Thursday, April 7, 2016

Show me...............

At last - some show n tell from the retreat!  Do you want to see what the others were working on?   Of course you do!

Never ceases to amaze me how creative everyone is, how cool their projects are and OH MY - how many of them I have half started or even worse - almost done!

Katheleen did a great job of finishing these fabric tubes. She started the project a while back. We won't mention any dates. Not only did she finish the fabric tubes, but she managed to get them all sewn together. It is supposed to make a purse or a bag. However after all that work, I think she was going to bind it as is and use it as a splash of color as a table runner in her house or it would also make a good rug!!!!

Is it a table runner, is it a bag, is it a rug?

Funny how someone will bring a pattern into a sewing group and then everyone has to make it!  That's what happened with the ironing caddy. Not sure who started the trend, but before the weekend was out, there were four caddies made!!!  Let'see - that would be Lynn's on the left, then hmmmmm - not sure whose the dark one is, maybe Vivenda?, then Maria (of course it matches her other sewing accessories and I think she made it a while back) and then Kathleen or is that Paula on the other end?

A gaggle of ironing caddies
 I'd like to report that my ironing caddy is complete, but alas it is not.  I started one years ago and the only thing missing is to sew the button and the handles on.  I'll tell you all about that later this week.

The next thing was to make this sewing machine skirt. Katheleen had one, but it wasn't long enough to tuck under the end of her sewing table, so she made a new one.  That's a BIG sewing machine skirt and LOADS of pockets to hold stuff.

Sewing machine skirt - Katheleen

One more that was made at the retreat - Vivenda

Maria made hers a while back
 Yes - I have one of those too.  Actually Carol made it for me and I even had to shorten it which I did. But now I don't use it.  I have my machines sitting in cabinets and there is no room to put the skirt.

Paula was busy with a couple of small projects. Love the scissor fabric.

Wall Hanging - Paula
 I think I have a panel or two like that in my stash!!!

Table Runner by Paula
 Vivenda was working on this spectacular bed quilt made with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  To die for.

Vivenda's gorgeous bed quilt
And then we had the baskets.  I took a basket that I was making for work and then everyone had to make at least ONE of the baskets.  Here are a few that got finished.  I had brought the purple fabric with me.


More baskets
 If you want the pattern for the basket, it will be a free download in the Northcott newsletter which is going out by the end of this week.  Make sure to sign up and you'll get your own basket pattern.    (sign up link in the top left hand corner of the link - newsletter comes out once a month at the max!)

And what would a retreat be like without finding some plasticore!!  I mean seriously - we needed it for the bottom of those baskets.  I was driving around a corner and spotted someting on the side of the road.  When it was determined that we needed plasticore, I zipped out in the car (no bike to haul it to the retreat house this time!) and VOILA - plasticore.  It had been a sign advertising their winter carnival in Orillia!!!!


This piece was a bit beat up - looked like someone took pot shots at it or maybe hail????   Anyway - we just needed some small pieces and it worked just fine!!!!   I had the craft knife and tape with me to finish it off.

I've been up for hours and finished off another tote bag (the one that Ronda has her eye on) and another basket and got a quilt ready to be quilted.  There is absolutely NO time to waste. Besides - that means that TWO more projects are completely done and one more will be by the end of today!!!!

On that note - I'm off to finish quilting that quilt - it will take a very short time. I'll explain that one later.

Have a great day!!!!


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