Saturday, January 17, 2015


EUREKA - Plan E worked!!!!   Found the missing fabric and I'll have it in my hot little hands soon!!!!   I have my blog to thank for that one!   Of course - I did not remember where I had purchased that plum star fabric - but the blog remembered!!!!    I still have to finish that applique stitching, but should be able to get both of those quilts in the TO BE QUILTED pile pretty soon!!

Two quilts soon to be in the TO BE QUILTED pile

Definitely running behind the eight ball this week. While I have made some changes to what things I will take on, I have decided that 2015 is the time to start saying NO.  Well - I do say NO now, but there are things that I am going to cut back on. I have decided that I will continue to teach because I love it, but the class prep is killing me.  It is so time consuming so I am going to cut back on NEW classes that require a lot of prep work.  I will be continuing my current commitments, but in future - I will seriously think about any class that I take on my teaching schedule.

To catch up on some stuff from this week - here are some pictures from Monday Mania.

Lynn got the border on her braid quilt

Judith finished stitching down the binding. 

Claudette was working on the binding for this GIANT quilt

Someone told her it would look nice if she did a bias binding. But not the typical bias binding - but this............

She has miles of it prepped. We all think she is CRAZY!!!!!   However the quilt will look nice when it is bound!!!

Maria was working on another Chubby Charmer bag, but with denim!!!   She used pockets from the jeans as pockets for the bag. A nice touch!!!

More pockets!!

And leather to make a key holder tab!

And sadly, my Professional Tote is still sitting there - untouched. 

It has been a week from hell!  I got this customer quilt done - but I struggled with it. I am not sure why - I am going to get out the tape measure to try and figure out why I struggled with it!!!  

Customer quilt - done!!!!!!!
 And look what I got the other day..........................

Clips - a HUGE box of clips - 50 of them.   I am so excited - I can't wait to use them!!!

I have three classes to teach today. Two of them are the monthly classes at Sew Sisters in Toronto

Amish with a twist - Series II  by Nancy Rink

Tiny Town by Bunny Hill

I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon and evening getting prepped for all three classes. Oh yes - the third is Machine Quilting.  You should see what I did to Tiny Town.  Well - I will show you after I show the class today. There is still be room in Tiny Town but Amish with a Twist is full!   If you want to do Tiny Town - the class starts TODAY at 11:30 at Sew Sisters in Toronto. It's a good deal - trust me - the class is a GOOD deal.  And if you can't start today - no worries - get started next month, but it is going to loads of fun as people go wild to customize their Tiny Town. I can just see it now!!!!!

But the studio is a mess. There are pizza boxes everywhere (I use them to store my demos) - so I have boxes out for applique, for bias, for  - well - there are a lot of boxes as I stripped out what I needed for the class.  It should look all pretty - well somewhat when I get home and put everything back. 

The studio is a mess

You know - there is something to be said for a messy studio. My mess is an evolving mess. It is never the same every day and that is a good thing - it means that stuff is getting done, moved on or put away!!!

I did get the binding sewn on that pinwheel quilt and it is going out the door this morning. My car is going to be packed!!!!

On that note - I had better get my butt in gear.

Have a look at this -  awesome duvet cover!

Awesome duvet cover!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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