Friday, August 25, 2017

No stopping me NOW!

Here's one way to cure that insomnia.  Don't go to bed!  It was a bit of a late night - well later than usual for me, but I accomplished a whole pile and I'm feeling pretty good about it. When I did get to sleep, there was NO danger of waking up!

I started off by finishing the customer quilt.  It turned out super. A LARGE quilt with pieced minky backing.  Not my favorite, but it's done!  Customer is picking it up today. 

Customer quilt  - DONE

Then I turned into paper piecing mode. I had three blocks to finish paper piecing. There are 12 sections per block and three different fabrics per block.  I got myself organized and then I just went crazy.  I got everything completed and even got some of the block sections put together.

Normally I'm pretty neat when I sew, but not this time.

A mess!
It could have been worse as I did try to contain the mess. There were two complete circles to piece once the sections were together.  I'm happy to report that all FOUR blocks are now DONE!!!! They just need to be trimmed down to the appropriate size.

Now to cut some sashing and add some borders and this one is done!

The quilt is actually quite nice.

I found this picture so you can see what it looks like. You're just not going to see my version of it.

Eye on the Sky Quilt by Reeze Hanson
Like I said - thankfully I'm only doing FOUR blocks!

And now, let's get back to cutting and sewing!

Have a super day!!!!


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