Monday, April 11, 2016

So busy - I'd forget my head!

Well with the best of intentions, I was up very early this morning. All the blog pictures had been edited yesterday and uploaded, I walked the dogs - we even ventured into the forest in the dark, but with the snow on the ground - it was light enough.  No sign of wild life. 

Went to the gym, off to work very early where I was going to take a few minutes to write the blog before work and poof - got busy with something and the rest of the day was a blur!!!!

So here's what I was going to write this morning. 

After sorting out all the rotary cutting equipment yesterday, I thought I had better take a look at the cutting mats as well.  Yes - this one has seen better days. 

Yes - those are holes in the cutting mat
Well - not holes, but worn spots where the fabric doesn't cut properly any more. And yes - the mat is probably helping to dull my blades.

Close - up - not a pretty sight
And I have to say that the front is not much better.  Some pretty badly worn areas.  Perhaps it is time to retire this mat or leave it for trimming a quilt.

The front is just as bad
Gosh - I'm super cheap!!!   So I dug out my very first rotary cutting mat that I ever bought.  Yes - it is worn, but not nearly as bad as the one it replaced.

Not nearly as worn - it will suffice for a while. 
I must remember to check the back side of it - that might be better than the front.

OR - I could break down and open up this lovely BRAND new mat that I have stashed under some crap on the cutting table.  It's still in the plastic wrapping.   But it's new - I can't use it!!!!

A new cutting mat hidden

I'm cutting after my little sorting episode and OH CRAP - the blade that I put in (from the worn out big cutter) has a nick in it.
What happens when your blade has a nick

It was very annoying and shortly thereafter, I put a BRAND new blade in the cutter.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven!!!

Cutter went through the fabric like BUTTER!!!!

Time to change up the projects a bit and I decided to make use of the die cutter that I borrowed. It is so heavy, I'm NOT taking it downstairs and I would like to get it off the kitchen chair.

I had to prep the fabric first by putting fusible on it.

Cutting the fusible
And now the fabric stripes are all fused and ready to go.  I found it best to let them sit for a day to be totally cooled off.

Fused fabric ready for die cutting

And now it is 9 PM and I'm not about to start die cutting at this point.  I booked a massage for when I got home and I always have to laugh.  Massages are good - this one didn't hurt too badly.  But when they touch your feet - well, I'm biting my tongue to stay in control!!!!

Off to walk the dogs, and then to bed to read.  Let's just say the week is NOT long enough.

Have a great day!!!


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