Saturday, April 16, 2016

Modern Show n tell...

It's Saturday and I have three days before I leave - well I leave Monday so however you want to count that.

Let's see - I'm ready to go for my three classes today.  Have to rejig the quilts that are in the suitcase that's still in the car for the presentation tomorrow. Finish prepping the two classes that I'm handing off to someone on Monday to teach in my absence - but the prep work is basically done.

Everything was shipped or dealt with at work so that's under control as much as it can be.  That leaves the last quilt to be quilted and bound before I leave.  I think I'm in good shape!!!    But I wish I had nothing to do this weekend - the weather is gorgeous and I won't get out on my bike. That's sad!

Show n tell is always the best part of any meeting.  I didn't have any show n tell at the modern quilt guild meeting earlier this week, but I took pictures of what the others were working on.  Not all of it - but some.  A small group, but very prolific.

Jen, our modern quilter extraordinaire, just came back from Quiltopia - an annual event with 80 modern quilters gathering somewhere in the US to sew.  She took a workshop with Elizabeth Hartman and this is the result.  Pretty cool - those butterflies came from a jelly roll!

Elizabeth Hartman butterfly quilt

She also took a second glass and I can't remember the name of the instructor.  It was on improv curves.  But have a look at this fabric.  OH NO - there are stains on it.  Hardly - the stains are PRINTED on the fabric.  Oh boy - have the times changed!!!  I guess that means if you accidentally spill something on your quilt - that's OK.

"Stained" fabric

Liz was into lightning blocks.  This is a small one she made.   I'm not sure why this block is called lightning as I did a quick Google search and this isn't the style that came up.

Lightning block

Liz is also addicted to barcode style blocks.  That is NOT striped fabric - she created it!!!

Barcode blocks
 This block is more in the style of the lightning blocks I found with my Google search.  This belongs to Peggy and she made it with the Northcott MicroChip pack from the ColorWorks Solids collection.  Love it!!!

Peggy's lightning block

Speaking of barcodes, this guild LOVES barcodes.  This is the charity quilt that they made as part of the QuiltCon charity challenge.  You remember all those quilts I posted when I was away?  Have a look at them here to refresh your memory.    Anyway - I think this group hadn't officially become a guild at that time and so they were not able to submit the quilt in the show. But everything is a go for next year.

QuiltCon charity quilt
This was a pattern created by Marilyn. It's hard to see from the picture, but she used a variation of that ring in the quilting.  Very clever.

Modern ring quilt

We had a guest whose name I didn't get as I arrived late.  But she brought show n tell.  This is an amazing piece.  Quilt as you go technique, but very modern looking.  Very fun!!!   Reminds me of a rose!

Quilt as you go
 Another piece by our guest.  She used FLUORESCENT thread to quilt this on white background.  I LOVE IT!!!!!
Quilted with bright thread
 And she also made this one which is the paper pieced emblem of Canada Sesquicentennial.   That's 150 years in case you haven't seen it already.

Paper pieced sesquicentennial symbol for Canada
 Marsha brought in a quilt top that she had resurrected and now it is done.  All forms, styles, and shapes of free form crosses.

Marsha's crosses

And there you have it - a fabulous show n tell.

Now I'm ready and off to get the day started - well officially started. I've been up for hours.

Oh, and I learned last night that Little Sammy does NOT do SKYPE.  M was trying to talk to her and she would have nothing to do with the computer, other than go to the door and bark because she was excited!!!  Poor Little Sammy is pretty confused these days - it's just me at home and she is lost.

Have a great day!!!!!!


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  1. Hi Elaine! Liz here from the Gramd River Modern Quilt Guild. Just read your post on our show and tell from out last meeting, and your notes about my lightning block. Do you know I never even thought of going on line to see if there was an actual lightning block...until I read your post? I took the challenge as a modern improv challenge...and I went with it! It took me a few seconds to process as a read your post, and then I cracked up. As you said in your blog on he round robin, who knew that modern could cover so many interpretations?!!! Thanks for writing about our guild in your blog! I've been following you for years!