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Lilla - show n tell

I've got loads of show and tell to get on the blog. Here's the first batch of photos.

This is from the Lilla class which takes place once a month for 10 months. We had our third class last Friday and I know the students are chomping at the bit to get ALL the blocks done! BUT - patience to everyone. The reason why we spread this out was to provide tips, tricks, and pointers to everyone regardless of their skill level. And it's a social evening out as well and now that the weather has taken a turn for the better (keeping fingers crossed), it's a fun night out.

Lilla is a quilt pattern designed by Lotta Jansdotter and Cheryl Arkinson. It looks like this. I'm going to forward the link to this show and tell to both of them. I'm sure they'll get a good chuckle from the enthusiasm in the group.

Lilla by Lotta Jansdotter and Cheryl Arkinson
There are 25 different blocks in the quilt - each measuring 9". The original quilt was designed with FOUR of each of the 25 blocks so it's huge. I think many of us will be making several quilts or making fewer blocks.

Let's see what the class did with their blocks.

The first group of blocks belong to Sara. She's using the same background fabric in all blocks and has four "older" fabrics that she's using for the focus fabrics. I took in my portable design wall so it would be easier to display the blocks. Because Sara is using four very different fabrics and this block was made so that two big squares (one of background and one of the focus fabric) would yield two blocks - she ended up with a positive/negative of each block for each of her four colors.

That made it easy to play around with the setting of the blocks to get some very interesting results.

Sara's block - take one
 And then what happens when you rotate some of them?

Sara's blocks - take two
 And reposition them once again?

Sara's blocks - take three

This was the second block that was assigned last month. Many interesting things are going to happen when it comes time to place the blocks into the quilt(s).

Sara's blocks
 Here's the final of the three assigned blocks for Sara.

Last set of Sara's blocks
I can envision ONE quilt from each of these blocks. So versatile and so much fun to play around.

The plan is to make a total of THREE of the portable design wall panels and then we can start to mess around with the negative space that is created as we put different blocks beside each other. Oh boy - fun!!!!

Let's move to Rita's blocks. Rita is a newbie, but you wouldn't know that from her blocks.

I love how she's changing up the colors and oops - that one piece wasn't wide enough? No worries - just throw in a piece of yellow. Great thinking and very creative!

Rita's blocks - love that stripe of yellow

This is Rita's second set of blocks. I LOVE how she changed up the angles on every block. And the width of the insert strip is also different as is the color. Oh yes, Rita has the quilting bug for sure!

Rita's second set of blocks

Here's her third set of blocks. Hmm- this must be the first set that she worked on. They are exactly like the pattern!  One of the things I love about these group classes is that people tend to be very "straight" at the beginning and follow the pattern. Once one person deviates, then things go awry (in a very good way) very quickly. That's happening already and I love it!!!

Rita's third set of blocks

Kathy was sitting with her blocks on her lap and I couldn't wait to get them on the design wall. That background fabric is designed by Libs Elliott and it makes her blocks look totally different. She also got PERFECT matches for the lime green and black so the blocks look amazing.

Notice how she used a different background for the flying geese (it's black and green in the photo, but in the pattern was supposed to be the background fabric). I should mention that Kathy's first quilt (in a class taught by myself that took 2 ½ years) was Dear Jane. Oh my - how different. Way to go Kathy - there's NOTHING you can't do!!!!

Kathy's first set of blocks

This block is slightly different in construction from the original, but look at what she did with her colors!!!

Kathy's second set of blocks

This is her third set of blocks and yes - she found a way to make hers different from the pattern. Notice how she used only the background fabric for two of the blocks and the focus fabric for the other two. That's super creative!!!!

Kathy's third set of blocks

Kathy wasn't able to attend class last month so here are her blocks from the previous month. I love the fact that she's switching up the backgrounds.

Kathy's first set of blocks from February
 OK -- I love the top left block. See how the lightning bolt looks like it was fussy cut?  Well, it wasn't - that was just a happy accident.

Kathy's second set of blocks from February
And here's her third set of blocks from February. Can you envision a quilt made with the positive/negative of those blocks?  Oh yes - loads of design possibilities with the color and positioning of the blocks. We're going to have to book an all-night class (with wine) when we start to mess with the blocks.

Kathy's third set of blocks from February
Next up are Cathy's blocks. Cathy is also a new quilter and her focus is on perfecting her precision. I love how everyone has a different focus. I'm happy to report that Cathy has nailed precision piecing. A few tweaks during an evening class and she's now good to go.

Cathy has chosen a challenging fabric for her blocks. Well, she's chosen to make it even more challenging. You see that background fabric has a wave to it  - in other words - it's directional. Cathy is determined to keep it going in the same direction.

Cathy's first set of blocks

Cathy added an additional stripe to this block for something different. I like it with the third stripe. And all the while, keeping that directional print going in the right direction. I think we should have a fabric designer play with their own fabric so they can appreciate what goes into working with directional prints. While some people wouldn't care, it can make or break your quilt.

Cathy's second set of blocks
Speaking of directional, look at the amazing job that Cathy did with this set of blocks. That's pretty impressive - it's the cutting that takes a long time to figure out and Cathy seems to have it down pat. OK -- this is the block that we want the fabric designer to contemplate when they decide that directional prints are good!

Cathy's third set of blocks

Oh shoot  -- I only got one of Gisele's blocks. How the heck did that happen???  I must have been chatting and totally missed it. Here's the first set of blocks. This quilt is for her son and he wants a dark look to it. But there's also a pop of purple in one of the other blocks. I can't believe I missed that.

Crisis averted - I found four pictures on my phone that I hadn't sent to myself. Phew!!!

So here is the first of the three blocks by Gisele.

Gisele's first set of blocks
 Here's the pop of purple. This quilt is going to have a very different feel from the rest as the background is quite dark. Again, that's the beauty of a class like this - we get to see so many variations. There was some discussion as to whether this background was directional. NO!!!!!

Gisele's second set of blocks
Not only is there that pop of purple, but there's a pop of blue in the quilt as well. It's going to be neat to see how the placement of those colors will change the quilt. We all felt that the purple made the background look more purple than black!!!

Gisele's third set of blocks
The last set of blocks for this class belonged to Eleanor. She's also a newbie and dealing with a directional print. She's not making a large quilt - I think only two of each block. She hasn't trimmed her blocks yet. What I love is that these colors/fabrics go so beautifully together and they are SOFT. Again, a totally different look from what the others have chosen.

Eleanor's first set of blocks
 Good thing, I looked back at my phone because I had missed two of Eleanor's blocks as well. Hey - there were a LOT of blocks to show this month.

Again, these blocks aren't trimmed yet, but can't you see an entire quilt made of this block?  And I'm not just saying that because it has orange in it!!!

Eleanor's second set of blocks

This fabric combination is a wee bit subtle but that's OK. It's a modern quilt and heck - we can do whatever we want with our quilts! I think she did a super job with the directional print!

Eleanor's third set of blocks
Eleanor wasn't at the last class so here are her blocks from that class as well. Notice that she's making two of some, four of another. Her quilt is going to be smaller, so she's picking and choosing what she wants to include.

Eleanor's first set of blocks from February

Eleanor's second set of blocks from February

Eleanor's third set of blocks from February

I'm impressed with the fact that she's done very well with that directional print!!!!

Here are the blocks for the next month's homework. These are mine. My quilt is very boring. The background is the same in all blocks (Northcott Canvas - a very modern fabric that I LOVE). I'm mostly following the pattern. Using about 5 different fabrics for the centers (Tula Pink). I have fat quarters of those five and will buy one or two more when I run out!

Homework block number one for next month

Homework block number two for next month

Homework block number three for next month
ACK - it's taken me forever to get this posted this morning. I'm late!!!!  Here are three quilts that we had for show and tell as well. This first one belongs to Sara - I think Sara needs a day job. Wait she has one. Then she needs a puppy - wait - she has two. Sara needs a baby?????  She's gone gangbusters with sewing. Great job Sara - I did see on IG that this is now quilted.

Sara's show and tell - a 60-degree triangle quilt

She also brought this quilt in. This was from the table topper class last year.

Sara's table topper

This quilt was made by Kathy. I believe it's a retirement gift for a friend of hers. All the fabrics have a water/boat theme in them. It's gorgeous!!!!  Way to go Kathy!!!

Kathy's quilt 

Yikes - now I'm late and the girls aren't happy!

If you like what you see and want to be part of this ongoing fun, it's too late to join this class, but there are TWO classes at The Hobby Horse that are starting March 23. Here's a link to more information (PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AT THE DATES - they are wrong).  The first class is March 23.  But if you're interested, I think one class is full, but there might be room. Call and check.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!


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