Friday, August 11, 2017

It's going to be one of those days

Ever had one of those days?  It's barely started and already things are messed up!

I did a lot of quilting last night, but soon realised that I was NOT going to finish. At 9 PM, I had to shut it down as I was tired. However I made excellent progress and the hardest part - deciding what design to quilt where is done!  In total I'll use four different colors of thread. I was working with two different ones last night and just the nature of the quilt, it made sense to do one row, change color and do another part. Repeat 8 times!  I believe I got 5 repeats done and very happy with the results. Oh yes - let's not forget to change the bobbin AND the tension as the threads were different. 

But it should get done or mostly done tonight, leaving the weekend to finish it off and get it in a box for Monday. I've already alerted the recipient that it'll be one day late. Shouldn't be a problem - I hope. 

Because I was so tired and I swear I heard coyotes in the night, I woke up and then slept in. I never sleep in or very rarely, but I did. 

I figured that since it's Friday, the traffic would be light as it's been pretty good all week. Not one, not two, but THREE different spots, the traffic slowed to a crawl and almost took me twice as long to get to work. The line at Tim's was much longer than usual. You see what's happening here!

Thankfully it'll be a quiet day at work - lots to do, but no rushing. Yeah!

I saw this quote from my calendar and was going to save it for a Motivational Monday post, but here it is.  This is so true and if we would only listen to this, it would save us a lot of grief. Yikes - just noticed the date.  I'm NOT that behind - I 've just been saving it for an opportunity.

I saw the link to this post last night on Facebook.  Oh boy - this is so true.  Never, never, never sew a border on a quilt that you haven't cut and measured to the right size. It's a great lesson on how to measure, cut, pin and sew on a border.    Not only that, but she shows you why!   I'm guessing she's a long arm quilter and oh yes - I've seen those quilts. I've had to deal with them and it's NOT pretty!  Do yourself a favor - measure, measure, measure!  This isn't something that quilt teachers make up to annoy their students - this is a good practise to get into.

The quilt that I'm currently quilting (which is my own) has a lot of little borders on it and it's quilting up beautifully because I took the time to sew it together the correct way!

Well, I'd better get the day started and hopefully it'll go a bit smoother than the morning has!

Have a super day!!!!


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