Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I'm putting quilting on hold this morning to talk about e-mail. WAIT! -  there are two great free patterns at the end of this e-mail.   I have had an @rogers account for a long long time. Having an account tied to a service provider is OK  UNTIL you decide to change providers. That's the beauty of gmail or hotmail.

Some of our services were on one provider and some on another and because of that, we were paying a small fortune each month for internet, phone and cable.  We did some investigation. We chatted extensively with a sales person on-line and the change was going to happen months ago, but the deal fell through.

A door to door salesperson (does anyone use still use that term?) came to our door a month ago and I jumped on the opportunity to chat with a real person IN PERSON.  He was able to match the deal and actually gave us a better deal but it wasn't easy and involved several evenings which I resent the time given up to fix this issue, but things happened. So all is good on that front.

Anyway - I used to receive a LOT of e-mail.  You know how it is - you sign up for this e-mail, you sign up for that e-mail and next thing you know - your e-mail box is brimming with messages - buy this! try this! and well - I'm not all that good at deleting and soon my personal e-mails were lost in the mess.

We were under the impression that we would have some time to transition the e-mail accounts over, but alas - it happened overnight! Once the new service was up - Rogers cut us off - I would have been willing to pay another month just to keep the e-mail account alive.

I had my @rogers account linked into Outlook so it was easy to make distribution lists and sort and file and all that good stuff that one needs with e-mail.  However, I could NOT get the new accounts to link into Outlook.  And I have ZERO patience for this kind of stuff. Yes, I receive all my e-mails on my phone (Hey Microsoft - it is easy to set up accounts on my phone!)  but have you ever tried to type a note on your phone. Too small, too time-consuming.

After much frustration, I was able to get ONE of my @gmail accounts into Outlook.  One was enough - it allows me to access my distribution lists and to type like mad for e-mail. I really do need to get the second and third e-mail accounts into Outlook so I can keep everything in one place.

The one thing I dislike about getting e-mails in TWO places is that I now have the same e-mail on my phone as I do in Outlook and that means double managing the e-mails. That is a blatant waste of time and I'm sure there is some setting that can fix that?

However the beauty of having lost access to the @rogers account, I barely get any e-mails!!!   I love it!   I used to get several hundred a day - well at least one hundred, now I'm lucky if I get 10!!  Of course, there are some things that I need to change my e-mail because I do want to get the notifications and I'm working on that very slowly.

Here's the other thing - many newsletters that I subscribed to did NOT offer an option to change my e-mail address.  They only allowed me to unsubscribe. Well, see you later!  Something to think about if you run a newsletter!

And what do I do with my found time? Well, I'm trying to sort through the old e-mails. Delete, delete, OH - must resubscribe to that one. But I'm not in a hurry!

But speaking of signing up for newsletters - check out Northcott's newsletter.  It comes once a month.  Gosh - some of those company e-mails came once or twice a day!  Seriously?  I nixed those ones years ago.  Northcott's newsletter comes out once a month - trust me - we do NOT have time to write it more often than that.  And I will give you a heads up this month - there are two amazing new freebie patterns on the website.  Here is the link.  But in future if you sign up for the newsletter - you will get notifications through the newsletter of new patterns.  Enjoy!  Don't forget to send me pictures if you make something!!!!   It's easy to sign up - TOP LEFT-hand corner of that web page.

Here's the two pictures of the free patterns.  Check them out!

Everyday basket

Uptown quilt

On that note - I'm out of here - so much work to do and NONE of it's sewing - it's all quilt related, but no sewing.  :(

Have a great day!!!!!


OH yes - making good progress on my Paducah quilt, but that is an at home project.

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