Friday, April 29, 2016

The procedure....

If you're not into medical stuff - you can skip this post.  Check out the second post of today with some info about quilt shows.

Today's the day!  My little procedure.  It's nothing more than a scope on my knee. But the hassles to get this done. Actually, I can't complain because everything has gone fast and smooth.  It's just the process. Now don't get me wrong - I like processes. They are important and are usually put in place to prevent screw-ups, make people more efficient and all that good stuff.

But you know from the hospital process that somewhere along the way that the wrong patient got the wrong meds or the wrong operation.  Here's is the process.  You go to Patient registration.  They read you all the information in your computer file. Yes - that is all correct.  Then they print out the information onto a bracelet. Is this information correct?  YES.  Then they print labels for the paperwork. Are these correct? YES.

Next upstairs to the pre-op clinic.  The check-in desk asks the same questions. Actually, she asked me if they had asked me down stairs if the information was correct.  By this time, I'm starting to have self doubts.  What if I missed something?  What if I said YES, when in fact, they forgot the "i" in my last name?   I think I did get asked to verify my birthday and then was asked to sit in the waiting area.  My appointment was at 12:30 and I sat down about 12:15 (after doing all the preliminary stuff).  I wasn't going to screw this up after comletely missing the appointment the day before. There were about a dozen other people waiting in the area and can you believe that I was called promptly on the dot of 12:30!!!!!   Another woman stood up when my name was called, but the nurse quickly reassured her that it wasn't her turn!   How that happened - I have no idea.  And did you know that the nurses are NOT allowed to call your complete name?  Nope - just first name.

Then the nurse proceeded to ask me the same questions.  Is this your signature - she asked me that for every signature in the paperwork.  She also asked me what meds/supplements I'm taking. NONE I responded to which she said, I was her new best patient!   I did note that my blood pressure was much higher than it normally is - 123 over 90. For me - that's out of the ball park by a long shot!   Even the doctor mentioned the last time about how low my blood pressure was.  Anyway - we went through all the stuff and then onto the blood work.  I HATE getting the bloodwork done.  I even told them that this was going to be worse than the procedure.  While it wasn't bad - it hurt and my arm hurt the rest of the day. Matter of fact, it still hurts and I'm NOT looking forward to having a stupid IV in my hand.  I HATE HATE HATE that with a passion.

As for anesthesia - I didn't have the pleasure of chatting with the anesthesiologist - that will be this morning. The procedure will take 20 minutes - at 11 AM, but I have to be there for 9 AM.  Anyway - they are recommending a general.  Seriously???  My Dad had his knee replaced with a spinal.  All that banging and hammering - my Dad loved it!   I had a scist taken off my hand years ago and only a local to my entire arm and it was fine.   Seriously - just freeze the damn knee and get this over with.  And here's the stupid part - if you have a general, you have to stay there for two hours after the procedure. If you have a spinal, you have to stay for three hours. They need to make sure you can pee.

Well - I guess we'll see what happens when I get there and don't forget the housecoat and slippers. Seriously, why not just go dressed in a housecoat and slippers - it would make the entire process a whole lot easier.

Speaking of that, when I was out walking the dogs this morning in the forest, I ran into a woman that I used to work with many many years ago in sales.  She lives around the corner from me and we see each other from time to time.  She is usually running.  There I am looking elegant as ever in my pink sewing PJs and a bright orange jacket with rubber boots.  Pretty attractive sight I'm sure!!! What the heck - it's good for a laugh and seriously?  I couldn't care less.   Nancy is running in the marathon this weekend - her first.  I was supposed to be volunteering as I've done for a number of years, but I've got a good excuse to get out of it.  It's a lot of hard work and they need more men schlepping tables around.  They wait until the last minute to find volunteers and there are never enough.  Plus getting volunteers for anything is getting harder and harder these days. And the weather is supposed to be crappy.   Thank god for the medical system!

On that note - I - oh shoot - I can't even have breakfast and I'm thirsty and I'm hungry.  They might want to use that general - just to keep me quiet.  I'm taking a book because if they expect me to stay in bed for three hours after the spinal (if that's what I have) and have nothing to do - I'll die of boredom!!!

Make sure you check out my other post this morning about quilt shows!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!

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