Monday, April 4, 2016

The aftermath!

I love sewing retreats.  They are the best!  Good food, good friends, good laughs and I always get loads done.  While I didn't get a chance to post pictures while I was at the retreat - I did take lots of pictures.  Here's a look at what I accomplished over the five days.

Oh yes - I had to repack the car with all that panic packing that took place before I left. I didn't really buy anything, but the car seemed much fuller on the way home.

The back was filled
The rear seat was filled

And even the front seat was filled

Good thing I went by myself in the car!!!!

And who did I go with?????

Elaine, Susan, Ronda, Lynn, Katheleen, Maria, Vivenda and Paula

You should have seen us - we had the ironing board in the driveway since I had forgotten to take the tripod for the camera!  It worked perfectly. And thank goodness for taking TWO pictures since I had my eyes shut in the first one.

Eyes SHUT!
 And what did I get done???

Tablerunner number one - DONE

Tablerunner number two - DONE

Tablerunner number three - DONE

These were all cut out and partically sewn together.  Just no time to finish them until now.  I have the binding fabric and the backing fabric in my bag for tomorrow at Monday to get that part ready!

I made 14 witch legs. This is for a project started years ago.  I had forgotten to take a pair of clamps to help turn the legs inside out, but found a pair at Fabricland.  I think a few of the others went to purchase a pair for themselves.  So while chatting to Carol, I managed to get all the legs turned and pressed!!!

14 witch legs - DONE

Got part of the blocks done as well
 I had only taken part of the blocks with me and I got all that I had taken DONE!!

The rest of the blocks!

My prototype block!!!

Completed an everyday tote bag - except for the bottom insert as I had forgotten to take fabric with me

Made 19 disappearing four patch blocks 
 I ran out of the beige fabric, but already got more in my Monday cutting bag.  You see - I'm very notorious for not taking complete projects with me!!!!

We filled one pet mat with scraps - it's now serged shut!

I completed about 35 of these scrappy bright blocks. Again - I ran out of fabric. But more brights are in the cutting bag and then I'll be ready for the next sewing day/retreat!!

Scrappy bright blocks!
 Actually, this one has to finished ASAP - so I guess I'll be sewing on it at home.

Made a LOT of die cut snowflakes - thanks to Susan!   Notice my Vanna - Little Sammy!

Added the binding and machine stitched it to FOUR of the play mats!!!!

Whew - that doesn't seem like a lot, but some of those things took a LONG time to sew, trim and tidy up threads, etc.

We all had a great time - I'll post pictures of what the others did later this week.  It took me a LONG time to unpack the car and I'm still unpacking and sorting the bags.

Have a great day!!!!!


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