Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Zippered pouches!

A wee bit more time today but let's just say that I'm a little duck at the moment. On the surface, everything is smooth and calm. Underneath the water, my feet are paddling a mile a minute. Even with my lists, a few things snuck up on me. OK - I confess, the things that are now EXTREMELY URGENT - like finishing some samples were never on that list. So I'm just a victim of my own procrastination.

I swear I was hoping that one morning I would wake up and the sample fairy would have finished those items. I must be in dreamland! I think I'll be making samples at the retreat instead of sewing my own projects. But that's OK.

The presentation went fine yesterday. Got some good feedback at the end. Just so you know - I can give a presentation on quilts and quilting at the drop of a hat. However, when it comes to the sewing machines, it's a different story and I feel like a total newbie. OK - I'm a total newbie at it! The more that I do, the more comfortable I become, but gosh - there's so MUCH information. My brain spins at the steps and features. I'm definitely working outside my comfort zone.

I'm not comfortable and that means more homework and more samples to save the day!

I taught a class last Friday on Zippered Pouches. All the students (even the trouble makers - I say that with tongue in cheek - we had fun!) finished their zippered pouch.

The happy students

They all choose some pretty cool fabrics so I thought I'd share a closeup with you. Look at Carmen's snappy beach pouch. Beach themed on the outside................

Beach theme for the outside
 And surfboards for the inside. How cool is that? Here's an instance when working with directional fabric works just fine. Zippered pouches are great for directional prints. It's easy to get the fabrics going in the correct orientation.

Surfboards on the inside

Cathy's print is also directional. There are birds amongst the paisleys.

Cathy's soft paisley

With a solid on the inside.

Solid on the inside
 And the second that her pouch was finished, she put her sewing supplies inside! I think the zippered pouch was much needed. And it looks way prettier than her Ziploc bag!

The pouch is already in use

Ardese used the most adorable llama fabric on the outside of her pouch. Also directional!

Llamas on the outside
 She's got a blue floral print on the inside. Non-directional.

Blue floral on the inside
 Dana used a soft almost watercolor type fabric for the outside of her zippered pouch.

Soft watercolor type fabric

And a solid on the inside. She didn't have to worry about directional prints at all!

Solid on the inside

Isn't that awesome? I do believe it was the first time that some of the students had ever put in a zipper. They all did a superb job!!! 

If anyone wants to make the zippered pouch, I wrote a tutorial about it and you can find it at this link.   Or you can call Oh Look Fabric and book some time. There is another class on April 26.

I also wrote a few other tutorials or posts about zippered pouches. This link uses different fabrics to make zippered pouches and chats about changing the sizes. 

This link uses a different method than the first one to insert the zipper. 

Actually, the one above is a two-parter. Here's the first part. 

Anyway, by reading those tutorials, you'll know everything there is to know about making a zippered pouch. If you make one, send me a picture!!!!

On that note, I still have some urgent paperwork to get done before I leave for the second day of presentations. Oh boy - I need a week more to prepare so I'm going to wing it!

Have a super day!!!!



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