Sunday, January 8, 2012


A LOT got accomplished yesterday. I FINALLY got to write in my 2012 Project book!!!!!

Have a look.................

Sunrise on the Mountains - BOUND and WASHED (all the blue marks are GONE!!)

The label for Sunrise on the Mountains (OK - when I made the labels - I must have been having a moment - forgot my city, made typos - I did NOT make new ones - it isn't that big of a deal)   Project NUMBER ONE DONE

Countdown to Christmas table runner

Label for Countdown to Christmas   (Project #2 - DONE!!!)

Time to get that weekly binding/border/backing project complete. I found this small table runner. The backing was there and the fabric for the binding 

Now the binding is made and the batting is ready. Since it is small - I might even forge ahead and quilt it.  

Another block for Elm Creek

And yet another block for Elm Creek

With those two blocks, I am caught up to the end of November (well there is one partially together that I need to show the group before the final seams are done)

I also prepared half of the December blocks for sewing - can't break the momentum now. And I got the January blocks all organized and the hand out prepared. Yes - things can get done - it is going to be slow, but will be interesting to see what actually gets accomplished this year.

Now my project book - I have decided to have separate sections (OK - I was going to do a spreadsheet - but thought that was a bit nerdy!!!). Section one in the book are projects that I take to completion - including the label. Section Two will be the binding/backing/border part, Section Three - stuff I do for the guilds I belong to, Section Four - blocks for exchanges and Section Five - customer quilts I quilted. I think that covers all the main things that I do. Can't wait to see what gets accomplished.

Speaking of getting things accomplished - did you consider the TWELVE for TWELVE project that I talked about the other day????   IF so - send me pictures of your project for January - time is running out and we need to get working on them. I'll help you - we can motivate each other!!!!!!

Yesterday I was in ONE OF THOSE MOODS and I couldn't help myself. I decided to tackle that storage room that has been on my TO DO list for years. I was dreading it because of the HUGE stack of bags that had to be dealt with. I decided to pack the bags into other bags and deal with them later. And then the process began........................

Start by emptying some of the stuff out of the room so I can move stuff around

A LOT of stuff

Let's move around

VOILA - a CLEAN and TIDY storage room 

Notice most boxes have labels on them if they need it (clean ones don't need labels) and there is room for the last box of Christmas decorations

Wasn't that keen on having stuff stacked on top of each other, but I rarely access these boxes so I could shift them if ever I want to get in the bottom boxes (they are just momentos of growing up). The empty corner is for the BIG nutcracker when it is time to bring him down. 

At first I was looking at buying some shelving units to put in that room, but then realized that I had a rolling rack that if I did a bit of tweaking - I could empty. I used that and it is PERFECT. I am VERY HAPPY that this is done.

My THREE bags of bags. Going to have to sort through them and figure out what to do with them all. 

My last box of Christmas decorations to be put away

Odds and ends of stuff that has to be dealt with. 

Now I did give some stuff away and it just so happens that a pickup for this kind of stuff was scheduled later in the day. I put everything on the front step and when I got home from errands - it was ALL GONE. No time for regret - it is just gone!!!!!!!

And I spent $20 buying FOUR plastic boxes to store some of the smaller loose items in. Took me TWO hours and I was done. How is that!!!!!!!!  

Since I "saved" myself $300 on NOT buying shelves, I decided to buy this instead..........................

(and it is NOT my fault) - you readers are a BAD influence!!!!!


More wrapping......................

More protective wrapping

Let's just say that it was WELL PROTECTED - came with all kinds of wrapping as you can see to protect the hardware.

THE BAG!!!!!!!!

M and I had quite the discussion over which bag to purchase. She didn't like this style and I didn't like the ones she likes - THANK GOD because she might be asking to borrow it!!!!!    Of course, DH was IMPRESSED and asked if I was going to keep the MK token dangling on the strap. I said I PAID for it - I was going to keep it on!!!!!     Now I am afraid to use it!!!!!!    The one thing I like - there are a LOT of pockets and while I don't carry much at least it will be ORGANIZED!!!!!!!

I read this quote on FACEBOOK this morning - WISE words to live by ...................

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I don't have to do what everyone else is doing........

This is so true!!!!   I see someone working on a project and I want to make it. And I see a LOT of projects and lots I want to make. The OLD me would just dive right in, the NEW me is TRYING very hard to NOT start anything new. Oh yes - there should be a Section Six in my book - what new things I started this year. While it is NOT a bad thing to start something new, you don't want the number of new to out weigh what is actually get accomplished. I'll have more on that tomorrow. I am almost sick with what I found - don't worry - it's nothing bad, but disturbing - at least for me.

I HATE these promotions.

You can get BONUS Air Miles, BUT you must come into the store to get them. Where you will feel obliged to buy something. They made it so convenient for us to fill and pay for gas at the pumps - they need to find a way to get us back into the store to buy those little extras. Well - I'm NOT buying it. I don't need the stupid points anyway. Make it convenient for me - so I will forfeit the bonus points and go for convenience. 

And so another work day begins. I have lots to do (when did I ever have nothing to do!!!!!)

Here is a tip about organizing those storage rooms. I didn't just jump in that room and start moving things around. I have spent the last couple of days thinking about how I would make it happen. What could be let go, what could be kept, what arrangement of boxes and shelves would make it more efficient. Then when I went to actually touch on it - it went FAST.   AND don't forget that just because "those: boxes have ALWAYS gone in that corner - that corner might not be the best place for them. Now there are FOUR more spaces that need the same attention - actually FIVE (none of them are this big). Got to get my thinking cap on to see how I can improve those spaces and make them more efficient. Cleaning up anything now is a snap - don't why it took so long to get myself back into the organization swing, but I am loving it!!!!!

Oh yes - went to see Mission Impossible 4 in IMAX last night with DH and M. Wow - action packed to say the least. I am not all that comfortable with some heights - well there were a couple of parts I did NOT want to watch even though I knew the star could not be killed. It is was great fun - but the price of popcorn would blow your socks off. I should have bought a BIGGER purse so I could have smuggled in my own snacks!!!!!

Have a great PRODUCTIVE day.


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  1. Good for you "girl" That bag is to "die for" and it is so you.