Thursday, January 22, 2015

Being healthy

There are two parts to being healthy - what you do for physical activity and what you eat.  I think I am on the right track with the physical activity - I am going full force in my spin classes. Enough is enough - if I want to eat - I have to compensate for those extra calories!  My biggest issue is what I eat - I love SWEETS.  Can't help it!

My child on the other hand has become Miss Healthy Eating. She is NOT so good on the physical activity. If you put the two of us together - we would be totally obnoxious when it comes to healthy living!

Anyway - I had mentioned that I got booted out of my studio the other day and here is why.............

M and Y were making a video. M had to make the video as part of a competition in the Entrepreneur program at her college.

The setting

The host

The food

Yummy salad - I ate it afterwards and it was awesome!!!!

Look at all that healthy stuff!!!!

Here are the drinks - the one on the right - looks good, the one on the left?  Well - I might pass on that one!!!!!!
 And if you want to watch the entire video (it is 2 minutes) - you can watch it here.  I think they did an AWESOME job and I really love the way the video is edited.  Hmmmm - I need some video edited? Do you think she will do it for me?  I doubt it!!!!

Later when I was allowed back in the studio, I had company. Obviously, I wasn't too entertaining because Sammy looked BORED!!!!!

"I am here because there is NO ONE else in the house. This place is BORING!!!!"

Sparky on the other hand was dead to the world!!!!
"OH - I need to stretch out - it is still BORING here!!!!

Sparky and Sammy - just chilling!!!!!

Poor Sparky - we were out for our walk this morning. The path is quite slippery in some places and she was fooling around and then went down. All four legs splayed out. She was quite distressed by the entire incident as she cried quite loudly and for a minute or so. There was nothing I could do - I comforted her and when she stopped crying, I helped her up. She took it quite slow after that. I may have to move to the sidewalk until we get some snow to cover up the ice. (She could walk IN the woods, not on the path!) We know that she has had issues and we can't find the specific problem. I am thinking she has arthritis and she bumped a tender joint when she fell this morning.  Just need to give her lots of love!!!

No quilting stuff this morning - I am off to sew. There will be lots of quilting stuff tomorrow!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!


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