Friday, April 15, 2016


I dare not take a picture of my desk (at home) as there is a little bottle of Bailey's sitting there!  There are some days when I think - it's 10 AM, is it too late to crack the bottle open?  Fortunately, those days are very rare, but it happens!

Yesterday would have been a good day to crack open the bottle. NOT because of frustrations, but because of celebration. I refrained - just in case you're wondering.

Nope, this would've been to celebrate our medical system. I don't live far from the hospital and my doctor is nearby as well. I had an appointment at the hospital for 9:30. I need a little joint tune-up - it's nothing big by any means. I arrived at the hospital shortly after 9 AM and had to park on the top floor.  No big deal - the sun was shining - it was a glorious day!  Got registered and my TWO bracelets - one for a drug allergy, one for me. You can imagine that there have been some screw ups because I was asked to verify that information at every place I went. No line - up at the registration desk.

Arrived upstairs at the clinic with 15 minutes to spare.  Handed in my paperwork and sat down and pulled out my book but not before I noticed a sign on the wall - April 14 - possible wait time - two hours. OK - whatever. Minutes later, I'm called into the examining room. OK - I get out my book, crap - here is the surgeon. Did I bring my X-rays? No - I didn't have any. Then he checks my records - yes - I had some taken in January when I went to my doctor.  Oh god - I forgot about that!  I was supposed to pick them up. Ooops - no one told me or more likely I forgot!  No worries - the X-rays weren't at the right angle anyway.

Escorted right over to X-ray and I pulled out my book again.  Crap - called immediately and before I could even sit down, I was whisked back into the examing room.  The surgeon comes in - we chat and he says he has an opening on April 29 - do I want it?  HMMM...... - YES!!

Next up - walk over to the surgeon's office in the building across the parking lot.  Get the pre-op information package and everything is booked.  Now I need to make an appointment with my doctor to get the basic health info done.  I call and she asked me to come IMMEDIATELY.

Up the stairs to the top of the parking lot and drive to my doctor just down the street.  I yet again pulled out my book but was taken in pretty quickly. Everything is now done and I was home by 11 AM.  WHOA - what just happened?????  It was crazy and I'm not sure that I was even able to read ONE PAGE in my book. Got a call later that day for the pre-op appointment at the hospital and I'm all set.

Surgery is booked for a Friday, surgeon says I should be able to drive by Monday and back to work. My doctor says I should take time off. For what????  I'll just be home sewing so might as well go to work.  Bottom line - it happens on a weekend when I had NOTHING planned - so I'm hoping for RAIN that weekend so I won't feel bad that I can't ride my bike!

Was I lucky?   Does the medical system work sometimes?  Or did they just like me?  Anyway - I'll be glad to get this issue resolved, but the surgeon thinks I also have some arthritis.   LALALALALALALAA   - not listening!    I know it's going to happen, I can already feel it, but I'm in total denial about that.

I worked from home the rest of the day and well - it was a crazy day as I learned how to UNZIP files without having WinZip on my computer.  It has been an issue for a long time - every time I try to unzip files, WINZIP wants me to BUY their software.  There has to be a way to unzip files without being tied to WinZip  and YES - I found one and my files unzipped WITHOUT coughing up money to WINZIP. Technology - 0 - Elaine - 1.

But here is the best part of the day - it was meeting time for the Grand River Modern Quilt Guild.  A small group of people, but very enthusiastic. After the regular show n tell which I didn't take any, but this morning, I realized I should have taken something and gotten some advice for how to quilt it. No worry - the top for my Paducah quilt is now on the long arm (finished it this morning) and well - I'll just wing it!

Anyway - last night we got to reveal our starter block for the round robin.  My goodness - this is going to be FUN!!!  I'm so glad I decided to participate. When I was editing this morning, I realized that I forgot to take a couple of pictures.  I think I missed a couple of pictures - one of them happened to be the piece that I brought home so I got that picture.

It is a very diverse group and some of us are dabbling in modern and some are more modern than others.  It's all in the interpretation. The other thing to note about these blocks - modern can mean a lot of different things to different people. To some, it is funky little prints and low volume backgrounds, to others it is solids and to others  - something else completely!  Have a look.

Here goes................

The first one is Jen's.  She is the true modern quilter amongst us.  I love her stuff and she isn't afraid of color and keeps us on track for all things modern.  By the way, we're going to work on the Modern Quilt Guild Challenge and I'm very excited for that.

 This next one is mine.  Do you know what it means???  My theme is "hidden in plain sight" and I've asked everyone to create a word in some kind of code.  When the blocks are done - I will attempt to create a sentence from the words. Can't wait to see the words and can't wait to see what codes (even made-up codes) that people will use.
 Liz just took a class with Jacquie Gering (one of the Modern Quilt Guild gurus) and her theme is the log cabin block. Plus we have to use an entire square of a charm pack that she has included.

 Marilyn is of the "go big or go home" school of thought. She has a HUGE block for her starting point. And a HUGE bag of fabric to go with it. It's based on the artwork of a Russian artist whose name escapes me.


Peggy has very clean lines and a touch of Northcott fabric!  Her theme is based on a crazy word which I can't remember, but it's in the book that accompanies her block.  All about getting lost in the north or being crazy!  I think we can have loads of fun with this one too.


The next one I believe is Audrey.  She wasn't there so I can't put the name to the face. Can you guess what her theme is?   NEGATIVE space!   Oh boy - that is a lot of negative space.

 Marsha has a gorgeous palette which reminds me of the beach.  Good call since her theme is beach glass.  She also included a lot of fabric. I didn't include any fabric in mine. It will be a free for all - part of the challenge!

 Brenda has an interesting concept. It is a very modern looking block that looks like something. It's abstract, but yet it's not.  Is it a globe in a nest?  Is it oriental in nature?   It is my job to add something to it or make a block.  Hmm - I have a couple of ideas.


Let's see - I forgot to take a picture of Linda's - it is a wonky churn dash in very neat colors with a "wordy" background.  Sheila - I forgot to take a picture of yours and for the life of me, I can't remember what it looks like.  Lois will be working like mad to make her block as she didn't bring anything last night.  All I can say is that I'm glad I'm not making one after seeing what everyone else did.  So much creativity.

WHOA - through the power of e-mail, Sheila had a copy of her block with her while she is visiting the east coast.  AH - now I remember what it looks like.  Here is Sheila's block.  I adore the color scheme.


I think the plan is to rotate the blocks once a month and so we won't get to work on everyone's block. But I'm going to encourage EVERYONE to make me a word for my quilt. I don't care when it gets done - I think it will be fun to have the entire group create a hidden word!!!!

On that note - it's off to work - last day before Paducah and there is much to be done!  But the sun is out and it will be a glorious day!!!!!

Have a super duper awesome day!!!!


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  1. When i has surgery doctor wanted me to take 3 months off, I was back at work a month to the day of the op. Was going stir crazy at home...