Thursday, April 14, 2016

On the road again.......

Good morning!!!   Wow - I never know what one day is going to bring from the next.  Always something exciting happening. And I'm sure you all remember when I first started to work at Northcott that I complained that I didn't have enough to do.  Let's just say that I'm no longer complaining!  But a huge variety of tasks and well - I like that.  Just wish I could get more sewing in, but that will have to be  my night job. 

Yesterday after work, I got in the car and drove to Lindsay to speak at their evening guild. They have a day guild of about 200 members and the evening guild of less than 100 - I didn't ask the number. Those numbers are awesome considering the size of Lindsay compared to Toronto. I knew it was going to take about 1 1/2 hours from work so I was trying to get out a tad early. That didn't happen as we had a meeting that ran late, then when I went to shut my computer down, it needed to do an update!  Plugged the address into the GPS and I was off. Smooth sailing until I got to the end of the 407 where I think it normally slows down a bit as the highway ends, but a significant accident happened just ahead of me - the police, ambulance and fire trucks passed us as we were waiting. I cannot believe the mentality of drivers.  You've already been waiting in the line to pass the accident and you have to look at the accident. To see what?  A busted up car?  It drives me crazy that people need to gawk!

So that also slowed me down, but I was able to make up some of the time and I arrived about 10 minutes before the meeting started.  They let me go first so I could leave to get back home. Can I say how much I love speaking to guilds?  It's fun and I love relating the stories of my quilts and try to throw in a couple of tips along the way. I think that it's a good exercise for all of us to look at what we've made and then explain those quilts to someone else - someone who will appreciate them.  You would be surprised at everything that you have made!  But even a good story can make an ordinary quilt extraordinary  - like my tractor quilts.  It was loads of fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and from the comments I received, I think the guild members did as well.  If I can inspire and leave the group excited - then my job is done!   I have to mention the name of the group - the Borderline Crazy Quilters - I LOVE IT!!!

Back in the car for the 2-hour drive home. I left Lindsay at 9 so it was close to 11 when I got home. I hit three different construction zones through the city.  Crazy as they went from three lanes to one lane. The cones were just being set up - I hope they got a lot of work done!  It never ceases to amaze me as how large Toronto is.  It is HUGE and of course - I live at the opposite end of where I had been.  

It's actually pretty funny because last night I was east of the city, tonight, I'm west of the city. On the weekend, I go north and on Monday, I head south!  Never a dull moment!  At least all my homework is already completed for tonight's guild meeting. I'm not if I will be able to show you. I'll get all the details tonight - you see, against my better judgement, I signed up for a GROUP project!

 The girls tolerate Doug the dog walker and they did just fine yesterday but, were very happy to see me when I got home. 

As promised, I thought I would share these pictures of the iron caddy and the sewing machine skirt that I promised from when we were at the retreat. 

This is my sewing machine skirt.  Made by Carol as part of a crazy situation with this Debbie Mumm sewing theme fabric.  It originally had two layers of pockets, but it was too long and brushed the top of my legs when I sat down, so I took the bottom off and rebound it. It is completely done, but now that I have cabinets for all my machines, I don't use it.  Guess I'll have to go back to Monday Mania sewing in order to use it!

My sewing machine skirt

And then there is the iron caddy.  Gosh - I made mine years ago. But it's not quite finished.

The inside with the heat resistant fabric

The outside with the wild colors

The elastic for the closure
 Gosh - I even very neatly sewed that into the binding.
The handle fabric - just got to make them and sew them on

Potential buttons???

Then I found these buttons

And when I was at Fabricland the other day, I found these buttons.

More buttons

The issue is - which buttons to use - the little flowers or the round ones???  This is my problem - I can make major decisions in a heartbeat, yet some little detail like this - the project will sit for years.  My biggest thing was - would the buttons interfere with the ironing process. Given the fact that one will probably only use the center - it's really a none issue.  So what you're saying is - get those handles done and sew on the darn buttons and MOVE ON!   OK - I hear you!   I think an hour would probably have this project done!

On that note - I see the sun is out this morning, the temperature is on the rise and it is looking like an awesome day!!!   Loads of stuff to get caught up on!

Have a great day!!!!


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