Monday, March 18, 2019

Technology in the quilting world!

There are no pictures this morning. I was in the process of taking some photos and the battery died. I knew that was coming. On previous cameras, I purchased an extra battery so I always had a backup. I didn't do that for this one.

I guess there's always my phone, but I'm uploading all the photos to my computer so I can edit some video. For some reason, the computer will NOT recognize the phone inside the video editing software, but it will recognize it outside the software????  I don't know and I don't care. Needless to say, I'm bypassing all that fuss and just uploading everything to the computer. Then I don't need to access the phone.

Last year, I was asked by a local guild if I would teach a class (lecture/demo style) about tips and tricks and use my book as a guide. Hmm - that could work. So yesterday was the day. It was three hours and we went through all the steps in making a quilt. Nothing in-depth of course, but covered some of my all-time favorite tips.

The students asked a lot of questions and we had a range of quilters in the room from newbies to people who had been quilting for a while. It was great fun! I'd definitely do that again.

I'll chat more about the book when I can get a picture of it. Or you should be able to find a picture on Actually, if you sign up for QUILTsocial, you can download half of it for free. Scroll down and you'll see it on the right-hand side.

Hmm - maybe need to add that one to the list of workshops and have something else in the afternoon to make up a full day. One more thing to think about.

We had our UFO session in the afternoon. OH MY GOD - we are so motivated by peer pressure and that $10. For sure, we'll be carrying this on for next year. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe for those who live away, we could do something online in our Motivational Monday Facebook group. Hmm - might try that next year.

I've had a number of web sites open that I want to share with you. Since I had to restart my computer last night in an effort to try and upload those files, I'm sharing four links this morning.

While conventional printing is still the dominant force in the fabric world, digital printing technology is getting better and better. I do believe that I read somewhere that Micheal Miller will be moving almost exclusively to digital printing.

Here's the link to the article about Micheal Miller and the direction they're going to be taking in the future.

Imagine GIANT inkjet printers printing fabric. That's what digital printing is like. Each printer costs about one million dollars and then a couple of million more for the pre-processing and after-processing machines. Anyone got a few spare million to set up a printing shop???  Here's a link to a short video where you can see a digital printer in action. And there are a number of services that will print your own designs on fabric!!!  Yes - YOU can be the fabric designer!!!

Here's a second link. This time to an article about Women and Needlework. Actually talks about women and their jobs within the magazine world. This came out the same day or close to the day the F+W Media made their little announcement.

And yes - one more link. This time to yoga - rage yoga to be sure!!!  Come on - you can't tell me you didn't have a day when rage yoga would have been just what you needed? Well - if it makes you feel better  - then why not?

Last link -- thinking of downsizing?? How about downsizing like this? Oh my - I met Judith last year and we're Facebook friends. Their house closing date is May 1. She's madly selling stuff, packing, sorting. I can't imagine, yet a wee tiny part of me thinks this is just the best thing since sliced bread. Can you imagine - packing up and roaming the country? Oh yes - that sounds like FUN!!!   I wonder if they can have guests? Oh, perhaps we can just roam behind them. I could ride my bike behind them. They can carry my tent!

I see that all the files are transferred and deleted off the phone. It's MONDAY so I need to get moving. I'm going to have to figure out how to upload those files, but that's for later today.

Have a super day!!!!


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