Saturday, April 30, 2016

All is well today.....

Another day with hospital procedures.  Everything went smooth - I wore my slippers - they have a hard sole on them so no extra pair of shoes/slippers to worry about.  Got registered, where again, they asked me a million times to verify my name, address and all that.

I did trick the admittance girl because I had left my drug allergy alert bracelet on from the previous day.  She had to zip off to the printer to get the labels and when she came back to put on the bracelet, she said "did I put that on you already?"   I should have had fun with it and said YES.  

Then I went upstairs to the surgery clinic.  Met up with someone that I know.  She is a volunteer at the surgery clinic - I didn't know that!  We didn't really have time to chat - she was marshalling people in to get their gowns on.  And can you believe - when I went to find my housecoat, I realized that I don't have one!  I had two of them which I never wore any more so I had given them both away.  Didn't remember that detail and hadn't missed them until now! Marched off to M's room and there was a fluffy robe for me.  Had a hood and sparkles - I felt like a girlie boxing champ except it was white!  But it worked.

Then I had to wait until it was my turn.  And here's my beef yet again.  Everyone in those chairs (OK - 90% of the people in those chairs regardless of their age had their face buried in a screen.  Three family members with a teenage boy - all with their own phones and all buried in them. A mother and a young daughter (about 7), both of them buried in a screen. And then there is a ridiculous TV blaring the news and no one is listening. Can't wear scents, can't smoke (that's a good thing),  so what about banning unnecessary noise.  I'm there with my magazine and I can't focus for the damn DISTRACTING TV!!!!!

At last my name is called and in I go to another waiting area.  Well be darned if I didn't meet a customer of mine there.  I knew she worked there, but it never even crossed my mind that I would meet her!   We had a little chat and then more waiting. At last saw the anesthesiologist- fastest and easiest way to go - a general.  I think they want them in and out ASAP.  Spinal takes too long to recover.  Shoot - I wanted to hear/see what they say.  Then the surgical nurse comes by.  And they are always asking me the same questions - what drug allergies, what knee is being cut!     Got a big black X on my knee.

Now I had a lot of time to contemplate the world as I was sitting there - thankfully there was no TV in this second waiting room.

So I started to look at what the nurses were wearing on their feet.

A lot of them had a shoe that looked like this.

Product Details
Calzuro shoes

And if you want to know more information about them - check out this link.    Did you know that you can sterilize them in the autoclav, disinfect with bleach or machine wash.  Very practical if you are in surgery.  I wonder how comfy they are?  Maybe I need a pair of orange ones for trade shows.

Lots of people had running shoes which aren't that easy to clearn.   Anyway - in case you are wondering - here's an article I found on the best footwear for sugery.

I'm still waiting for my surgeon to appear when I hear clump, clump, clump coming down the hall.  Hmmmm - must be the janitor?   Nope - that would be MY SURGEON wearing a big tall pair of green rubber boots.   Wait a minute - I'm just have a knee scope.  How messy is this supposed to get????   I swear they looked like this.  They were tall and green!!!!

Green wellies

When at last, I was escorted into the operating room about 11:30 AM, I asked about the boots and he said he couldn't play ninja with them on. They made too much noise.

They asked me again - which knee which I didn't hear  - I was too busy looking around and they laughed when I was confused as they said, they hadn't even given me any drugs yet!

But I passed those two questions, they gave me an IV and then the drugs and next thing I knew, I was waking up on the other side.  It was 12:05.  I know - stupidly observant!   They had put a tube down my throat and it hurt, and I really wanted to go back to sleep.  But I saw Shirley and waved to her and then proceeded to chat to the nurse beside me for 20 minutes about quilting and cycling and they kicked me out to the surgical day-care. I was wide away by this time.

I must say that when I first woke, my knee was killing me.  Couldn't move it, it hurt and oh boy - this is not going to be good.   However 20 minutes later, I got out of the bed on my own and into the recliner chair where I had to wait a bit more.  Then I got dressed on my own and wheeled downstairs and into the car - it was 1:30!   How is that for efficiency?

Let's just say that I won't be driving my car today but I think that is mostly because of the stupid tensor bandage they have on my knee to help prevent swelling. It comes off tomorrow.  I didn't take pain killers - good grief - it's not that bad, but I did take some Advil to help with inflammation.   I'm good today, had a good night. I feel great as a matter of fact which is good because I was planning to work all weekend.

Now before you go off on a tangent - my goal is to work for one hour, put the leg up and ice for an hour and why not nap at the same time.  Then back to work.  I've got two days of that and hope by then to get in the car and drive to work on Monday.  And yes - part of the rehab - cycling!   I might try to go to the gym on Monday for a 5 minute bike ride on a safe stationery bike.  I'll see how things progress over the weekend.

Anyway - life is good.   The torn meniscus was reparied - it only tore on the outside which I guess is a good thing and there is arthritis in the knee as the surgeon predicted from my area of pain.  I did see him after the surguery, but not to chat about the specific results.  I'll see him later this week to get the scoop on that.

Well since I've now been up for a couple of hours, I'd better get that leg up.   And someone better get up to get me a Tim's!

Have a great day!!!!!


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