Sunday, March 17, 2019

Peer pressure and $10

Today is our UFO check-in class. This is the one where we each coughed up $100 and put it into the UFO bank. If we get our commitment done in the month, then we get $10 back. At the end of the year, if we've all done our homework, the entire $100 will be returned to each participant.

The nice thing about our UFO sessions is that we each make our own rules about what we get done. Some of the participants work, some have other commitments, some might be traveling. So each month before everyone leaves, they make a commitment as to what they can accomplish for the upcoming month.

I don't think I posted the pictures from the February class and I'd better get that done before the ladies come. I did get an e-mail out to them last week to remind them of what their commitment is. So I'll have more show n tell for this coming week. Never mind what's happening in my world! Nothing more exciting than sample making, sewing, reading, and walking.

Here goes.............

Susan's goal was to choose the order in which those two outer borders would go on the quilt. Green on the inside or on the outside. Then she was to have cut the borders or at least measured to see if she had enough fabric. Well - the two borders were ON THE QUILT when she arrived. No harm in overachieving in this class.  YEAH!!!! 

Susan got the two borders on her quilt

Her goal for next month (today) was to finish quilting and bind this quilt. Will be she be done???

Susan's homework for this past month

Ronda is working on Amish With a Twist II. Her goal was to get two blocks sewn (one of each). Task - DONE!

Her goal for this past month was to sew two more blocks.

Ronda's two blocks for Amish with a Twist
 Laura is working on Kaleidoscope. Her goal was to sort through all the mess of this project and see what needed to be done. She did that. Her goal for this month was to sew two blocks. I can't remember how many of each block there was. I could go back through my notes, but I'm teaching a class this morning and there's no extra time! I  may have goofed up her tasks - I'm sure I did, but I know her homework for this month was to get more blocks sewn.

Laura's Kaleidoscope project
I wonder how many of these projects are being worked on this morning???  OK - I confess, that I did some work on my two blocks this morning. There was a LOT of work in my two blocks. I still have 15 minutes of work and I'll get that completed between my class and the UFO session.

Shelly's goal was to get this quilt top together. I love the setting for the quilt as it helped to accommodate for the wonky sized blocks that she received in an exchange. Her goal for this past month was to make a "creative" backing for the quilt using the extra blocks or not????

Shelly's poodle quilt top

Sharon is working on her Winter Wonderland. There's a load of embroidery in this quilt and that part is all done!!!  That was the hard part in my mind. Her goal for this past month was to get ONE side border on. There are blocks to be cut and pieced.

Sharon's Winter Wonderland
Elaine S is working on this quilt (Urban Abacus) by Sew Kind of Wonderful. She was supposed to make sample blocks to ensure she got the curved piecing down pat. However, she went gangbusters and got some of the actual blocks made. Her goal for this past month was to finish all of the "bead" blocks.  I think there are 72 of them to make.

Elaine's Sew Kind of Wonderful quilt blocks
Linda was working on a challenge for her guild. She was the only one that had an actual deadline outside of our little group. Linda came to Quiltcon with us and then I believe she's been on vacation. Did she get it finished on time????? The pattern is Luminary by Jamie Swanson. Linda is using it as a starting point.

Linda's quilt challenge

I almost died laughing when DeDe pulled this pattern out of her bag. Oh yes - I have that pattern and I have some of the blocks done. Not sure where it's sitting in that studio.

The Blizzard Bunch by Pearl Louise

DeDe has been sitting on this block because the snowman is holding a sign in his hands and she wasn't sure how to make it happen. A little bit of advice and she was good to go. Her goal for the month was to get this block completed and sew the quilt top together minus borders.

DeDe's block from The Blizzard Bunch
Last is me. My goal was to finish two blocks from the Stitcher's Garden Quilt. Here are the two blocks. Those also got finished just before the last class as originally they had pink borders on them and well - it was just too pink. My goal for this month has been TWO more blocks. Oh boy - there's a LOT of work in each of the blocks. But I have a secondary purpose for these blocks - actually three reasons to finish the blocks. I have about 15 minutes of work left which I'll do as soon as I'm back from my class. HEY - I want my $10 back!!!!

My two blocks from Stitchers' GArden

Diane is also working on a project. The Quilter's Garden Patch Quilt  - two of them. I'm not sure that I have her before picture. Oh yes - here they are.

The bright version of The Quilter's Garden Patch Quilt

The country look of The Quilter's Garden Patch Quilt

Liz wasn't able to attend last month and that was the first $10 that went into the communal kitty that we'll decide what to do with at the end of the year. It'll all depend on how money is in there.

Isn't that super exciting?? I just can't believe how motivated we all are to get that $100 back. Some people have asked me to hang onto their money until the very end so then it seems like something significant. Yep - I'm good with that. It's so successful that I think I'm going to run it again next year. Anyone want to sign up????  OK - it's a bit early for that!!!

On that note, I'd better get moving. There is one quilt that I'm trying to find to take to my class today. Let's just say that the upstairs hallway is almost impassable with quilts!

Have a super day!!!!


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