Wednesday, August 23, 2017

I'm here!

What happens when you have the best of intentions?  Everything is in place. A lot of work is lined up and then POOF!  I couldn't sleep. I was wide awake at 2 AM. Wide awake with zero inclination to go back to sleep. GRRRR!!!!   I tried reading for a bit. Ah - I feel sleepy. Nope - not enough to actually go to sleep. Oh well. 

I finally did go to sleep but then I didn't wake up until really really late. I slept in!  That never happens to me. Fortunately it was a day when I was working (sewing) from home, but still. I missed two and a half hours of my PERSONAL time. I got up and went right to "work".  I was ticked! 

That's what happened yesterday and why there was no blog!  It was a LONG but productive day!

I got an entire quilt top cut and pieced yesterday. I can't show it - it's for work. At some point, you'll see it. Amazing how much of what I sew, I can't show you!

However, after 5 PM, I relaxed a bit and took a break from sewing to quilting on the long arm. I really really wanted to get those construction quilts off.  And I did!!!!   I have to say that I pinned the edges as I went this time and that worked a whole lot better. So two rows of quilting, 15-minutes of sewing until I was done both!

The two quilts loaded on the take-up roller were BIG!

Two quilts rolled up!
And here is one of the construction quilts!

My quilt - DONE
And just so you don't' think I'm posting the same quilt twice, here is the second one.

Another one of my quilts - DONE!
I say done, but technically they are just quilted. I'll have to trim them and put the bindings on.  Oh my - I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel for this UFO project.  Only two more quilts to quilt!  I can't believe it - I may actually get these out of the house!  See how my UFO projects are not ONE quilt but two or three or four!  I'm an idiot!

While I was sewing, I needed a small ender and leader project and my pixel quilt happened to be right by the sewing machine so I got the second block DONE!

Two blocks for the pixel quilt - DONE
Yes - even with those silly twirled seams on the back.  A bit more work, but seriously  - it makes the front so much flatter.  Well worth the effort. And notice those busy black/white prints.  Despite good intentions and lots of variety, I noticed TWO identical fabrics side by side!   Always happens. I should start with the like fabrics together and then they won't be when I finish!

Twirled seams
And then let's not forget the emergency pattern that had to be written.  I thought it was due on Friday, but NO - it was due yesterday at 1 PM.  I found out at 10 AM.  That put a bit of panic in me, but I got it done and even had time to make ONE block.

The pattern will get posted on the Northcott website at some time and I'll share it with you.  Despite this looking really complex, it's super simple to make and very forgiving to match up all those intersections.

Sample block made for free download

I love to work in my bare feet, but over the years, I find that I'm less comfortable so I usually start the day with shoes or sandals.  It was interesting because while I was away on vacation, I wore running shoes almost the entire time. Then one day I wore these flip flops and noticed a pain in my foot. Oh - could those flip flops be the source of my minor foot pain?   It's very possible.

Anyway, at some point in the day, I realized that I had no shoes and for some reason, I seemed to have "lost" this one in the middle of the floor!!!!   How did that happen?  No idea.

A lost shoe!

Well - I had a great night's sleep and I'm ready to rock n roll today.

Thank goodness because when I look at my schedule - it's crazy!!!!

Have a super day!!!


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