making progress on Elm Creek. I am ALMOST caught up with all the blocks until the end of November. That is sad - now in order to be really caught up - I still have to get December done and then January has to be done. Let's keep working because they really don't take long once they are cut out - well most don't take long!!!!    I believe there are THREE blocks left that are cut out - sooooooooooooooooo - I guess I will be doing some cutting out this afternoon.

Here are the three new additions to the wall.............

All the blocks to date. It seems a lot more filled in, yet I don't think I have done that many more blocks. Of course I had to rearrange a few - the J in the books sure looked like an F and I had to move the blocks to the right position. OK - who am I kidding - there are 53 blocks missing!!!!!   BUT there are also 87 DONE

M and I had a great day yesterday. I don't have time to get into all the details, but let's just say that she was exhausted by the end of the day and needed a nap in the car on the way home.

M having a nap - just can't keep up with the old folks!!!

But we did see a LOT of cool things. Have you ever wondered what happens to all those afghans knitted/crocheted by many of us or our mothers? We saw this in a store and I thought it was a pretty cool idea..

Repurposed knitted/crocheted afghans (note there are three on the wall and one below in the middle). Should have gotten a better picture cause the style was different - crap - have to go back

I think they were attached to foam???  and then put together in this shape and a frame put around the entire piece. They were  NOT sewn to each other. 

The other two afghan art pieces

This store - Urban Planet - I think that was the name also had these braided rag rugs for sale. My picture is a bit blurry, but how fun are these!!!!  They also had RAG rugs for sale. Looks like they took strips of cloth and just tied them through a canvas. Gosh - I just threw a big box of t-shirt scraps out. That could have made a good rug for the dogs!!!!!

Braided rag rug for sale (forgot to check the price)

Speaking of rugs for the dogs - look at what I found the other day...............

An ORANGE SHAG carpet. Sparky loves it!!!!   

I have to admit - it is very comfy to lay on. M thinks it is hilarious as there is this RANDOM BRIGHT orange rug in our living room!!!!   Yes - it does look out of place, but I like the colour and the other rug got tossed a while back. Let's chalk this one up to the eclectic decorating style!!!!   Do you want your own???   Comes in lots of wild colours - $50 at Rona. Yes - it will be a nightmare to clean - but I figure we will keep it until it is grungy and then Sparky will be back to sleeping on a quilt!!!!

I have to get ready for the gym. Don't feel like it - I am chilled and I am tired - maybe I am getting sick?????  

Have a great day!!!!!!


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  1. Orange shag---how 70s....or retro if you're hip. :) Look on the bright side, you're on the downhill slide with the Elm Creek blocks. Poor M, can't keep up with the mom, who I hope is chilled because of tiredness and not coming down with something.