Saturday, August 26, 2017

National Dog Day!

Guess what today is?  It's National Dog Day!

In honor of that, I thought I would post a picture of my two looney tune girls.

Lexi and Murphy

These two girls are so much fun despite the fact that they could drive you crazy with all their naughty behaviors!  Taking them to the dog park is like going for a therapy session.  They just love it and I wish I could take them more often. I know Lexi has been bugging me to let her blog - it's been a while. I'll see if we can work it out soon.

I came home yesterday and my brain was so muddled that I literally did NOTHING.  NOTHING - that doesn't happen often. I have the entire weekend stretched ahead of me with NOTHING to do (which is good since my brain isn't working properly).  As I've said before, while I have nothing to do - that really means, nothing urgent  on the list. I will never have nothing to do.

I'm going to load one more of the construction quilts today and try to get it quilted. The backing for the last quilt had to be pieced and that is already done.  The other two are trimmed.  Yes - I actually saw an empty laundry basket at one point this morning where all that stuff is stashed.  There truly is hope that this project is going to get finished and I can move onto the next UFO.

On that note, I'm off to get something done today.

Have a super day!


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  1. Lexi's eyes in that picture make her look completely crazy.