Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Miss Fix it - Part Two

Back in the kitchen to get a bit more of the mess tidied up.

Are you like me? You have little things that have bugged you (in my case for years) and just didn't get them fixed?  I am talking real basics here!!!  Have a look................

This is the hinge on one of the cupboard doors. Not one that we used often, but often enough that I knew the hinge was detached. 

AH - you think it would be a simple matter of getting a screwdriver and putting the screws back. Nope - the holes had been stripped so they required filling, letting it dry and then put the screws back in. When I dug out my wood filler - I could not get it out of the tube - even though the tube had never been used. Off to Rona - yet again and got a new tube of wood filler. Filled the holes, let them dry over night and VOILA!!!!!!!!

The hinge is back in place!!!!

While I had the screwdriver in my hand, I tightened up all the hinges. There were a few that were loose enough to notice and others were loose, but hadn't affected the way the door opened yet. But all is good now. If I were a kid - I could now swing on any of those kitchen doors!!!!

Now that most things are off the counters, there was this UGLY beige face plate that was so yellowed that it was very ugly.  Now it is replaced by a shiny new white one.

Shiny new face plate.

Here are all the bowls - nice and neat and in ONE spot. 

There were one of the first sets of wine glasses I ever bought. I think out of the six I bought - there were four left or was that two? Anyway - they are packed in boxes and waiting at the front door to go away!!!!!

I will show you a few more pictures tomorrow - it has been a hectic couple of days and I have been running around like an idiot - as usual!!!!

One of the newest quilting gadgets are those little plastic clips. Actually they come in various sizes. It was an item that I poo pooed - where would you ever use those?????   But I bought a small pack of 12 just to have on hand.

Wonder Clips

There are oodles of sizes, colours and shapes now.  Here is a link to HA Kidd web site so you can see various other ones.   HA Kidd is a local distributor so a great place to look for products.

Anyway I am still working on the Professional Bag. Not because it is hard, but there is a LOT of detail on the bag.

Professinoal Bag pattern

Here is my progress so far................

The Professional Bag
But what about those clips???   Well there are some parts of the bag - like the handle for instance. You have to fold it several times (and it is interfaced) and so the pressing alone will not hold it flat. It is very thick to put pins through - but those clips?   Works WONDERS!!!!!!!!   I love those clips!!!!!!   I only have 12 small ones, but I want MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sew the handle of the bag with clips. 

I also used the clips to clip the handle to the bag while I sewed the handle on. Just a clip at the top and one at the bottom was enough to hold the handle in place while I sewed it to the bag.

I have a number of other projects in the wings and those clips are going to be VERY useful.

As part of the kitchen clean-up I have these little tins. They are for holding tea, but we decided to leave the tea in the bags. Hmmm - I wonder what I could use them for???  Storing my new clips? Spices?

Can't throw these out - they are just too cute!!!!!!!!

Cut tins that need a job!!

Speaking of spices - the spice drawer - that is the event that actually started this whole thing about cleaning the kitchen - the spice drawer was a MESS.  And all the spices had been sitting on the counter for weeks as I contemplated what to do. Then Mary posted that link for the storage and well - I was on a roll.  I need to find something that works for the darn spices.  Might zip off to Solutions to see what they have. 

I had a LOT of people in the studio on the weekend. More on that tomorrow, but it meant that EVERYTHING had to be cleared away.  Yes - EVERYTHING.  While the new shelf arrangement is working like a charm (AT LAST  - only took three years!!!)  there is still a LOT of almost finished things that need to be taken care of. More on that tomorrow as well - there is some major progress happening!!!!

Well - today is Tuesday - Tuesday morning and look at the studio - you would never know that 15 of us were working in that space on Sunday.

The mini explosion after the group left

More explosion results

Actually it isn't that bad and would take about 15 minutes to clear it up. All this clearing up business is good therapy.  I see the projects in a new light and they get cycled to the top of the pile whether they should or not. As long as progress is being made -I am OK with that.

However there are a lot of projects with deadlines on them and I really really must get back to focus on them. At least for a day!!!

Let's just say that it was a tad BRISK on the walk this morning!!  Minus 20 C.  Actually if you are bundled up - it is not so bad, but I didn't dress any warmer than I normally do on the walk.  We are very sheltered in the woods and while I would not want to linger longer than our 20 minute walk - it really wasn't that bad.  It is all a mind set!!!!!   And the media is really doing a number on us.  Have you noticed how they go on about how cold it is when it is only minus 5.  Good grief - I don't even put a winter coat on for that (unless I am walking the dogs - I do carry a winter coat in the car - don't worry - I'm not a complete idiot!!!!   Like I said - it is all in the way you look at things.

On that note - I am out of here.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Love my wonder clips too! I use them for holding the binding down when hand sewing instead of pins. Saves lots of ouches!

  2. Peg - oh yes - those wonder clips are awesome. Not all gadgets are good - and I was skeptical when they first came out - but DON'T take away my WONDER clips now!!! I haven't tried them for binding - I guess I should but I was already using those hair clips AKA as binding clips and I am happy with them for the binding.
    Have a great day!