Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Out and about!

No - I haven't gotten lost. I'm on vacation!  I had a bit of a quiet period so I hopped on a plane to visit my parents for a couple of days!  I left on Sunday and well - it's been a bit crazy so no chance to hook up to the internet to get to the blog. And I uploaded a whole pile of pictures before I left and so whatever post I happen to open - that's the one you're going to get. 

Let's just say that I will NEVER take my own space and peace and quiet for granted!  

Since I couldn't go quilt shop hopping on the day I arrived - who in their right mind travels on a Sunday when shops are closed?   I did manage to get to McNally Robinson book store which is just the best book store around. The Saskatoon Quilt Guild hangs quilts in the store and the quilts are changed every three months.  There were some beautiful ones and I did take a couple of pictures.  

I checked out the magazines and yes - they do get different stuff than we do back home. Weird!   And then I check out the craft section as I've always found something interesting. I'm standing there with a few books to sit and browse through and this lady asked me if there were all for me. I said I was browsing. We got to chatting - turns out, she's from Kitchener which is about one hour from where I live back home.  Seems like we ALL check out McNally Robinson when we travel!  We got a good chuckle over that. 

I had lunch there and the waitress mentioned that they had two soup choices that day.  One being Cream of Celery.  Hm - haven't had that for a while - sounds good. Well, it turns out it was Salmon Chowder. Thankfully I didn't have any issues, but my taste buds were working over time trying to compute what the heck happened!

I'll fill you in on more details of the rest of the day later.  I'm off to hang up pictures!  All those things that we don't do at home, but when your Mom asks you to hang pictures - well I'm hanging pictures. 

Let me tell you about these pictures in today's post.  I was out on my bike a couple of weeks ago.  I headed out into the country and then turned the corner and headed in a different direction. Before long, I was in a rapidly expanding town. But look how bike friendly they are.   This was a great newly paved road with a dedicated bike lane AND a multi-purpose trail. Now, how civilized is that?

Great dedicated bike lane
Let's hope that in all major new developments that they will consider these features.

There was even a dedicated bike lane through the round about although I just rode on the street.

Dedicated bike lane through the round about

I'll try to write more later.  It's hard to write and visit at the same time. I had one pattern that I had to finish writing.  It's done and hopefully there are no mistakes. I'm just trying to get my e-mail open so I can send it.  Then I'll have time to devote to the blog!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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