Thursday, March 28, 2019

And we're off.......................

Holy -- nothing like a mouth full of nutmeg to get the morning started! Yikes - I didn't stir the oatmeal well enough.

Why is it that every time I go away, I spend two days before running around like an idiot? But that's just me and it doesn't help that I HAD to finish reading a thriller book yesterday. I stayed up until midnight which is totally unheard of at my house! And I've been up for hours already - I'm going to need a nap later on!

Everything is at the front door to load into the car for the retreat. Shouldn't take too long and soon, I'll be on my way.

I made the delivery to the school yesterday and I think they'll have fun with all the stuff I took. It's going into the "maker" room at the school. I felt so good when I walked out of there. More stuff to go, but not until next week.

That green tote bag was pretty popular. I had multiple people CALL me on the phone. It's already picked up and gone!  Just before it went out the door, I thought I should check the pockets. I don't remember ever using it, but guess what I found? No - not money. A lottery ticket!!!!

Found lottery ticket
It may have been the big winner. I'll never know - it's dated 2008!!!!

It didn't help that in the last two days, I've taught two different classes in the evening at Oh Look Fabric. There went my prep time. NO worries - it's all fun. I'm just amazed at the ladies in these classes. They have very little experience sewing, but they are so willing to learn. Hopefully, I've given them a positive experience that they'll come back. Oh yes - they'll come back. Last night, they're already asking for the next quilt!! They are hooked!

Two nights ago, we had a pillowcase class. These two had never used a rotary cutter before and never really sewn. Both of them were finished by the end of the class!!!!  How exciting! I love when people go home excited about their project.

Directional print pillowcase

The main part was made from a sheet

I love seeing what people choose for their fabrics. It's all so much fun!!!

I don't have time to share with you what we did last night. That'll come next week. I'm trying to get some pictures edited so I have pictures to share while I'm away. That's almost done - just need to be loaded. See - I'm thinking of you while I'm away!!

Last weekend, we had the first of our ongoing classes for the year. One of the classes we're working on is North Star by Elizabeth Hartman. This is taking place at The Hobby Horse.

Here's the first block that we're working on.  So adorable.

Reggie Reindeer

Don't forget to check out QUILTsocial today.  By the way - didn't you like the example from yesterday's post? About the difference between a satin stitch and a zigzag???  Who knew? I heard on the John Tesh show last night, that teaching is an excellent way to learn! Yep - I agree 100%. Teaching for 20 years has made me extremely knowledgeable as has my curiosity.

On that note, I'm off to pack the car. I was even thinking last night and filled the car with gas so I wouldn't have to pay a premium this morning. Sometimes my brain works  - most times it does not!!!

Have a great day!!!


(for the record - it's 6:37 AM - when I hit PUBLISH)

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