Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sewing retreat - last day!

ACK - today is the last day of the sewing retreat.  This is always a bittersweet day.

Going to a sewing retreat is like running away from home.  No responsibilities, no cooking (well just one meal), no deadlines, loads of fun with friends, great conversations and you get lots done!  I mean lots of sewing gets done despite the fact that I only seemed to post pictures of food and alcohol on Facebook!   I took lots of pictures and hope to get some of them posted when I get home and can edit them.

You never get done what you think you will get done.  Why is that?  It would appear that we make mistakes!  Lots of mistakes - I think we have all done our fair share of ripping on this retreat. And I have bags of stuff that never even made it into the house!  I know - it's pretty sad and I'll probably just take those bags home and then bring them back to the next retreat!  I really must try to get an hour of sewing done every day - that's how things get done!   I do a lot of sewing, but I have so much prepped that it will take an eternity to get it done.

If I think back on our five days, the food has been wonderful. No one has gone hungry, but these ladies need a lesson in what to bring.  NO GOODIES!!!   There have been too many tempting goodies and despite the fact that I did some walking, it wasn't anything over and above 10,000 steps so technically it doesn't really count. I notice that someone mentioned that we should have a "no chocolate" rule.  I think we need to have a NO GOODIES rule.   My thoughts are - if you don't eat like this at home - don't eat like this at the retreat!

Oh yes - not only have we done our own ripping, but we'ver ripped for others. Susan and Vivenda made a teeny tiny boo-boo on their little baskets and well - it required a bit of seam ripping. They were going to throw in the towel, but Ronda and I said NO. We grabbed our rippers and now there are a couple more lovely little fabric baskets.  The pattern will be made available to you all soon.  I would suggest you wing over to Northcott web site and sign up for the FabricCircle.  Then you get on our e-mail list and you can get this free pattern. It's very cute!  The sign up is top left and the newsletter with this pattern is going out this coming week!   The newsletter is only once a month!

The favourite destination was NOT Tim's, although Tim's is just mere minutes away. Don't worry - I did  manage to get a Tim's each day.  And it wasn't the quilt store that is five KM away, although we did some major damage there. If you haven't been to Thimbles and Things - you really need to go. No - it wasn't the grocery store, although many trips were  made to the grocery store.  Not the used book store where I didn't find anything of interest, not ValueVillage where I did find a nice book on quilt history which I bought although I may already have it (only $4.00).  No, the big destination store was Fabricland which is very close by.  Some of these ladies don't get out enough it seems as they spent hours (well maybe not hours) perusing everything at Fabricland.  I swear some of them went each day!   And they were gone for long periods of time.

I did go and that's where I saw the John Deere fabric.  In case you are wondering, I did NOT buy any of it.

I did not buy any!
But I found a super great product by Pellon which was on sale.  The ladies went back to Fabricland and I told them to buy me more, but they couldn't find it.  I'll try on my way home today or get when I am back home. It's a fusible product and it was cheap and for what I wanted (die cuts), it worked like a charm.  Oh my god - Joyce - am I going to become a die cut junkie like you?

We had a visitor last night. Carol dropped by - although she has been on many retreats with me, she had never been to this house so we all had a nice visit with her.

On that note - it's time to get some last minute sewing in.  Since we are only 1 1/2 hours from home, there is no need to leave at some ridiculous time like before lunch.  I plan to sew right up until we are kicked out at 3 PM or close to that.

Have a great day!!!


Oh - I'd be remiss as well if I didn't mention where we are having our retreat.  It's Fireside Retreat in Orillia.  A lovely old house that has been fixed up for a retreat house.  Love it!!!!

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