Saturday, March 30, 2019

On cooking oatmeal. - Part One

I just think it’s hilarious that I’ve cooked many a big pot of oatmeal when I was a kid and totally hated the process and hated the oatmeal and while I’m typing this blog this morning, my steel cut oats are merrily cooking away on the stove. And if it comes out like yesterday, it was totally yummy and actually way better than the microwave version. Perhaps I’ll have to resort to cooking the oatmeal at home as well???

The only other thing I did differently was to put more milk in the bowl, but I don’t think that’s the difference. It’s the type of oatmeal - both were steel cut, one was “instant” and one needed to be cooked. You should try the steel cut oats sometime, it’s really yummy and when you add things like chia seeds or flax seeds, or hemp seeds or almond slivers or raisins or cinnamon or nutmeg or a banana (or all of the above), well it just gets better. The almond milk also provides a nuttier flavour. I feeel like I’m the queen of oatmeal. And all thanks to M for giving me that push!!!

However I’m cooking it on a agas stove here. Not a problem, except this morning I used the front burner. Put in the oatmeal and turned down to low. Except the low for that burner wasn’t excactly low. The darn stuff kept wanting to boil like mad so I fired up another burner and now the oatmeal is merrily cooking away on low. Just another 10 minutes!!!!

Yesterday was one of those days. It wasn’t the most productive day of my sewing career, but you know what? That’s OK. You can’t be on all days and I did learn a very valuable lesson.

I did a wee bit of sewing on a class project and now half of the quilt is assembled so I put it away. It’s not that urgent, but gosh - it looks cute. I finished one of the big pieced blocks for the Gingerbread quilt. Yeah - and working on the small one for that month. I’m slogging my way through this and I WILL get done!!!

I’m on my iPad this morning as I think our internet has gone down. so there will be two parts to the blog.

Then I had to do some work with the twin needle. Oh boy - that didn’t go well. I was getting very frustrated so I decided to pop into town to check out the ValueVillage. While I was scouring the book titles, I got a call that I had a visitor at the house. Back to the house to visit with Laurie - someone that I used to work with. We had a great visit. It’s always good to reconnect with people and I was very happy with the distraction. distracted. very happy for the distraction.

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