Thursday, August 10, 2017

Retreat revisited

I have some random photos that I found in my "to be posted" file.  

But first an update. I did manage to get the quilt ALMOST finished last night. The backing is made and loaded on the long arm. All that remains is to sew the top and bottom border on the last border. That will take a few minutes when I get home. The big question is can I get it quilted?  I really want to do some custom quilting on this. I know what I'm going to do - do I have time?  I may have to put my contingency plan in place which is OK. 

If I wouldn't have goofed around, talked on the phone, read my book - the quilt would be almost done. But alas - I need some down time. Better planning!

So here we go with the pictures. 

Thank goodness I go to the retreats by myself.  Look at how messily I pack my car!   And there was a bike that went in on top of all that stuff.

Great packing job on the way home from retreat

I'm not down to the one laundry basket like Tish, but I think I'm doing pretty good! Hey - I'm better than I used to be. But I did go to Monday sewing this past week and I was very good in what I took and I got almost all that I took done!  See there is a danger in that! What if you run out of things to sew?

This next project is one that I have taken to a few retreats. Never touched the darn thing. And I didn't touch it this time either. But when I got home from the retreat, I went through and assembled all the components so the NEXT time I take it to the retreat, all that remains to do is sew the various block components together. That should be easy! And since it's a table runner, it won't take much time!

One project ready for the next retreat
If I was smart, I could get it done now. But with the sewing schedule ahead of me - that most certainly won't happen. I have a feeling that September and October are going to be jam packed with sewing stuff for various shows and magazines. There will be little time to mess around with my own projects and let's not forget those UFOs from The Task Master that are sitting there.  I did review the list the other day and OH BOY - there are some really exciting ones that I put on the list. BUT first, I must finish the two that I'm currently working on.

I have to share this photo with you.  Jan was at the retreat and she had a bit of a problem. Her skirt was a tad too big (how did that happen on a retreat!). Let's just say that there were a couple of times when we thought she was going to lose it!  I'm not sure if any of us were prepared for that.

To help prevent any wardrobe malfunctions, she ended up safety pinning the skirt to the front and the back of her shirt!

Safety pins are important

We wanted to buy her a pair of suspenders, but she wouldn't go for that. We could even have made her a pair but she didn't go for that either!

I think she needs to buy a new skirt!

On that note, there is much to be done and little time to do it in.

Have a super day!!!!


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